This month, MindK turns 10 years old

In this time,

we've been creating software to help people and businesses thrive
in the digital age

in times of change

Back in 2009 when we started:

To take a selfie you needed a digital camera + a bathroom mirror. Instagram didn’t even exist.

There were way fewer superhero movies produced annually.

Self-driving cars existed only in your imagination.

Presidents didn’t connect with you through tweets or facebook posts.

Yep, the world experienced a massive shift.
So did MindK.

Even though embracing change was sometimes difficult, it encouraged us to learn and grow.

Here are
a few lessons

taught us

Not all storms disrupt your life, some come to clear your path

Two guys left stable jobs, another guy got into a car accident.

Stressful? No doubt. But these events allowed them to meet and create MindK.

Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t

Initially, not every skilled professional we hired was a team player/avid learner/nice person. We made the decision to first and foremost, look for great people who shared our values; and give them everything they needed to become great professionals.

This is how we started teaching talented students to manage projects and code. Now we can’t be more proud of the results they deliver at work.

Talent has no gender

We started MindK as a male company in a male-dominated industry.

Today, more than 30% of our employees are women, and increasing. Most of them are in tech and high-level positions. They do fantastic work. End of story.

Title doesn’t define one’s possibilities

What you care about and what you do matter more than any labels. That’s why our employees are allowed to switch professions within the company. Like 6 of us already have.

Daria 2014

Project Manager in MindK

the same Daria 2019

UX/UI Designer in MindK

You can never

Full transparency leaves no room for assumptions and frustration. It cost us several mistakes to fully comprehend this.

Thus, one of the more pleasant feedbacks we've received from a client is this:

“Their transparent process and proactive team fostered positive project results.”

Harry McInley

Head of Digital,
EAGLE Promotions Ltd.

Value your team as your greatest asset

In the very beginning, MindK was a group of coders, and what the company delivered was basically a working code. It was almost impossible to bring real business value to clients before business analysts, managers, and other specialists were invited to join the team.

Having the right people with the right advice by your side is an advantage that cannot be imitated or replicated by competitors.

10 years ago, prior to working at MindK, Dima was in a toxic relationship with Delphi

He is now happily in love with React

Get rid of the things that don’t serve you

One’s ability to quickly adopt new technologies is paramount. For a company, it affects everything from competitiveness, to income level. We reduced all the legacy tools and approaches that consumed our energy and became proactive in bringing new tech to client projects and everyday life.

To foster changes inside you, change things around you

Whenever you feel like you are getting in a rut, do something different for a while OR change your surroundings. To keep our staff happy and productive we’ve changed 8 offices in 10 years.

And some of us went even further...

Another thing we decided to change
is these cookies. We hated them.

Now we are testing these cookies.
Don’t like them either.

Bottom line:

Change is always
a work in progress

Change is inevitable. Use it to thrive.

This is exactly what most of our clients did when they faced up to business transition from offline to the digital world.

More Client Stories

Throughout the years Harrison Publishing House provided printed price books for contractors in the construction field.

We’ve helped them build a cloud platform that not only provides pricing data, but also allows businesses to synchronize internal departments, systems, products, and project participants.


  • Not all storms disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

  • Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t.

  • Talent has no gender.

  • Title doesn’t define one’s possibilities.

  • You can never over-communicate.

  • Value your team as your greatest asset.

  • Get rid of the things that don’t serve you.

  • To foster changes inside you, change things around you.

  • Change is always a work in progress.

  • Change is inevitable. Use it to thrive.

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