Top 7 business pain points solved by custom CRM

Customer relationships lie at the heart of every business. Selling is important and every dollar invested into a CRM system yields up to $8.71. With hundreds of vendors on the market, it’s natural to go the easiest way and buy an off the shelf software. But there are situations when it’s better to develop a custom CRM.

How to win customer loyalty with location-based apps

Starbucks knows when I go to work. Their app can access my location and purchase history. So when I pass by the nearest coffee shop, it sends me an offer I can’t resist – a cup of Java Chip Frappuccino (600 calories) at 25% off. And while I’m sipping this unholy goodness, here’s how similar strategy can help your business.

SaaS vs Cloud Services: explained and compared

While most modern companies think of utilizing cloud computing for their business, it remains an umbrella term for several cloud services, which covers a lot of online territories. As you start taking advantage of the cloud for your business, it is vital to really figure out the difference between SaaS and other cloud services.

How to make your health care app HIPAA compliant

Each stolen medical record costs up to $20 – twenty times more than credit card data. To prevent identity theft, fraud, and blackmail, all healthcare apps in the US have to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is our simple guide to HIPAA compliant software.