At MindK, we are all about creating software that lets your business thrive.

With a decade of experience, our partnerships last an average of four years. As we value our partners’ business goals, we calculated that we meet our project deadlines for 96% of the time. For these reasons, our clients have given us a 4.7 out of 5-star satisfaction rating on Clutch, B2B ratings and reviews platform, and we can’t be more grateful for this.

We know that clients don’t come to us to get a piece of working code, they come to us to solve a business problem.

So, whether we are facilitating custom web app development, discovering new products for implementation, creating UX design, or running tests for quality assurance, we work to deliver the business value.

David McPhaul about MindK

We love our clients, and with feedbacks like this, we are sure they love us back:)

The list of our clients ranges from golf course suppliers to oil and energy companies from all over the world. Take a sneak peek at our portfolio to learn more about how our best projects turned into success for our clients.

These days Clutch-related business resources like The Manifest and Visual Objects help MindK’s software developers receive industry-wide recognition for their work. The sites recognized our services based on how clients have enjoyed working with us in the past.

Without further ado, if you’re looking to build an outstanding product or are striving to digitize your business processes, contact us today. We are sure that this cooperation will turn into the next success story to tell!

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