London provides an opportunity to visit hundreds of various business events each year. This city is known to be a bright destination for tech conferences and exhibitions as it is a harbor for cutting-edge tendencies and ideas.

“Our city already boasts one of the world’s leading tech sectors. We are the biggest innovation hub in Europe. Home to some of the most dynamic tech companies anywhere” Mayor of London 2018

London business events are always a great opportunity to network, learn, and communicate with people working in the same industry who have common goals. That’s why we couldn’t resist the temptation to attend one of the tech gatherings we’ve listed below.

So, let’s see what events to visit before the end of the year and where you can meet us in person.

Top 10 Business and Tech Events in London

A couple of notes before you proceed to the list:

  • All the events are arranged in chronological order for your convenience.
  • Information for some events is “to be determined” and organizers will announce their full schedules a bit later.
  • Each item includes dates, locations, website, agenda and link to pricing. The websites of the events deliver more detailed info, but this summary may help you create your own list.

#1 eTail Fulfilment & Returns 2018

eTail Fulfilment Return Conference in London 2018

When: 11 – 12 September, 2018
Where: Hilton London Canary Wharf
Price: £1,099 – £2,229, get tickets here

eTail Fulfilment & Returns is the European event which gathers eCommerce operations, logistics and customer experience leaders.

Here you will be able to master how to develop an optimal network design to balance customer-centricity and traditional supply chain principles, ways to use robotics and automation for optimising warehouse management, prioritise customer experience through online order fulfilment process, and a lot of other useful information.

“eTail Fulfilment & Returns brings definitive insights on leveraging operations as a competitive advantage to any business seeking a truly omni-channel approach to eCommerce” – Daniela Cavinatto, Operations Director, Direct to Consumer, Lego

You can download the agenda to find out exactly who is speaking, what the hottest topics are and how eTail Fulfilment & Returns can benefit you and your business.

The event programme involves 150 attendees, 45 thought-leading speakers, 20 interactive roundtables, boardrooms, workshops, 8 hours of networking.

#2 Open Data Science Conference

Open Data Science Conference in London

Source: ODSC Twitter

When: 19 – 22 September, 2018
Where: Novotel West
Price: £434.28 – £1,577.14, get tickets here

The 3rd annual ODSC Europe in London is focused on open source data science tools, libraries, and languages. More than 200 speakers will bring up a wide variety of data science topics, including recommendation systems, transfer learning, image classification, speech recognition, machine vision, artificial intelligence etc.

The conference will last for 4 days including 2 full training days. During these training sessions and workshops, you will be able to overview the latest data science platforms, tools and techniques.

Here are examples of the tools, topics, and languages that will be covered:

Topics: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Big Data

Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL

Tools: Apache Spark, MLlib, Tensorflow, Caffe, Scikit-learn, Azure ML, Amazon ML,, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop

Additionally the conference is a brilliant opportunity to network. You will be able to connect with 1,500 of your data science like-minds from all around the world during daily coffee breaks, networking reception, “meet the expert” session.

The event may also benefit engineers seeking to improve their data science skills, students and professionals looking for jobs, and employers looking to hire.

#3 eCommerce Expo London

eCommerce Expo in London

When: 26 – 27 September, 2018
Where: Olimpia London
Price: Free for visitors. To attend as exhibitor, book a stand here

E-Commerce Expo in London is the largest eCommerce event in Europe. This trade fair is dedicated to all aspects of selling online. It gathers more than 9,500 retailers interested in modern trends in online retail.

This exhibition is a sort of communication and information platform for exhibitors to present to an audience. It is divided into four principal areas of eCommerce and mCommerce, digital and mobile marketing, payment and security, fulfillment and delivery.

In addition to the thousands of visitors that are expected to join the event, eCommerce Expo accepts over 250 speakers including the speakers from Orchard Mile, John Lewis, HEALS, IMRG, Heineken, Utopia and other famous brands. They will provide inspirational content, roundtables, workshops and 80 case studies.

You will also have an opportunity to meet more than 150 dedicated suppliers to the retail industry among which are IBM, Amazon, UKFast, Royal Mail Group, Magento, Barclaycard UK, Global-e and others.

Moreover, eCommerce Expo is a skill-building experience for both B2C and B2B professionals interested in the newest tips and trends to improve company growth online.

#4 Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in London

When: 3 – 4 October, 2018
Where: etc.venues Fenchurch Street
Price: £400 – £1,695, buy tickets here

The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit will run under the slogan “Understanding customers for optimal brand engagement”. 2018 has brought many challenges for digital marketing professionals, take GDPR laws, for instance.

This Summit gives you a chance to find out how to overcome today’s marketing challenges and get inspired with options to speed up your digital engagement with the help of practical sessions and competent speakers from Red Bull, National Geographics, Monzo, Deliveroo, Lidl, BBC, John Lewis and many others.

They will cover such topics as:

  • ways to optimise mobile marketing within your digital brand strategy,
  • how to face challenges of personalisation and localised communications,
  • how to implement data-driven marketing post data laws and drive multimedia content marketing to make it truly authentic.

You can get acquainted with the agenda of this two days event here.

#5 IP EXPO Europe

IP EXPO Europe in London

When: 3 – 4 October, 2018
Where: ExCeL London
Price: £35 – £650, buy tickets here

IP EXPO Europe is Europe’s number ONE Enterprise IT and Digital Transformation event. It is focused on people who want to keep up with modern IT innovations and progress their business forward.

The conference holds six IT events under one roof – Cloud, Cyber Security, Networks & Infrastructure, AI, Analytics & IoT, DevOps and Open Source.

The event demonstrates exclusive new content and senior level insights, and discloses the latest developments in the IT sphere.

It is a great opportunity for CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight and tech experts to network and stay tuned.

#6 Digital Growth Unleashed

Digital Growth Unleashed - Conference in London

Source: Facebook Official Page of Digital Growth Unleashed

When: 17 – 18 October, 2018
Where: 200 Aldersgate
Price: £500 – £1,945, buy tickets here

Digital Growth Unleashed Conference 2018 in London this year is a part of the Data Driven Business series of digital marketing & social media events all around the world.

The event is focused on ways of attracting the right audience, knowing more about Conversion rate optimization (CRO), optimizing the lifetime value of client relationships and introducing you to the right technology to make it all happen. As you can see, it is dedicated exclusively to creating the most compelling customer experience.

Among the key topics of the conference are:

  • understanding why you fail at digital marketing and how to avoid it,
  • website User Testing (tools, experimentation brand case study),
  • the ABCs of persuasive copy, etc.

Download the agenda to find more about the topic of two-days event.

If your ideas, recommendations or decisions influence the way users experience an online business, this event is for you.

#7 Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX)

Outsourcing Expo in London

We are very excited to attend OSX and invite you to visit this event!

When: 17 – 18 October, 2018
Where: ExCeL London
Price: Exhibition is FREE for registered visitors (register here). If you want to attend the conference as well, the ticket price is £699 – £999 (book tickets here)

The Outsourcing Summit and Expo is a two-day event allowing sourcing industry and IT professionals to connect and build new alliances & partnerships that will uplift their business.

This is the event we plan to visit this autumn as it is expected to provide unique networking and discovery, innovation and insight opportunities.

We will participate in the exhibition and you will be able to find us at our corporate stand. Additionally, we are taking part in the Service Provider Panel on the 18th of October.

So if you plan to visit Excel London on 17-18 October, step right up! We will be waiting for you!

OSX is not only a conference, it is also an exhibition, workshop and meeting hub – all under one roof.
 The event is organized by Westrade Group, an independent media company founded in 1982.

“For the last three years we’ve been intently studying the global sourcing industry. OSX is our response to these very issues; the only event you will ever need to attend to inform your future sourcing and technology strategies, brought to you in a unique way.” – Paul Harwood, managing director of Westrade Group

At the conference, participants will meet experts, entrepreneurs, founders, participate in businesses talk about modern best practices and future exciting trends. Among the covered topics are:

  • The future of work and recruitment
  • Sourcing Location Strategy
  • Blockchain
  • IoT, Cloud, Big Data & Automation
  • Cryptocurrencies (and how they will impact your business)
  • GDPR
  • Legal/Contracting
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Smart Cities, etc.

These sessions are dedicated to sourcing-based innovation and focused on advanced companies and technology ecosystems from all around the world. Here you will find everything you need to know about the future of Information Technology (ΙΤ) Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

#8 DevSecCon

DevOps Security and Compiance Conference in London

When: 18 – 19 October, 2018
Where: CodeNode
Price: £175 – £1,950, buy tickets here

The first DevSecCon conference was held in London in 2015. Since then it became quite popular and now, in 2018, it takes place in four locations across the globe – Singapore, Tel Aviv, Boston and, of course, London.

The world’s only conference dedicated to DevSecOps, the practice of building security into development processes. The conference and training courses are full of inspiring presentations by industry experts, and networking opportunities that makes it a worthwhile event for anyone who works in Development, DevOps and Security.

DevSecCon is a platform allowing leading experts and practitioners to present their DevSecOps ideas in compelling talks and workshops. Visitors get an opportunity to learn about implementing security as code during the development process, ensuring secure continuous delivery, automating and monitoring security processes, and creating an inclusive and collaborative culture between DevOps and Security.

#9 Business Startup Show

Business Startup Show in London

When: 14 – 15 November, 2018
Where: ExCeL London
Price: Free for visitors (order free tickets here)

Business Startup Show is a free exhibition for those who think about launching or growing a business. It provides the ambitious entrepreneur with all the knowledge they require to start a profitable company.

The Business Show developed from the combination of two successful business events ‘The Great British Business Show’ and ‘Business Startup’. Today, it’s become the country’s leading startup exhibition which combines highly respected speakers, interactive features and industry leading suppliers.

Exhibiting is one of the most effective and successful marketing activities. The Business Show allows exhibitors to present to an audience of over 25,000 developing and expanding companies and the opportunity to sell their products and services to these highly targeted visitors on a face to face basis.

#10 Big Data LDN

Big Data Conference in London

When: 13 – 14 November, 2018
Where: Olimpia London
Price: Free for visitors (register here)

Big Data LDN is a free to attend conference and exhibition that provides the opportunity to discuss the big questions and share ideas with promising companies and leading members of the Data community.

Here you will be able to hear from 130 expert speakers in 8 technical and business-led conference tracks (including real world use-cases) and discuss the requirements of your business with 100 leading technology vendors.

The conference will provide you with answers and practical steps that organisations should consider. Speakers will share best practice and hard-won advice on what to use and what to avoid. The programme of the event is a combination of strategic instruction and technical lessons learned that allow business and IT representatives to build their own successful Big Data projects.

Bottom line

So now you have it – the list of most promising business events in London for the rest of 2018. I hope this collection of conferences will help you find the ones that best fit your professional goals.

We also remind you that we will participate in Outsourcing Summit and Expo on the 17th-18th October in the international exhibition and convention centre ExCeL London. We’re bringing our extensive experience and 8+ years of developing successful consumer and B2B solutions and want to contribute to the event. Access to the exhibition is free of charge for visitors, so come on down. See you there!

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