Undertaking socially responsible initiatives for mobile and web application development companies can be a win-win situation.

Yet companies can not become sustainable on their own. They quickly will find that they need to work with industry peers and together with them create a world they want to run business in.
We agree that “If you want to change the world, you need to start with yourself”, even though Gandhi didn’t mean IT-business here.

At MindK we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the local IT-community.

We have organized over 7 tech battles engaging IT enthusiasts into discussions and competing approaches conversations. But one of the most notable events we’ve organized is the UP2IT conference.

Together with Sumy State University, we hosted more than 350 participants and invited speakers from 7 Ukrainian cities.

UP2IT participants

We invested a lot of resources, spent several sleepless nights and here are a few reasons why we will do it again.

#1 Boost knowledge and experience of IT-community

To keep pace with a fast-changing IT-industry one should constantly update his/her knowledge and foster an inquisitive mindset. That’s why the focus of the UP2IT conference is on the modern IT-trends.

The participants had a chance to exchange experience, listen to the colleagues and gain new knowledge within 4 simultaneous sessions – Product, Dev&QA, Design, and Up2Date.

Participants had a chance to hear speeches on hot topics, which concern today’s IT-world. To name a few:

  • Design Thinking in product development (Product stream);
  • React. Learn once, use everywhere (Dev&QA);
  • Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (Up2Date);
  • How to design in the era of Digital Transformation (Design).

In total, we have got 34 speeches, followed by Q&A sessions.

Aleksandr Ostapenko's speech at UP2IT

Q&A session

Any IT-specialist could apply beforehand as a speaker to get a chance to express his/her thoughts and share experience with colleagues.

Talk less, but practice more is what participants could do in the Design section. 7 speeches were followed by 1,5 hours workshop, conducted by UP2IT’s partner – Crisp Design Studio. Both professionals and entry-level designers could create a concept for Sumy State University alumni website and get a prize for the best idea.

Roman Kovbasyuk with a speech in the Design Section

UP2IT's Design Section attendees

#2 Open up opportunities for students

A quarter of all the UP2IT participants were students — young and eager IT-minds. Aside from tremendous chunks of technical information, the students got an insight from CEO of a local IT-company on how to ace their first interview and get a job.

Speech from Rodion Salnik at UP2IT

Apart from those who came to expand their knowledge, some students acted as volunteers. Their help went a long way towards the common goal.

SSU students acted as volunteers

Thanks to their efforts, the event ran like clockwork.

SSU students helping with registration at UP2IT Conference

To everybody who committed their energy and time to the conference: our gratitude knows no bounds. You’re awesome!

Volunteer at UP2IT Conference

#3 Scale up awareness of informational technologies

Those who use a laptop and smartphone or get in touch with friends via messengers must know that all these things exist due to the efforts of software engineers. About 100 people who came to the conference are neither studying IT nor working in the field, but they understand that software is running their lives.

Crowd at the UP2IT Conference

The influence of information technologies has dramatically expanded over the last decade and continues to do so.

With events like UP2IT, anyone can deepen his/her knowledge on the field and stay up to date with the changes IT brings to the world.

#4 Create a space for networking & having fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Communication and fun are the two things that make any event special and memorable.

Having fun at the UP2IT conference

Our purpose was to unite professionals and provide them with the opportunity to exchange their ideas, impressions, and plans.

Chatting at UP2IT Conference

One of the most exciting things about the conference was a Mindflex Duel game, provided by one of the conference’s partners. Competitors had to move a ping-pong ball using only the power of their minds. The one who manages to focus more is a winner (and that what happens in the real life as well).

Mindflex Game provided by UP2IT's partner

As we received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants and community we intend to host a similar event in 2018. We will try to turn it into a good tradition.

Every day businesses touch the lives of thousands of people. By creating the touches with meaning, we all can make the world a better place to work and live.

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