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Joomla is the engine that powers over 3 million websites ranging from simple blogs to the Internet giants. We've been providing custom Joomla development services since Joomla 1.0. Today there are thousands of customers all over the world who enjoy our components and websites, as well as our support and maintenance.
If the time has come to hire Joomla developers, take note of the service you can get by outsourcing the development to MindK.

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Team up with Joomla gurus
Team up
with Joomla gurus

MindK has been providing Joomla website development services for more than 6 years. We are proud that our expert Joomla developers for hire are also active participants of Joomla community. For many years we have been frequenters at the most important IT conferences and forums. We have delivered numerous talks and presentations covering various aspects of our approach to Joomla development.

Get a scalable solution
Get a
scalable solution

Sometimes it's not enough to just create a Joomla website or portal. We know the ropes of launching complex integrated solutions. For instance, we can help you develop a web or mobile application and simultaneously launch a Joomla website to complement the app.

Extend Joomla functionality
Joomla functionality

As a Joomla development company, we've worked with leading Joomla extensions providers and created dozens of custom components, modules, plugins, and extensions. You can rest assured that we will be able to complete your project even if its scope goes beyond the Joomla's standard range of capabilities.

Our Capabilities

Joomla websites and portals
Joomla websites
and portals

Whether you are looking for a simple solution to build a website for business promotion, or you want to excel in developing complex Joomla portals featuring integrations and extended functionality, you'll get a fully-fledged solution with documentation for reference.

Custom extensions development
Custom extensions

We've already helped leading Joomla extension providers to create extensions for mailing, SEO, and payments among others. Thus, you can use our vast experience for customizing existing Joomla extensions or developing desired solution from scratch.

Consulting services

We've been providing Joomla development services since 2008. During all this years we've gained massive knowledge and mastered the art of troubleshooting. Thus, we gladly share our experience by providing consulting services for those who have run into some issues with developing a Joomla project.

Migration to Joomla CMS
Migration to
Joomla CMS

If you have an existing website or portal, it might be the right time to move it to the latest Joomla version. We are ready to migrate your system to the latest version of Joomla in a fast, efficient way with minimum downtime.

Joomla templates customization
Joomla templates

Whether you want to tailor an existing template to your needs or create a new one, you'll get a vibrant design that also adapts to the screen resolution of the most popular mobile devices.

Integration with web applications
Integration with
web applications

We can integrate your website with a CRM such as Salesforce, Mautic, Marketo or HubSpot so that you will be able to provide outstanding service based on your users' needs. Plus, your system may benefit from various APIs.

E-commerce solutions

We'll take your ideas about what you want to sell and how; and together with you, we will create a robust e-commerce platform from scratch. We'll integrate and fine-tune payment and shipment systems, enable discounts, donations or taxes deduction - anything to improve the success of your ecommerce store.

Joomla support and maintenance
Joomla support
and maintenance

Continuous support and maintenance is a must if you want to ensure the smooth operation of your project. We'll take care of system updates, security issues, installation and component fine-tuning, optimization for speed, and other important aspects.

Our Joomla Content Toolset

We are always interested in working with promising technologies and practices. In this way we ensure that our engineers stay at the cutting edge of software development, being able to deliver more than expected time after time.

Challenge us with your idea!

These tools are just a tiny fraction of what we use while working with Joomla. We can keep talking, but if you'd like to know something specific about our custom Joomla development services, do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help.

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