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digital agencies
Solutions for startups
We turn our clients' ideas and concepts into market-ready web- and mobile applications that meet the highest tech standards and fit user expectations. While 90% of startups fail, we go the extra mile at work and continually improve the solution, so that our clients become a part of that 10%.
Solutions for businesses
We help executives and top managers automate and spearhead business processes, as well as accelerate their business's online presence. We dig deep into our client's business and learn about its internal processes as well as goals and expectations, while fitting their budget and time frame.
Solutions for digital agencies
We collaborate with digital agencies to work on either all or certain parts of their complex projects that require a specific technology expertise. Some of them fully rely on MindK as their offshore IT department and integrate new talents into their teams as if they were on-site software engineers.
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See below the examples of business applications we've built so far.
Custom CRM software development
Custom CRM Systems

Have you ever been in a situation where every CRM system you try out doesn't fully cover all your business processes? This problem was all too familiar for our clients. We have vast experience in creating custom CRM solutions that cover all necessary business processes. They automate routine tasks to a degree that turns CRM into effective assets (rather than an extra headache). We achieve this with the help of our extensive expertise in back-end and API-solutions development.

Membership and community management applications
Membership and Community Management Applications

Membership management can be hard and tedious whether there are 500 members in your association or 100,000. We develop applications that help to connect members, keep track of them, communicate with them, and issue invoices and accept payments. We also offer mobile apps that allow members to communicate on-the-go and always stay in touch with their local communities.

Business process automation solutions
Business Process Automation Solutions

Our clients wish to keep up with the times; they don't want to spend their precious time on routine tasks. They invest in the development of their companies and automation of business processes. We help them to make the correct decisions: what to automate and what not to, as well as what to integrate with the company's existing solutions.

Business intelligence software development
Business Intelligence and Analytics Applications

Our business intelligence applications are the next gen replacement for a wide range of tools used to collect, store, and process the business data. You'll get interactive dashboards with rich data visualization tools to help you track the vital business statistics, make informed decisions and plan accordingly. Our vast expertise in front-end development helps us to create elegant interfaces and tailor-make the UX.

Invoicing and payment software development
Invoicing and Payment Apps

Invoicing solutions developed by our company work on every platform including Android and iOS. Annually, they successfully issue and process more than 200,000 invoices worldwide. This would've been impossible without our great attention to details and scrupulous approach to quality assurance.

Survey management software development
Survey Management Applications

Correctly gathered feedback is a very important instrument for any company. With the help of survey management solutions our clients can gather valuable feedback from their contractors and partners. They can create questionnaires, tailor made for the target groups, compare the results, view the statistics, and most importantly — make the correct decisions based on the analyzed data.

Event management and ticketing solutions
Event Management and Ticketing Solutions

More than 300,000 people in various associations, clubs, unions, and even political parties use our applications daily to communicate, connect together, create and participate in events, meetups, and conferences.

Accounting software development
Accounting and Bookkeeping Systems

Every company has to keep track of its finances, there is no way around it. Thankfully, we are here to build modern tools that can replace the old paper spreadsheets or clunky on-premise software. Never has accounting been easier than with our simple and intuitive UI, powerful analytics and on-the-go access.

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