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The decision maker's guide to Agile product development

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The book aims to...

… be a quick-starter guide and give founders and executives an overview of this iterative methodology in under an hour.

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One of the most easily readable books. Only the essentials, ideal for busy managers who care about the heart of the matter. At the same time, the material covers all the main aspects of Agile with reference to real business cases.

William Chizhovsky

PhD, CEO & Founder at The Good Plastic Company,
The Netherlands


Your agile handbook is a great summary and
introduction to agile methods, cultures, roles and
structures. Especially for readers who just get into this
way of working.

Philipp Rosenberger

FH-Professor at University of Applied Science FH Campus Wien,
Agile IT Project Management Evangelist,

What’s inside

You will receive simple and straightforward guidelines on how to build software products effectively and stress-free applying agile principles. You will learn:

  • How to set up a clear product vision;
  • Tested frameworks for rapidly adapting your team to Agile;
  • Your role in each phase of the process and who else you might need;

… and very much more.

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Pages icon 55 pages in a full guide
Time icon 1-2 hours for reading
Handbook icon a handy summary of the most
important parts

More about this book

In case you are looking for an in-depth Agile tutorial, then you come to the right place. We know that running a software development project from the customer side is not an easy job. That is why we draw up a wallet guide to follow when starting an agile product development of your own. The one that could point you to why to go agile, what you need to learn, what to prepare and how to deal with each stage of the agile software development life cycle!

What lies at the heart of Agile product development is a gradual improvement by breaking down a project into small, manageable sections resulted in potentially releasable product increment. This approach and the content of this book will help you get the agile mindset and create not only top-quality software products but also run any other project in your life more conveniently.

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