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Data in Digital Transformation: 3 Key Steps to Business Value

For some companies, digital transformation looks like opening an online shop for tailor-made wedding dresses. Others might want to adopt a SaaS model. There are as many definitions as there are companies. For us, digital transformation meant struggling with one of the most old-school industries in the world.

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Four Opportunities Digital Transformation Brings to Advertising

The advertising industry is entering a new age. Online advertising is booming and capturing an increasing share of the advertising budget, data has turned into the new advertising gold and is a game-changer for processes and targeting. The transformation of the advertising ecosystem is undergoing a complete shift.

How technology is changing business

4 Use Cases of IoT in the Energy Industry

Currently, the energy market is undergoing strategic changes. These changes are focused on decarbonization, energy efficiency, the creation of new models of the digital energy market, and also the introduction of IoT technologies.

How technology is changing business

Digital Disruption in the Energy Industry: Will Oil and Gas Become Obsolete?

Global fuel sources, oil and natural gas, continue to prevail in the energy industry. However, as the world moves away from fossil fuels and adopts more clean energy sources, oil and gas giants that have dominated markets for more than a century are challenged with the question of “How to survive the current energy transition?

How technology is changing business

Future of Energy: Technology Solutions to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050

The planet today is going through a dramatic point – a significant climate change. The way people face this challenge will determine the future of humanity. Fighting climate change, securing energy supply, and ensuring clean air and water resources for everyone requires a shift in how we produce and consume energy.

How technology is changing business

Digital Transformation Consulting to Improve Your Business Performance

These are the days when industries face digital disruption. Businesses, big and small, implement new technologies and digitalize operations to keep up with changing customer needs. Digital transformation is often referred to in the context of IT modernization, optimization of existing processes, and customer experience improvement.

How technology is changing business

Application Modernization Services to Improve Legacy Software

Companies that use monolithic, on-premise legacy applications face challenges supporting them. Limited innovation possibilities and the inability to improve everyday operations are just some common issues that businesses face when they continue to use outdated software. And it’s not to mention that legacy systems are expensive to maintain, which makes them uncompetitive today.