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5 Signs you Need to Abandon Your Monolith in 2023

Why move to microservices? You’ve probably heard this question when discussing your IT budgets. After all, businesses need to scale rapidly to stay competitive. But are the benefits of microservices enough to outweigh the costs of app modernization?
Software development best practices

How to Reduce Cloud Costs for Your SaaS Application

Cloud costs can be unpredictable, volatile, and hard to understand. Engineers at Adobe have once burned through $80,000 of cash in a single day on Microsoft Azure. Five years ago, another SaaS company was overpaying AWS “just” $14,000 a month. Intervention from our DevOps team saved them over $840,000!
Software development best practices

QA Management Best Practices to Improve the Quality of Software Testing

There is a surprising statistic: in 2020, the poor quality of software products cost companies more than $2 trillion in the US alone. The COVID-19 pandemic also played its part; in response to the pandemic challenges, enterprises struggled to offer value at the necessary pace without jeopardizing the quality of their software products.
Software development best practices

How to Implement Lean Software Development: 5 Best Practices

Modern software development can be labeled anything, but definitely not a cakewalk. To ensure effective collaboration of all participants and build advanced solutions, companies apply various software development approaches, and one of them is Lean. It was developed as an effective anti-crisis solution, and it’s not surprising that it is in high demand now.
Software development best practices

What Technologies You Need to Consider to Enable Digital Transformation

There is no single blueprint for businesses to follow in order to adapt to the digital age. But even though each industry is moving at different paths and paces while undergoing digital transformation, they have one thing in common: they are all adopting modern digital technologies.
Software development best practices

10 Best DevOps Practices to Make your Team Work Like a Clock

Long gone are the days when companies could produce an innovative feature and reap the benefits for years to come. Now they have to experiment at a breakneck pace to stay competitive. Even a few years ago Amazon deployed software every 11.6 seconds. DevOps is the approach that makes this speed possible.
Software development best practices

Key DevOps Metrics and KPIs Your Team Needs to Track

DevOps is a mature philosophy that promises faster time to market and higher product quality. But how can you realize these benefits? You need to understand what metrics separate high-performing teams from average DevOps practitioners. This article will explain the essential DevOps metrics and how to measure them.