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Custom Application Development Services

Develop new products. Integrate cutting-edge technologies. Transform your business with custom application development services.


With 14+ years of experience in custom software development, we’re ready to bring your ideas to life.

Tailor-made to your business

Get a solution that matches your exact requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.

From concept to release and beyond

Refine your idea with expert Business Analysts. Turn your vision into a hit with our full-cycle Agile team.  

Advanced technologies

Infuse your custom software solution with cutting-edge tech. AI, Big Data, IoT, Computer Vision, and more.

Long-term support and evolution

Embrace change quickly and efficiently. We support your solution and build new features as the market evolves.

Security and compliance

Ensure compliance with industry and state regulations like GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and NHS standards.

Engagement on your terms

Choose from various engagement types: fixed-price, time and materials, staff augmentation, and more.


We provide a full suite of custom software development services to deliver fully-featured applications and new tech capabilities.

Cloud engineering services

Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions with ease. We help you migrate existing applications and data to the cloud. If necessary, we build new applications and services and manage your infrastructure.

Service-based architecture
CI/CD & automation
Container orchestration
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Web app development

Work with a team that has a decade-long experience in custom application development. We focus on vertical SaaS products and industries like healthcare, education, and FinTech.

Cloud-native applications
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Single-page applications (SPA)
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Release a native iOS, Android, or cross-platform app as fast as possible with our custom app development services. We design intuitive interfaces and provide all required integrations.

Native iOS/Android apps
Native cross-platform apps
Hybrid apps
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Breathe new life into your legacy enterprise applications. We can refactor your code, modernize the tech stack, add integrations, or migrate your solution to the cloud.

UI/UX redesign
Cloud migration
Tech modernization
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Data engineering services

Turn your data into business intelligence. From data architecture design to ETL processes, we can handle all your data needs.

Custom reporting & visualization
Advanced data management
AI analytics
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API development and integrations

Connect enterprise systems and integrate new features via APIs.  We’ve built hundreds of external and internal integrations for our clients.

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Achieve lower TCO long-term. Save costs with platform-based development, DevOps, and cloud-native technologies.

Custom application development
success stories

Explore some of 170+ bespoke business software applications we developed for our clients.


    CEMAsys, Norway

    We developed a cloud-based platform for a leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy. The application helps enterprises collect, analyze, and interpret ESG data to improve sustainability. 


    • Microservice architecture to add new functionality and scale cost-effectively.
    • Business Intelligence and analytics with 20+ custom reports and dashboards.
    • Advanced supply chain management and ESG data reporting.
    • 800+ enterprise and SME customers acquired.


    MindK built a cloud-native EMR. It streamlines the data flow between 1000s of health consultants, insurers, and patients. It generates all the necessary documents to reimburse the costs for a patient, increasing the likelihood of return visits. 


    • Medical data management and quick Patient Chart generation.
    • Automated creation of Care Plans and Provider Reports based on the patient’s records.
    • HIPAA-compliant video streaming, live-call, MDM, and CRM integrations.
    • Appointment scheduling and notifications.

    Origin, USA

    Our client provides 200+ occupational health services with one Progressive Web App (PWA). Powerful ML algorithms help recognize test results and notify employers in seconds. 


    • AI algorithms for instant drug screening and test result recognition.
    • Automated background screening and data exchange with HIPAA-compliant integrations. 
    • Serverless architecture to optimize operational costs.
    • 200+ occupational health services in one app.

    Reseat, USA

    Our clients became one of the hottest startups that build a more sustainable future. It focuses on re-using office furniture. Companies like Oracle, Uber, and Yelp already use Reseat’s inventory management system. 


    • Full-cycle inventory management system used by 13 enterprises. 
    • Public marketplace that saved over 3,000 tons of furniture from landfills.  
    • Project management software for office renovations and added-value services.
    • 6 industry awards. Coverage from The New York Times, Business Insider, GlobeNewswire, and CNBC coverage.

    International Surrogacy Center, USA

    We developed a custom medical system that connects surrogate mothers and intended parents. It streamlined the client’s operations and helped them attract more applications. 


    • HIPAA-compliant medical system built using AWS services.
    • Promo portal that increased the number of applications by 27% in a month.
    • Multi-step surveys for collecting personal info; automated disqualification.
    • 64% improvement in productivity with back-office automation.

    Aim Analytics, USA

    Converze Media Group struggled to manage hundreds of direct response campaigns on American TV and radio stations. MindK built a custom web application that automates repetitive tasks in the workflow. It also increases campaign ROI – helping our client stand out.


    • Hundreds of hours saved a week on manual tasks.
    • 300+ broadcast logs parsed a day automatically.
    • 21 custom reports and dashboard visualizations.
    • Third-party integrations for analytics and website visitor tracking.

    Innmeldt, Norway

    Norway has one of the world’s most complicated pension systems. We built a SaaS platform that automates calculations for the country’s leading consultancy. The system is already in use by Norway’s top employers like ABB, Veidekke, and NITO.


    • Online calculations and data visualizations of retirement benefits schemes and insurance.
    • Integrations with Aksio and Norsk Pensjon insurance systems.
    • Inbuilt ticketing module for fast response to all consultation requests.
    • Automated invoicing and mass mailing via SMS and emails. 


    We built a construction information network and exchange platform. It allows companies to synchronize and manage their departments, systems, products, and projects.


    • Fully automated order-processing operations.
    • Improved data flows between departments and supply partners.
    • 20+ integrations, including Autodesk and Quickbooks.
    • CINX cloud, able to store and process over 25 million items.
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    Future-proof your business with the right technology

    We use a platform-based approach to technology architecture. It reduces development risks, costs, and time-to-market. We excel at building integrated solutions that support your entire business ecosystem.
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
    • React React
    • Angular Angular
    • React Native React Native
    • Node.js Node.js
    • Python Python
    • Databricks Databricks
    • Tableau Tableau
    • Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Docker Docker
    • Ansible Ansible
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • MySQL MySQL
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • ArangoDB ArangoDB
    • Redis Redis
    • Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
    • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ

    Save up to 20% of your budget with our Product Development Framework (PDF). Use pre-built components, design elements, and integrations to cut your time to market.

    Our bespoke software development process

    With custom software application development, each project follows a client's unique needs. Here's the process you can expect when working with MindK.


    Explore your vision and goals with expert Business Analysts and Solution Architects. Product workshops will help detail your objectives, target audience, and their needs.


    Insights from the discovery phase allow us to craft a detailed project plan. It outlines the technology stack, development milestones, and a realistic timeline. We'll collaborate closely to ensure all aspects align with your expectations.

    Architecture and UI/UX design

    Our designers will bring your concept to life with wireframes and mockups. They'll ensure your app is intuitive and visually appealing. Your feedback is crucial in refining the design to perfection.

    Development and testing

    After you approve the design, our team will work in short sprints to code, test, and deploy your software. Each update ends with a live demo to keep your team in the loop. At the same time, rigorous testing will ensure high-quality standards for your software.

    Product launch

    Once we identify and fix all issues, the team can deploy your application to a live environment. We monitor the launch closely, ensuring a smooth transition. Post-launch, the team conducts thorough checks to promptly address any unforeseen issues.

    Maintenance and support

    Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. If needed, we offer continuous support. This ensures your application remains up-to-date, secure, and adaptable to evolving technologies.

    Work with a team that delivers on commitments

    With efficient planning and a can-do attitude, we ensure the product meets your expectations.

    Transparent, controllable process

    No compromise on quality

    Expert project management

    Ability to meet deadlines

    Collaborative culture

    User-centered approach


    Learn about our experience in vertical niches as a bespoke software development company.


    Hire a battle-tested team with certifications from AWS, PMI, IIBA, OpenJS Foundation, and Scrum Alliance.

    14+ years of experience

    MindK has vast industry expertise with 170+ custom solutions released for our clients.


    Top engineering talent

    We hire only 4 in 100 qualified candidates. This shows in everything we do – from communicating to delivering results.


    20% faster delivery

    Save up to 20% of your budget and time to market with in-house and platform-based solutions.


    9/10 clients recommend us

    Our average partnership lasts 5 years, with clients recommending MindK to friends and associates.



    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Jason Lutton

      Jason Lutton

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Jason Lutton

      We were impressed with their team's ability to understand our industry and how it translated into our systems needs.

      MindK reduced the time a surrogate takes to complete an online application, increased the number of completed applications we receive, and streamlined our intake process, resulting in fewer staff man hours needed to complete the backend processes for finalizing an applicant.

    • Per Otto Larsen

      Per Otto Larsen

      Head of CSR Services, CEMAsys.com

      Per Otto Larsen

      High level of detail
      and thoughtfulness

      «The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.»

    • Jordan Crone

      Jordan Crone

      Chief Experience Officer, Melody

      Jordan Crone

      communication flow

      «Our project has been going smoother than I could have imagined... It's the first time I've worked with a dev team a distance away that didn't have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication. I wish we could snatch them and make them a part of our team.»

    • Mark Lange

      Mark Lange

      CMO, Reputation.com

      Mark Lange

      A client-first approach

      «It's been refreshing to work with a team that puts us as a client first no matter the circumstances and goes out of their way to ensure that our needs are not only met but exceeded. I have no reservations in recommending MindK to any business looking for a top-tier team.»

    • Al Hariri

      Al Hariri

      Co-Founder, Vitagene

      Al Hariri

      Results-oriented and

      «I can tell you confidently that they are different from your regular agency that just wants to charge as much money for their work as they can get away with. MindK is completely results-oriented and outcome-driven.»

    • Jens Christian Bang

      Jens Christian Bang

      CEO, Already On

      Jens Christian Bang

      MindK always finds a solution

      «We've been successfully cooperating with MindK since 2010. What we were impressed with about people at MindK during all years of partnership — they never give up. We're not worried, as we know that MindK always finds a solution.»

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      Our bespoke software development company offers three engagement models. Feel free to pick an option that fits your individual needs and project requirements.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        • What is custom application development services?

          Bespoke software development services create tailored, unique solutions to meet specific business needs. Unlike off-the-shelf software, it ensures that the application aligns with your requirements. It provides a competitive edge and enhanced efficiency.

        • What bespoke software development services do you provide?

          MindK provides the following custom software development services:

          • Web application development.
          • React Native app development.
          • Native iOS app development.
          • Native Android app development.
          • Progressive Web App (PWA) development.
          • Proof of concept/MVP development
          • API development & integration.
          • Software modernization.
          • Data analytics & visualization.
        • What is the cost of custom software development?

          The cost varies based on project complexity, features, and development time. At MindK, we provide transparent pricing models. You only pay for the needed functionalities. To learn more, check out our article on custom software development costs.

        • How does the custom software development process look like?

          Our process includes Discovery, Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and ongoing Maintenance. Each phase is executed in close collaboration with a client. This ensures a seamless journey from concept to a fully functional application.

        • How to choose the right bespoke software development agency?

          Consider factors like experience, industry expertise, testimonials, and a robust portfolio. Feel free to use our step-by-step guide to find your reliable tech partner.

        • What are the benefits of custom software development?

          Bespoke business software offers tailored solutions to your specific challenges. Its benefits include:

          • Scalability;
          • Enhanced security;
          • Competitive edge;
          • Continuous adaptation;
          • Improved efficiency;
          • Streamlined user experience; and
          • Higher collaboration and ROI.
        • What is the typical timeline for custom software development projects?

          Project timelines vary based on complexity. On average, our projects take 12-48 weeks. This includes Discovery, Planning, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment.

        • How do you ensure the security of custom software?

          We use the best practices to protect your app and ensure compliance. They include secure cloud services and storage, thorough code reviews, and robust encryption. Regular audits can address emerging threats, ensuring your data is safe and sound.

        • What kind of support and maintenance do you provide post-release?

          Our commitment extends beyond deployment. We offer various support and maintenance packages tailored to your needs. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and proactive monitoring. With these steps, your software will keep running smoothly and securely.

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