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We are MindK, a team of 80+ talented IT professionals. Since 2009, we’ve helped dozens of businesses thrive in the digital age by developing high-quality web and mobile products with them.

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Make an impact with MindK

Change businesses around the globe

Our clients come to us with raw software ideas, so every day at work, you are challenged to co-create their digital product, impacting client business success with every development iteration. Even though our clients are located worldwide, we manage to become an integral part of our client teams.

business trip oslo

Diana conducting a workshop with our Norwegian partners and clients in Oslo.

business trip frankfurt business trip frankfurt beer

Here is Pasha, Denys, and our client discussing product integration issues in Frankfurt. Of course, they don’t forget to enjoy German beer.

business trip california business trip san francisco bridge

Dima and Ruslan are visiting our clients in sunny San Francisco and LA.

Our clients’ geo

Canada Canada
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Germany Germany
Israel Israel
Norway Norway
Australia Australia

Grow in your workplace

We offer you more than just a job, we offer a career. Every person who joins our team gets an opportunity to apply and develop their strengths and talents. The most results-driven team members achieve the level of Expert. It means not only additional educational and financial benefits but an ability to become the company’s frontman at the conferences, tech talks, meetings with business owners, etc.

Create cutting-edge products
filmmakers showcase
USA 5 developers

An innovative platform for Hollywood filmmakers

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express js logo
amazon web service logo

Custom enterprise recruitment solution

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Germany 10 developers
questax showcase

We constantly research new tech and approaches to keep pace with the industry and provide really challenging tasks to the team. Thus, any project you may take on provides you with unique experience.

Keep on learning
Leaders support
Leader’s support

Start your adventure with the guidance and support of a mentor from the first day. Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.

Education budget
Education budget

Pick a conference and get your ticket covered. Pass any training course for 50% of the price or get a professional certification for free.

Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing

Speak or learn at internal tech talks, workshops, and always have access to a dedicated knowledge base.

English progress
English progress

Attend in-person meetings with English-speaking clients and sharpen your skills in free English classes at the office.

Our approximate event
schedule for a year

2 hackathons


14 internal
tech talks


3 external
tech events

Enjoy transparency
Clear processes
Clear processes

MindK is built on employee and client feedback. Here you affect the company rules, not the rules affect you.

No useless work
No useless work

Know the reasons you work on a particular task, understand everyone’s role and see how your work influences each project and the overall company results.

Flexible career path
Flexible career path

Grow in your profession, own leadership, or even switch occupation without switching companies. Plus, we support those who want to speak at conferences.

Biannual and annual reviews
Biannual and annual reviews

You don’t need to be worried about your growth or salary as we discuss it regularly and on schedule. Everything that needs to be solved for your better career can be solved in a review session.

flexible work

Embrace flexibility at work

We believe that the workplace is no longer limited by the walls of the office. We’ve reinvented the whole work approach and turned offices into hubs. Now every mindkicker can choose among three work models: full-time hub, remote or flexible for those who want to combine both working from the hub and from home. Our goal is that you feel both comfortable and efficient, unleashing your full potential.

We care about every member of our team, so we guarantee you’ll have:
health insurance
team treats
flexible work models
flexible work models
great equipment
great equipment
modern hubs with chill&play zones
paid leave and more
foster the community

Foster the community

Working at MindK means feeling empowered to make a difference. We share our knowledge with the next generation of talent via educational programs and cultivate local IT-community via cool events. You can be a part of any of them either as a speaker or attendee.

foster the community
foster the community
  • MindK Dev Camp

    Full web-development program for you to move from beginner to advanced

    event timer Once a year / 5 months long Apply for the course
  • PM Intensive

    Project management skills to take your IT-career to the next level

    event timer A few times a year / 1 month long
  • Dev Intensive

    A mentorship program to boost your practical programming skills

    event timer A few times a year / 1,5 month long
  • DevOps Intensive

    A mentorship program to help you become DevOps engineer

    event timer A few times a year / 1,5 month long

Choose a course and tell us which one you want to attend via talents@mindk.com

  • Up2IT Conference

    A conference that unites 30+ speakers from Ukraine and abroad, and 400+ attendees to discuss up-to-date IT-trends.

    event timer Every year in November Save the date
  • Tech Battles

    Networking meetups for developers, QAs, PMs, DevOps, and designers.

    event timer Several times a year See what’s next
  • Students Programming Olympiad

    Challenging development tasks for the next generation of IT-talent. Cool prizes included.

    event timer Once a year
also heart CARE

Employee-led and employee-organized social initiatives to help kids, animals and the environment.

…. and have fun along the way

Diversity of people, knowledge, and experience. Shared values, culture, and goals. Thanks to them we are a unique team. The team, that is our greatest strength.

Our hiring process is simple

Apply for a job

Choose one of the open vacancies above and apply. We review your CV and clarify a few questions via email or phone call. The wait time is no more than 3 working days.

Pass in-person interview

We invite candidates to come meet the team they’ll be working with. During an HR-interview, we talk through the job details and make sure you’ll thrive in our environment (up to 30 min). At a tech interview, we’ll dig into your previous experience and maybe ask to do a short test task (60+ min). All in one day.

Match your values

Meet our CEO or one of our top-managers to uncover everything about our culture, company plans, projects and more. We’ll learn more about your expectations and values (up to 60 min).

Get an offer!

If you're the right fit for us, and you feel the same, stay in touch with your recruiter who will walk you through the proposed details of your job offer. In the meantime, we will get ready to meet you on board.