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Build a secure, high-performant, and scalable web application ‒ we provide custom website development services to take your project from the concept to completion ‒ and beyond.

What MindK can help you with

We provide web application development services tailored to solve your specific business challenges.

Web development success stories

Check out web development solutions we have built for startups, SaaS companies, and well-established businesses across different industries.

  • Building an intelligent marketing attribution platform

    AIM Analytics, USA

    We collaborated with one of the leading direct-response advertising agencies in the USA, to develop a web platform that automates the entire advertising workflow:

    • Ad media plan visualization.
    • 360-degree campaign analytics.
    • Integrations with a number of 3rd-party systems.
    • Simplified ad order placement.
    • Ability to generate campaign invoices right from the app.
  • Developing an operating system for global hiring

    Bridge, USA

    Based on just the idea of a product that would make the remote hiring process 100% transparent, we developed a feature-rich SaaS solution in 12 weeks.  It allows Bridge clients to:

    • Supervise the entire process of opening a remote office.
    • Take care of taxes, recruitment fees, and office payments.
    • Manage team salaries, bonuses, organizational structure and team retention.
    • Use in-built mailing and email templates.
  • Streamlining the academic publishing process

    Manuscript, Europe

    Together with our client, we developed a custom web system that digitalizes manuscript publishing.  It provides faster and more interactive workflows.

    • Automated manuscript submission, review, publishing, and promotion.
    • Anonymized feedback for double-blind peer reviews.
    • Automated reviewer appointment and email communication.
    • ORCID integration.
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    Your reliable web development partner

    Over 13+ years of experience in end-to-end web product development allow our web development experts to ensure predictable results and a streamlined web development process. Here is what you can expect from us:

    Full web development cycle covered

    Our skilled web development team can take your project from concept to release, handling every step of the web development process, from design and development to testing and deployment, ensuring a smooth and successful project.

    Agile product mindset

    Our Agile team works in short cycles and continuously gathers feedback to ensure that the product meets the needs of the user. By prioritizing flexibility and adaptability, we can deliver high-quality web products that meet your business objectives.

    Cloud-native approach

    We apply cloud-native approach that allows us build and deploy scalable, resilient, and high-performance web applications. We use modern architectures, such as microservices and containers, to enable fast and agile application delivery while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

    Well-tuned project management

    Focusing on thorough planning, management, and control allows MindK to complete our projects within the estimated time, scope, and budget. We provide a predictable and transparent software development process from day one.

    Future-proof your business with the right technology

    We handpick the technologies that can reduce development risks, costs, and time to market. We excel at building integrated solutions that support your entire business ecosystem.
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
    • React.js React.js
    • Angular.js Angular.js
    • Node.js Node.js
    • NestJS NestJS
    • Express.js Express.js
    • Ember Ember
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • MySQL MySQL
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL


    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Not your typical outsourcing

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Mark Lange

      Mark Lange

      CMO, Reputation.com

      Mark Lange

      A client-first approach

      «It's been refreshing to work with a team that puts us as a client first no matter the circumstances and goes out of their way to ensure that our needs are not only met but exceeded. I have no reservations in recommending MindK to any business looking for a top tier team.»

    • Philip Yancey

      Philip Yancey

      Partner at Converze Media,

      Philip Yancey

      A reliable partner

      «I appreciate how MindK was able to build such a platform from conference calls, emails and basically a wish list of what our company wanted and needed automated to make Converze a more efficient and effective player in our space.»

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