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IT Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with our senior software engineers to meet your technology needs, speed up your time to market, and remain flexible with our IT staff augmentation company. MindK provides developers that are not only pre-vetted ‒ we've spent years honing their skills and supporting their growth within our company.
Ramp your team up or down based on project needs
Extend your team with senior software engineers
Deliver on schedule without micromanagement
Speed up recruitment and reduce overhead costs
Connect with your remote team directly, with no "middleman"
Be in the driver's seat – have full control over your project

Get a valuable extension to your in-house team

Our IT staff augmentation services provide teams with specialized skills and knowledge to support projects that require expert forces. At MindK, you can hire our in-house developers and other specialists with expertise in the following technologies:

Hire web developers


Hire mobile app developers

React Native

Hire DevOps engineers

Microsoft Azure

Hire QA specialists

Automated QA

Pre-vetted, trained, battle-tested, tailor matched to you

From an extensive vetting process to internship to several years of working on real-world projects as a junior, then middle and finally senior software engineer – every developer that gets to work with you is an expert whose growth we've supported throughout their entire career.
Candidate vetting and hiring
Junior developer
Middle developer
Senior developer
Part of your team
growth machine
With our high-caliber talent sourcing and growth machine, you can add proven problem solvers to your team, who are ready to begin working with you in days, not months.

Make scaling easy
and effective

Build a high-performing team of people who like to
work together, innovate and produce consistently
superior results.


Increase in developer team


Employee retention


Client collaboration on

Analyze requirements

As an expert staff augmentation company, we carefully analyze your requirements to understand why, when, and who can strengthen our team.

Find the best match

We review the skills, competencies, and experience of our employees to offer the best possible match.

Interview candidates

You run interviews with our developers to make sure they fit your culture and requirements.

Assess the skills

If you aren't sure about hiring a specific candidate, you can always give them a test assignment to evaluate their skills.

Hire and onboard

Your developers get fully integrated into your organization. They adopt your tools, processes, best practices, and are entirely dedicated to your project.

How we divide responsibilities with our clients

Specializing in software development staff augmentation, MindK provides required talent, handles all the administrative tasks, and facilitates productive work, while our clients take responsibility for integrating our team into their project.
Pick engineers with required tech skills and domain-specific expertise
Enable a high level of productivity with developers focused on a single project
Facilitate frequent and transparent communication
Ensure client data security and IP rights protection
Help promote a friendly work environment
Provide team scaling on request
Provide hiring requirements, run interviews, give test assignments, approve candidates
Make sure that our employees receive a thoughtful onboarding experience
Set direction, manage resources, control progress, share feedback

We invest
in people's

With MindK’s staffing support, you get to work with
our in-house employees who have passed our internal
training programs and helped develop dozens of
software projects. They are mentored and guided by
our technical leads to ensure high performance and
quality delivery.

Developer mentorship program

To help them grow, each engineer at MindK has a personal mentor, selected for exceptional knowledge, experience, and soft skills.
Developer mentorship program
Individual skill development roadmaps created together with a mentor.
New responsibilities as engineers grow in skills.
Monthly reviews of progress and challenges.

Internal training and tech talks

We help developers learn and acquire new skills by sharing knowledge.
Internal training and tech talks
15 internal workshops a year on average.
Open workshops to share knowledge and promote charitable causes.
2-3 annual hackathons with challenging problems.
Company-wide knowledge base and chats for sharing use cases.

Technical leadership

Experienced Tech Leads oversee the team performance and code quality for developers during their career until they become Senior developers.
Technical leadership
Carry responsibility for the release of all features.
Help break down the tasks for faster implementation.
Consult team members during the Sprint planning.
Ensure a consistent code style across the project.

Local IT events

To attract the best talent, we host & organize regular community events:
Local IT events
Annual UP2IT conference to discuss the latest tech trends with 400+ attendants and 30+ speakers.
Annual courses for developers, Project Managers, and DevOps engineers.
Monthly tech discussions & networking meetups for developers, QAs, PMs, DevOps, and designers.
Annual student olympiads to bring up the next generation of programmers.
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Our expertise in software team augmentation

Discover the benefits of IT staffing services by reading our success stories.

  • Helped a fintech company to set up Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) with DevOps staff augmentation services


    AI-powered spend management platform, Austria

    Yokoy needed a DevOps engineer to help set up a DevOps and cloud division, which would support its transition from GCP to Azure. MindK suggested several profiles and after the perfect match was found, our DevOps professional started working immediately. In just six months, he managed to re-create all the infrastructure, implement best practices, develop fully automated deployments, and transfer knowledge to our client’s internal team.

  • Scaling the client’s development team to bring in new technology and improve workflows


    Web platform (Digital twins for real estate), Switzerland

    Nomoko is a map-based web platform for property developers and investors. Struggling to find suitable talent in the local market, the company turned to MindK to hire a senior JavaScript developer – a position we filled almost immediately. In just two months, our developer introduced a new approach to software engineering, bringing the Nest.js framework into the project architecture, and improving the product quality with unit and integration tests, reaching almost 90% of test coverage.

  • Augmenting the client’s in-house team with AngularJS and DevOps expertise to speed up the development process


    An intelligent solution for the injection molding industry, Austria

    AISEMO, a company that provides multiple AI-driven solutions for monitoring the injection molding production, hired an experienced AngularJS developer and a DevOps engineer at MindK. By augmenting our client’s team with an Angular JS developer, we helped increase the development speed. With our DevOps engineer’s help, AISEMO automated all processes to maintain the infrastructure and support constant AI algorithm upgrades.

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