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DevOps Consulting
(DevOps as a Service)

Improve the speed of delivering business value to your customers. With our DevOps as a service offering that treats your delivery pipeline like a product, you can transform your IT operations.

What we offer

Our DevOps support services provide tailored strategies and expertise to optimize your software delivery processes, reduce time to market, and improve collaboration between teams. We help organizations achieve faster, more reliable, and cost-effective software development and deployment.

DevOps audit and consulting

Whether your company is just getting started with DevOps or is going through a DevOps transformation, we can help you define the best strategy tailored to your needs and implement it.

Cloud migration

Our cloud migration services offer seamless, secure transitions to cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for your organization.

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Infrastructure as code (IaC)

Get more efficient, cost-effective, and agile approach to managing the cloud infrastructure such as servers, virtual machines, storage, and networks.

CI/CD pipeline implementation

Create a fully automated build-test-release process that fits your unique requirements and helps your team ship software to production faster and safer.

Cloud cost optimization

Reduce cloud costs while enhancing performance and scalability. We apply saving plans and analyze metrics to decide on more cost-effective changes in architecture.

Logs management, monitoring, and alerting

Maintain the health and security of your system, reduce resources consumption, prevent downtime and improve understanding of the system behaviour.

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

Take use of Kubernetes to easily deploy, scale, move, upgrade-downgrade, communicate, and secure containerized applications.

Case studies

Learn more about our experience as DevOps consultants.

  • Optimizing infrastructure costs and improving scalability by migrating to microservices

    The reputation management company (USA)

    We helped our client migrate their monolithic application to microservices, set up containerization, and automate CI/CD pipeline.


    • $14,000 saved on infrastructure costs
    • Faster and more secure releases
    • More predictable application behavior
    • Higher product quality, uptime, availability and scalability
  • Rewriting Infrastructure as Code and streamlining the release process

    FinTech startup (Europe)

    The client’s application was a huge monolith. The company couldn’t afford to migrate the whole project to microservices and Kubernetes, so we provided Infrastructure as a Code rework, as well as infrastructure support and CI/CD pipeline setup.


    • Decreased release risks
    • Lower operational costs
    • Better readability of infrastructure code
    • Fewer merge conflicts and differences in infrastructure states
    • Higher product uptime
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    What you get with our DevOps consulting company

    With MindK as your DevOps consultant, your development, testing, and IT operations teams will easily collaborate and work towards a common goal.

    Automated deployment

    Your deployment will be completely automated from start to finish to increase your team's efficiency and reduce errors.

    Feedback loop system

    You’ll get a continuous feedback loop system that helps you detect errors and analyze why they occurred to improve releases.

    Relevant DevOps tools

    With MindK, you will use the right tools and platforms that integrate easily with other tools, run 24/7, and help people collaborate.

    Continuous deployment

    New features and bug fixes will be continuously deployed while you’ll get the flexibility to release as often as you want.

    Our battle-tested toolchain

    Focusing on tried and tested technologies, we hand-pick a DevOps stack according to our client's needs and goals. We've implemented both standard DevOps platforms and completely custom end-to-end toolchains.
    • AWS AWS
    • Azure Azure
    • Google Cloud Google Cloud
    • GitLab GitLab
    • Bitbucket Bitbucket
    • Jenkins Jenkins
    • CircleCI CircleCI
    • Docker Docker
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Ansible Ansible
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Helm Helm
    • Docker-compose Docker-compose
    • Vagrant Vagrant
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • MySQL MySQL
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • DynamoDB DynamoDB
    • ArangoDB ArangoDB
    • Zabbix Zabbix

    More services to optimize your software delivery process


    From DevOps assessment and tooling to full automation of CI/CD processes and streamlined delivery – we help you increase your software deployment frequency. Here is how DevOps automation consulting works at MindK:


    We assess your current software delivery process, determine bottlenecks, architect an automated delivery pipeline and tooling with value streams optimized for flow and speed of delivery.


    We automate the end-to-end application delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click while mitigating risks and increasing productivity.


    You can deliver frequently and be more responsive to changes by letting us manage your software releases and ensure a flawless DevOps engine with a fully-integrated CI/CD pipeline.

    Choose your service option

    As a DevOps service provider, we offer three types of DevOps services to fit your individual needs and project requirements.

    DevOps as a service

    Speed up releases and improve product quality with our DevOps as a Service offering, delivered using the Build-Operate-Transfer model where we set up IT infrastructure and run automated CI/CD pipelines with an intent of transferring the operation to you.

    DevOps consulting

    Assess the current state of your software development and delivery processes, define the desired state of IT operations, and create a roadmap for its implementation. This is an ideal option to start a long-term engagement with our company.

    DevOps team augmentation

    Hire our DevOps engineers to help you build an IT infrastructure that supports continuous integration and continuous delivery, manage DevOps tools, move to the cloud, and establish automated monitoring for increased visibility and performance measurement.

    Get started with our cloud DevOps services

    Let our team assess your IT environment and get back to you with a DevOps implementation plan.

    Our approach

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