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SaaS Development Services

Whether you want to develop a product from scratch, enhance your existing platform or migrate from a traditional business model to SaaS, MindK provides SaaS software development services to help you every step of the way.

Design a product that sells itself

Work with our SaaS development company to shape a product that meets the needs of your customers and helps you acquire, activate, and retain users.


Design a frictionless onboarding experience.

Initial use

Discover your product's aha! moment.

Increased usage

Focus on making users spend more time in your product.

Growth loop

Make it easy for customers to invite their colleagues to join in.


Incentivize purchases with add-on features, access controls, and so on.


Identify more use cases and customer needs to expand the product.

What we offer

At MindK, we cover all stages of SaaS software development from discovery to support. With us, you can solidify your idea and create a prototype, develop an MVP, re-engineer your SaaS, and augment your in-house team with our senior developers.

A decade of expertise in SaaS development is at your disposal

MindK has developed over 170 projects. We used this experience to create a reusable backbone for modern SaaS applications. This Product Development Framework (PDF) consists of customizable design elements & readymade software components. It allows you to save up to 20% of the project's cost & time on standard functionality.

Sign-up/in & password reset

Simplify the process with social networks and identity providers like Amazon Cognito.

User & Company Management

Manage accounts, authentication, authorization, and access control.

Subscriptions & Payment Processing

Bill subscribers and view payment info with global and local payment system integrations.


View all upcoming invoices with a full cost breakdown, filter, and download the files.

Reporting and Analytics

Visualize data for analysis on interactive dashboards and download reports.


Edit your subscription options, tier pricing, email templates, and more.

In-app notifications

Engage users with the right messages at the right time – push, SMS, and more.

Case studies

Learn more about our experience in SaaS consulting and development.

  • Building a SaaS platform for hiring tech talent

    Bridge, USA

    We helped a company that specializes in remote tech talent acquisition build an all-in-one SaaS platform. The developed solution offers full hiring pipeline management, a built-in chat for candidate reviews, an interview scheduling tool, and a user-friendly UI that simplifies recruitment management.

  • Productizing company’s insurance consulting services

    Innmeldt, Norway

    MindK partnered with an insurance consulting company from Norway to help digitize complex pension calculations. Our team digitalized consulting process, developed HR portals customized for Innmeldt’s clients, and integrated the SaaS solution with Norwegian insurance systems.

  • Developing a sustainability management platform

    CEMAsys, Norway

    We helped a leading CSR (corporate social responsibility) consulting company develop a platform that helps gather, manage, and report ESG (Environmental Social Governance) data. MindK designed a scalable modular architecture, built an all-in-one energy monitoring dashboard, and integrated the platform with external business systems.

  • Automating construction supply chain management


    MindK worked with Harrison Publishing House to develop a platform for managing the supply chain for contractors, manufacturers, and distributors. We digitized hundreds of catalogs from manufacturers, provided integrations with 20 systems including Autodesk and Quickbooks, and automated order processing operations.

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    Have a traditional application and want to migrate it to SaaS?

    Let us know about your requirements and we’ll design a modern solution for your needs.

    How it works

    Check out the main stages of our SaaS development process below.

    Product discovery and road mapping

    We design a product concept, prepare a project cost estimation, and plan the steps we'll take to move ahead with product development and enhancements.

    SaaS product design

    Our designers go through wireframing, prototyping, UI/UX design, and usability testing to create attractive user interfaces and seamless user experience.

    SaaS solution architecture

    We create a multi-tenant architecture taking into account project requirements, third-party integrations, and scalability needs, to maximize efficiency and reduce development costs.

    SaaS software development

    MindK engineers choose an appropriate technology stack and develop the platform in compliance with security requirements, and integrate your SaaS app with third-party services.

    Testing and quality assurance

    We detect and fix possible issues with your product, improve user experience, and work on constant enhancements using the latest testing tools and automation frameworks.

    MVP deployment

    Get a product with a viable feature set to make the first launch. Get user feedback, turn your MVP into a fully-featured SaaS application.

    Continuous SaaS upgrades and enhancements

    Improve your SaaS product so it can handle more processes, offer new features, and grow without limits.

    Reduce operating costs and complexity

    Maintain, update, and deploy cloud-native applications quickly and easily using a scalable, multi-tenant architecture, automated workflows, and managed cloud environments.



    Continuous delivery


    Infrastructure as Code

    Cloud security

    Benefit from industry-specific expertise

    MindK has vast domain expertise from building SaaS applications in a dozen industries.


    • Per Otto Larsen

      Per Otto Larsen

      Head of CSR Services,
      CEMAsys.com, Norway

      Per Otto Larsen

      High level of detail
      and thoughtfulness

      «The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.»

    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi.

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Not your typical outsourcing

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Ida Groth

      Ida Groth

      Senior Product Manager,
      Building Materials Company

      Ida Groth

      and proactiveness

      «It’s so comforting to know that they see the whole picture and take full responsibility. It’s made all of the difference. I was most impressed with their proactiveness.»

    • Jens Christian Bang

      Jens Christian Bang

      CEO of Already On, Norway

      Jens Christian Bang

      MindK always finds a solution

      «We've been successfully cooperating with MindK since 2010. What we were impressed with about people at MindK during all years of partnership — they never give up. We're not worried, as we know that MindK always finds a solution.»

      Improve your delivery with complimentary services

      Meet new milestones without team burnout

      Hire our dedicated SaaS developers to work alongside your in-house team and help speed up your time to market, deliver new features, and support your product.

      High-performing product teams

      Just 4 out of 100 qualified applicants can join our product team. The result shows in everything we do.


      13+ years of excellence

      Since 2009, MindK has been building awesome products for startups, enterprises, and scale-ups.


      Product Development Framework

      Use customizable UI elements and functional components to save up to 20% of the project cost and time.


      9/10 clients recommend us

      Our clients keep coming back with new projects. They recommend our services to friends and associates.


      Develop or improve your SaaS product with MindK

      Let us know about your technology challenges and we'll
      help you resolve them.

      Our approach

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