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SaaS Development Services

Want to develop a product from scratch, enhance your existing platform, or migrate to a SaaS business model? Since 2009, MindK provides SaaS development services to help you every step of the way.

Launch a product that sells itself

They tell you success is impossible. Our SaaS development company delivered more than 170 successful projects. Here’s what we can do for you.

Secure a product-market fit

Our Business Analysts and UI/UX designers know how to shape your idea into a product that acquires, activates, and retains customers.

Ensure a smooth user experience

Prevent destructive bugs with test-driven development, automated deployment, and end-to-end test automation.

Build an expert SaaS development team

Easily expand or scale down your team of senior SaaS developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, and Scrum Masters.

Scale cost-effectively

From the get-go, we design scalable cloud infrastructure to handle spikes in demand, while keeping the costs down.

Prevent security & compliance issues

We integrate security in every step of the software development cycle and help you comply with all relevant regulations

Thrive in changing markets

Work with cross-functional Agile teams. Iterate rapidly on feedback as we optimize delivery costs to maintain profitability.

SaaS application development
services we provide

At MindK, we cover all stages of SaaS software development from discovery to support. Solidify your ideas, create a prototype, develop an MVP, re-engineer your SaaS, or augment your in-house team with our senior developers.

Case studies

Explore success stories from clients of our SaaS development agency.

  • Building a SaaS platform for hiring tech talent

    Bridge, USA

    A Silicon Valley startup wanted to build an all-in-one SaaS platform for remote talent acquisition. We built a solution that manages the entire hiring pipeline. It has a built-in chat for candidate reviews, an interview scheduling tool, and a user-friendly UI for simple recruitment management.


    • Fully-functional MVP launched in 12 weeks.
    • Extra funding secured with a successful release.
    • 10 recruiting agencies onboarded in 3 months.
  • Productizing company’s insurance consulting services

    Innmeldt, Norway

    MindK partnered with an insurance consulting company from Norway to digitize complex pension calculations. Our team turned the consulting process into a B2B2C SaaS application. It includes customized HR portals for Innmeldt’s clients and integrations with Norwegian insurance systems.


    • B2C consultancy turned into a SaaS business.
    • 3 top Norwegian employers joined the system.
    • 10 more companies on the waiting list.
  • Building a CSR platform for Forbes Global 2000 companies

    CEMAsys, Norway

    A leading CSR (corporate social responsibility) consulting company hired MindK to develop a platform for gathering, managing, and reporting ESG data. We designed a scalable modular architecture, built an all-in-one sustainability dashboard, and integrated the platform with external business systems.


    • Multi-tenant SaaS platform with a microservice architecture.
    • 800+ mid-size and large enterprises using the system.
    • Multiple customers from the Forbes Global 2000 list.
  • Automating construction supply chain management


    MindK worked with Harrison Publishing House to develop a platform for managing the supply chain for contractors, manufacturers, and distributors. We digitized hundreds of catalogs from manufacturers, automated order processing, and integrated with 20 systems including Autodesk and Quickbooks.


    • 75% increase in productivity with automated workflows.
    • Public and private catalogs with 25M+ items.
    • New business partnerships with a CINX API.
  • Saving costs with a multi-tenant SaaS application

    Choo I Skyen, Norway

    With a rising number of users, AlreadyOn found it expensive to customize its CRM solutions for large associations. MindK developed a single microservices application for all the company’s existing and new clients.


    • 10 times less effort required for customer onboarding.
    • Unlimited auto-scaling with AWS Spot Instances and K8s.
    • 6 new customers acquired with 150,000+ active users.
  • Kickstarting the client's SaaS migration

    Cleaning service provider, Norway

    Our client wanted to turn their existing application into a powerful SaaS platform. MindK ran an audit of the solution code and infrastructure. The company got a comprehensive list of improvements needed for a SaaS transition.


    • Code, environments, and infrastructure audit.
    • Compliance, security, and scalability recommendations.
    • Detailed SaaS transition roadmap.
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    Want to migrate your application to SaaS?

    Let us know about your requirements and we’ll design a modern solution for your needs.

    How it works

    Check out the main stages of our SaaS development process below.

    Product discovery and road mapping

    We design a product concept, prepare a project cost estimation, and plan the steps we'll take to move ahead with product development and enhancements.

    SaaS product design

    Our designers go through wireframing, prototyping, UI/UX design, and usability testing to create attractive user interfaces and seamless user experience.

    SaaS solution architecture

    We create a multi-tenant architecture taking into account project requirements, third-party integrations, and scalability needs, to maximize efficiency and reduce development costs.

    SaaS application development

    MindK engineers choose an appropriate technology stack and develop the platform in compliance with security requirements, and integrate your SaaS app with third-party services.

    Testing and quality assurance

    We detect and fix possible issues with your product, improve user experience, and work on constant enhancements using the latest testing tools and automation frameworks.

    MVP deployment

    Get a product with a viable feature set to make the first launch. Get user feedback, turn your MVP into a fully-featured SaaS application.

    Continuous SaaS upgrades and enhancements

    Improve your SaaS product so it can handle more processes, offer new features, and grow without limits.


    MindK combines cutting-edge technology expertise with business acumen to build scalable, high-quality SaaS products.

    Cloud-native development

    We build highly scalable, flexible, and resilient apps using serverless or microservice architecture, container orchestration, and automated deployment.

    Product-minded Agile teams

    Every member of our team focuses on delivering value to your customers. With certified Scrum Masters, we finish 96% of projects on time and within budget.

    Multi-tenant architecture

    Provide custom experience to multiple organizations in a cost-effective way. We ensure high scalability, fault tolerance, and security.

    MindK product development framework

    Save up to 20% of your project cost & time with readymade components and customizable design elements. PDF combines experience from dozens of SaaS projects to improve time-to-market..

    API integrations

    Integrating with other systems enhances functionality and cuts time-to-market. We build APIs to speed up releases and open new revenue streams.

    DevOps and test automation

    Improve quality and speed up delivery with practices like CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure as Code, logs management, monitoring, and alerting.

    Cloud cost optimization

    We select the best plans, design cost-effective architecture, optimize resources, and auto-scale with Spot Instances, K8s, and infrastructure automation.

    IP protection, compliance, and security

    Integrate security in every step of the software development cycle. We ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

    Reduce operating costs and complexity

    We use a combination of custom development and platform-based solutions to provide the best value in the most efficient way.



    Continuous deployment

    Serverless architecture

    Infrastructure as Code

    Monitoring and alerting

    Test automation


    AI & Machine Learning


    MindK has vast domain expertise from building SaaS applications in a dozen industries


    • Per Otto Larsen

      Per Otto Larsen

      Head of CSR Services, CEMAsys.com

      Per Otto Larsen

      High level of detail
      and thoughtfulness

      «The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.»

    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Ida Groth

      Ida Groth

      Senior Product Manager, Building Materials Company

      Ida Groth

      and proactiveness

      «It’s so comforting to know that they see the whole picture and take full responsibility. It’s made all of the difference. I was most impressed with their proactiveness.»

    • Jens Christian Bang

      Jens Christian Bang

      CEO, Already On

      Jens Christian Bang

      MindK always finds a solution

      «We've been successfully cooperating with MindK since 2010. What we were impressed with about people at MindK during all years of partnership — they never give up. We're not worried, as we know that MindK always finds a solution.»

      Meet new milestones without team burnout

      Hire our dedicated SaaS developers to work alongside your in-house team and help speed up your time to market, deliver new features, and support your product.

      Expert Agile teams

      Just 4 out of 100 qualified applicants can join our product team. The result shows in everything we do.


      13+ years of excellence

      Since 2009, MindK has been building awesome products for startups, enterprises, and scale-ups.


      Faster time-to-market

      Use customizable UI elements and functional components to save up to 20% of the project cost and time.


      9/10 clients recommend us

      Our clients keep coming back with new projects. They recommend our services to friends and associates.


      Develop or improve your SaaS product with MindK

      Let us know about your SaaS development challenges
      and we'll help you resolve them.

      Improve your delivery with complimentary services

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        Frequently asked questions

        • How much does it cost to develop a SaaS application? 

          SaaS development costs depend on a number of factors. They include the size and complexity of your project, technologies used, as well as labor costs. When outsourcing SaaS development, an MVP might cost you between $50,000 and $150,000. For more information check our detailed article on SaaS development costs.


        • How to develop a SaaS application in a cost-effective way? 

          Here are some tips to reduce cloud application development costs:

          • Prioritize features that provide the most value to the client’s users with an MVP.
          • Use Agile development methodologies and use DevOps best practices.
          • Leverage existing SaaS platforms and integrations to cut development time.
          • Use cloud-native technologies to optimize your infrastructure and architecture.
          • Collaborate with a reliable and experienced SaaS development vendor.

          You can alco save up to 20% of the project costs with the MindK Product Development Framework. It includes customizable design elements, readymade components, and code snippets to speed up development.


        • What are the benefits of outsourcing SaaS development?

          The benefits of outsourcing SaaS development include

          • Considerable cost savings.
          • Access to high-quality engineering talent and expertise with SaaS products.
          • Faster time-to-market and business agility as outsourcing vendors can easily adapt to changing requirements.
          • Improved risk management.
        • What makes a good SaaS development vendor, and how do I choose one?

          Good providers of cloud application development services have the following qualities:

          • Experience in custom SaaS development, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products.
          • A comprehensive and transparent development process, with clear communication and client collaboration.
          • A strong focus on security, privacy, and data protection.
          • Flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements.
          • Excellent customer service and support for a long-term partnership.
        • What pricing models do you offer? How do you calculate the costs?

          With MindK, you can outsource your SaaS product development using a fixed-price model. However, it requires a thorough discovery phase to document all project requirements and provide a detailed cost estimate

          If that’s not an option, we recommend using a flexible time and material model – you bill the team for the time they actually spend working on the project. This is a perfect model for when you need to augment your team with experienced SaaS developers or require SaaS development consulting. 

        • How do you communicate and collaborate with clients during SaaS development?

          We usually develop a robust communication plan together with the client. They might get weekly progress reports in emails and daily updates in a shared Slack channel. We often invite the clients to daily meetings with the entire team, Sprint plannings, and retrospectives.

          Our teams regularly collect feedback from stakeholders and adjust the development plans. We like to use the golden hours and Agile practices that improve collaboration for distributed teams

        • What security measures do you have to protect sensitive information?

          For each SaaS application we develop, MindK selects optimal security and data protection mechanisms depending on client requirements: 

          • Strict access control and authentication to prevent unauthorized access and ensure accountability.
          • Encryption and data masking techniques to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest.
          • Regular backups and disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity in case of unexpected incidents.
          • Compliance with relevant regulations and standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
          • Regular security assessments and audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
        • Do you provide ongoing maintenance and SaaS support after the project completion?

          Yes. Our engineers can provide post-release support for your SaaS application. If necessary, we might refactor the code, re-engineer the solution, or introduce new features to satisfy your customers.

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