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How to speed-up your single-page application

There’s one thing that stops single-page applications from dominating all other kinds of applications. They can take forever to launch. This is a huge problem as even one second of delay can cost you 7% of conversions.

Don’t Build React Native Apps, if They Don’t Fit Any of These 4 Types

Everybody who wants to build a mobile app faces a dilemma. You can either hire native iOS/Android developers or go for a cross-platform solution.

MindK at Sourcing in Emerging Europe Conference

80 percent of the world’s 500 largest companies are offshoring work to India, because of lower costs and accessibility of labor. European outsourcing destinations such as Ukraine, can challenge India when it comes to service quality and reliability. 

Payment gateway comparison: Stripe vs. PayPal vs. Braintree

Choosing the perfect payment system for your web application can be a nightmare. While mobile apps can get away with in-app purchases (for a monstrous 30% AppStore cut), web applications need a payment gateway to accept money from their users.

How to Choose a Payment Processing Service that Will Make Your App Valuable

Payment processing services are the gateways to revenue for the majority of web and mobile applications. But when you’re new to online payments, the sheer amount of options seem paralyzing.


Single Page Applications: The Definitive Guide for Decision Makers

Single page applications (SPAs) are becoming more and more popular. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, and numerous Google’s services are all built using the SPA tech. Yet multi page applications (MPAs) make up the majority of websites on the Internet. But are the days of MPAs over?