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Top Mistakes to Avoid when Outsourcing Web Development

The key to your online success is quite easy – it is hiring a talented software development team. But how to find it and set up the workflow effectively?

Backend Testing: The Definitive Guide

With complex databases and large amounts of data, Backend Testing becomes a vital step towards high-quality software. While companies spend a lot of effort making sure everything works smoothly from the user point of view, they often forget that backend testing is just as important.

Top London Tech Business Events of Autumn 2018

We know that sorting through the web for top business events to attend in 2018 is overwhelming. We’ve already done it and are now ready to share our list with you! So, get your calendar out and choose the event that appeals to you!

Pros and Cons of Choosing React Native for Cross-Platform App Development

Choosing a core technology is one of the most important decisions that every CEO and CTO have to make. It determines how fast a mobile app can be shipped to market, what is the total cost and how painful maintenance will be.

React Native or Ionic, PhoneGap and Cordova: Find the Best Technology for a Cross-Platform App

A few years ago, the choice between native and hybrid apps seemed obvious. Native iOS/Android provided the best quality while Ionic, Cordova and PhoneGap offered a decent low-cost alternative. But now the hybrid approach has a new contender.

The Best React Native Apps (And What You Can Learn From Them)

The idea that technology developed by one company just for one service has turned into a popular framework for Android and iOS app development sounds a bit fantastic. Anyway, it is all about React Native. But why do famous companies choose this technology for building their apps? Let’s find out!