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Digital Disruption in the Energy Industry: Will Oil and Gas Become Obsolete?

Global fuel sources, oil and natural gas, continue to prevail in the energy industry. However, as the world moves away from fossil fuels and adopts more clean energy sources, oil and gas giants that have dominated markets for more than a century are challenged with the question of “How to survive the current energy transition?

Software Architecture Consulting Services to Meet Your Business Needs

Be it a dating app or a smart energy management system, the software development life cycle includes several complex stages, and architecture design is one of them.

Future of Energy: Technology Solutions to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050

The planet today is going through a dramatic point – a significant climate change. The way people face this challenge will determine the future of humanity. Fighting climate change, securing energy supply, and ensuring clean air and water resources for everyone requires a shift in how we produce and consume energy.

10 Best DevOps Practices to Make your Team Work Like a Clock

Long gone are the days when companies could produce an innovative feature and reap the benefits for years to come. Now they have to experiment at a breakneck pace to stay competitive. Even a few years ago Amazon deployed software every 11.6 seconds. DevOps is the approach that makes this speed possible.

Europe Energy Crisis and What Tech Startups Can Do About It

In 2021, the world entered a global energy crisis. Now in 2022, the European energy market is caught between a rock and a hard place – in the first quarter, short-term gas prices were 5 times higher compared to the same period last year.

Green Energy Startups Are on the Rise: 21 Growing Companies to Look at

Sustainability is all the rage now. Governments pour money into a cleaner future. New ideas spring up like mushrooms after a rain. Green energy startups have made a bank in 2021 with a record $755 billion of investments that’s only going to increase in the near future.

Digital Transformation Consulting to Improve Your Business Performance

These are the days when industries face digital disruption. Businesses, big and small, implement new technologies and digitalize operations to keep up with changing customer needs. Digital transformation is often referred to in the context of IT modernization, optimization of existing processes, and customer experience improvement.

Application Modernization Services to Improve Legacy Software

Companies that use monolithic, on-premise legacy applications face challenges supporting them. Limited innovation possibilities and the inability to improve everyday operations are just some common issues that businesses face when they continue to use outdated software. And it’s not to mention that legacy systems are expensive to maintain, which makes them uncompetitive today.

Energy Management Solutions: How to Help Enterprises Cut Carbon Emissions, Improve Sustainability, and Maximize Energy Savings

The climate crisis presents one of the biggest challenges in our history. As countries all over the world are taking actionable steps towards carbon neutrality, we see lots of opportunities for businesses to step up their game. Investment in sustainability opens up a huge playing field for all kinds of startups, both digital and traditional.

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry: How Technology Can Address Challenges Across the Value Chain

Seven years ago the construction industry was among the least digitized industries, yielding perhaps, only to agriculture. Today things are different.  

Agile Software Development Consulting

We’ve spent more than a decade developing software products and refining our processes to achieve high efficiency, fast delivery, and ultimate quality. With our Agile consulting services, MindK helps companies speed up time-to-market, lower the development cost, establish crystal-clear processes, and build high-performance teams.

Outsourced IT Department: How to Build It Properly

Looking to build an outsourced IT department? Hiring an external provider to work on your software development project is a great way to fill your tech talent needs and get your project finished on time, without going over budget.