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Transform how organizations hire, develop, and manage their people. We can help you build your own custom product that makes life better for everyone: companies, HR and recruitment professionals, and employees.

Want to change recruiting & HR? We've got you covered

MindK has years of experience in recruitment software development. We've built different types of HR software for recruitment agencies and startups. Recruiting, employee management, benefits, and much more – we can build a custom product that addresses the biggest pain points in human resource management.

Automate manual processes

Take the pain out of recruiting

Track employee performance

Keep employees engaged

Applicant tracking

Build your own applicant tracking system to automate the entire hiring process and help managers save time and avoid human error.

Job search

Build a job board like Glassdoor for your niche to make it easier to find, post, and search for jobs and candidates.

Candidate assessment

Help recruiters weed out unqualified applicants and make better hiring decisions with tools that offer candidate assessment tests.

Interview scheduling

Make it easier for recruiters to schedule interviews. Integrate with calendars, notify all the participants by email, collect interview feedback.

Jobseeker marketplaces

Connect contractors, part-time workers, and freelancers with companies looking to outsource work to professionals.

HR automation

Develop custom HR software that automates workforce management, benefits administration, performance tracking, and more.

Employee training

Allow organizations to provide online courses and training programs to their staff members.

Employee engagement

Build tools that help companies recognize employee achievements and increase talent retention.

Payroll & benefits

Help companies process payroll, maintain employee salary details, calculate bonuses, and more.

Develop a new product for HR & recruitment

Here are some benefits you get from building your custom application with MindK.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Custom workflows
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Data security and compliance
  • High performance
  • Responsive on mobile
  • Continuous delivery and automation
  • Integrations with other systems

Selected case studies

Check out our latest case studies that showcase our experience in HR and recruitment software development.
hr case img 1

Reducing time-to-hire with resume parsing tools

How do you speed up the hiring process?
The challenge

A job opening receives 250 resumes on average. It takes a recruitment manager up to 23 hours per hire to screen resumes, rate candidates, and build a shortlist. By integrating AI-based resume parsing tools with your recruitment system, you can get a better shortlist in less time.

The solution

We have the expertise in integrating Sovren and Textkernel parsing and matching tools with recruitment software. Our team has also built a skill clearance algorithm that automatically cleans your database from parsing errors.

hr case img 2

Streamlining the interview scheduling process

How do you schedule an interview in one click?
The challenge

Scheduling interviews is always overwhelming. Recruitment managers spend 2 hours a day on average to schedule interviews because they get caught in endless email chains with their candidates trying to pick an interview time that works for both of them.

The solution

We helped one of our clients build an interview scheduling system that pulls together availability from all the participants' calendars, suggests time slots that satisfy all parties across different time zones, and allows for making appointments with a single click.

Optimizing the hiring process with analytics

How good is your hiring process?
The challenge

What do your best hires have in common? Why do your candidates drop off? What channels bring in high-quality candidates? How is your recruitment team performing against their KPIs? You need analytics to drive meaningful improvements.

The solution

A recruitment platform that we developed for one of our clients offers convenient analytics dashboards and customizable reports that allow them to track the performance of their recruitment team and act on that data.

The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, company growth, and our customers’ needs.

Per Otto Larsen
Per Otto Larsen

Head of CSR Services,

Why MindK

Experts in HR & recruitment software development
Deep understanding of recruitment processes and workflows
End-to-end product development expertise
Hand-on experience with data parsing tools and AI-based solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What security features do you implement to protect sensitive HR data within their software solutions?

    Our approach to securing HR data includes advanced encryption, secure access controls, regular security audits, and penetration testing. These measures are designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and breaches, adhering to best practices in data security.

  • How do you facilitate the integration of their HR software with third-party applications and services?

    We utilize APIs and custom integration tools to ensure your HR software can seamlessly connect with a variety of third-party applications and services. This enables a cohesive ecosystem that supports payroll, benefits administration, and other HR functions without disrupting existing workflows.

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