Agile Development

How to use an Agile workflow to grow your business

Agile was born as an iterative approach to software development. Since then it grew beyond the IT field and is now successfully applied across industries for everything from marketing to developing hardware and aerospace engineering.

Agile Development

Kanban vs Scrum: best Agile frameworks for the age of uncertainty

Scrum and Kanban are two of the most popular Agile frameworks. Both have their pros and cons. Both have proven their ability to produce great results in the face of high uncertainty. Yet, they shine in completely different situations. And so, the debate of Kanban vs Scrum goes on.

Agile Development

The role of an Agile mindset in times of turbulence

Long ago the US Army War College represented the acronym VUCA to describe the situation following the end of the Cold War as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Today it is hard to find a better explanation of the current business environment.

Agile Development, Design

Usability testing: how to analyze your website for UX pitfalls

Most users will abandon your app after a single use. That’s why providing a smooth user experience should be among your top priorities. Moreover, each dollar invested in usability could return as much as $100. And the first step towards improving your UX is running usability testing.

Agile Development

Agile product roadmap: pros, cons, and best practices

Agile teams value flexibility and validated learning. They build products in quick iterations and make frequent changes. This means deadlines are often irrelevant and long-term planning is treated as obsolete. But can you really succeed without a product roadmap?

Agile Development

DevOps strategy: the secret to high-performing IT teams

High-speed innovation allowed startups like Amazon, Google, and Netflix to dominate markets. Yet at some point, they all faced issues familiar to established companies. Slow, risky releases and a rift between development (dev) and operations (ops) pushed them to adopt a radical DevOps strategy.