Whether you want to build an outstanding SaaS product or digitize your business processes — you’re in the right place.

Custom Web Applications
Custom web applications

We dive into your business processes, determine what can be digitized, and build software that will make your business more efficient and customers’ lives easier. We did this for dozens of companies around the globe and can do it for you.

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SaaS products

Developing Software-as-a-Service products can be hard. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to start even if you have only an idea so far. We’re here to help you with product vision and strategy, UX/UI design, multi-tenant architecture, automated subscription billing, payment routines, and many more.

Business mobile apps

Be it iOS, Android or cross-platform app, we take care of elegant design, flawless UX, efficient back-end and API integrations to bring your business ideas to customers’ fingertips.

API and integrations

Whether you need to develop an API that can be used by 3rd parties or power-up your software with a payment solution, geo service or an integration with back-office system — we’ve got you covered.

Industries we excel at

Financial Services
Financial Services

Invoicing systems and payment solutions, ERP solutions, transaction management, BI tools, purchasing and order management.


B2C and B2B E-commerce platforms.

Digital Media
Recruitment and HR

Powerful tools for candidate search, recruitment workflow automation, and team management with the full support of GDPR.

Marketing & Advertising
Construction &
Real Estate

Custom software products for purchasing management, house equipment selection and ordering process.

Communities & Associations
Communities &

Membership management for unions and associations, community portals.

Sustainability Management

Energy monitoring, CSR solutions, environmental data reporting and analytics.

Build your product with MindK

Product idea might be the only thing required to start working with us. You have one already? Let’s bring it to life!