The software development industry is probably one of the most dynamic industries out there. New technologies and trends are going to pop-up every now and then, and companies should be able to adapt to these changes.

In order to provide the best solutions for our clients, learning all the technologies and approaches that work TODAY is paramount. Especially for young startups aiming to deliver their ideas to market ASAP.

As a testament to our hard work, our team has been recently acknowledged for providing custom software development work for a music application company. Our client wrote an equally stellar 5-star review on Clutch. If you are not aware, Clutch is a well-respected rating and review platform that continues to provide awesome information for the B2B industry.

Here is what our partner has to say about our collaboration:

To give you a brief overview of the project, our team handled the development of the company’s music application. Our main goal is to provide the PoC, MVP, and help with the beta launch. Although we are still in the app’s pre-launch stage, we managed to help our partner drive more investment to their project thanks to the working prototype that we created.

“There was no communication lost being in different time zones. It’s the first time I’ve worked with a dev team a distance away that didn’t have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication.” – Jordan Crone

Apart from this amazing Clutch review, you can also find our company among the top software development companies in Kyiv on The Manifest’s website. They are a listings website that provides an amazing run-down of the best companies in each industry. You can also find business tips and several how-to guides on their site.

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