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The Melody App is a young startup focused on unlocking the possibility for musicians, film and video producers, DJs, and multimedia designers to easily explore, access and share music loops and sounds.

The challenge

Finding beats and sound to create music is frustrating, immobile, and mostly leads to loss of inspiration and excitement. The client required a tailor-made solution to turn the process of discovering melodies into creative pleasure.

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The solution

To create a Proof of Concept for the idea of an intuitive melody search tool, MindK team decided to build a Progressive Web Application (PWA), and succeeded in just five weeks. This way we created a robust app, performing great on various devices, even without WiFi or mobile internet. Users can now cycle through sounds from wherever they are, find them faster and easier, while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm.

Simple and intuitive flow

In just a few clicks and no more than one minute, the users get access to the collection of the very best music sounds. Nothing in excess, only the must-have functions.

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Discovering new sounds has never been more engaging. After a user logs in to the system, he/she selects several vibes or instruments. The records are filtered based on the preferences entered, all that remains for the user is to swipe until finding the proper melody loop. The sound can be saved into the library, downloaded, or shared with others right from the app.

Swipe and go functionality

With a set of instinctive swipes, the user can search for sounds on the go. Swipe down displays details, swipe up shares the sound by email. By swiping right and left, the user saves the melody or skips to the next one respectively.

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With this solution, the startup embarked on a path of making music production a more intuitive, fun, and fulfilling experience:

  • A well-organized collection of hand-picked original sounds. Each melody comes with valuable details like the creator’s info, number of beats per minute, the key of a musical piece, etc.
  • A producer dashboard provides in-depth analytics of how many times each melody was saved, sent, and denied.
  • Smart and easy-to-use melody filtering that helps users save time by narrowing down the search.
  • A Tinder-inspired user experience, where melodies are fed in rapid succession.
  • An eye-catching equalizer-style visualization that moves dynamically with the melody playing.
  • An ability for a user to create a personal library of selected melodies and share it with others by email.

Crafting personal collections

Once the user likes the sound, it is added to the personal list of saved melodies. This collection is easily accessible from the main menu, and can be shared as a whole or one melody at a time.

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Now the application allows:

  • Access to the library of sounds from the palm of the hand
  • Search and download original loops on the go with a couple of swipes
  • Tracking of the melodies usage statistics for producers
  • Finding what’s needed fast without loss of passion and excitement.

Tech stack

  • services icon React for front-end development
  • services icon NodeJS for back-end
  • services icon PostgreSQL as a database
  • services icon Docker for deploy and better
    DevOps infrastructure
  • services icon AWS as a cloud storage

Value delivered

Starting with just an idea, MindK managed to create a basic version of the application in a short period of time. The application was highly praised both by the client and the investors. The extremely intuitive and engaging process implemented in the solution has revolutionized the concept of discovering melodies.


days from idea to app


app performing perfectly
on any device

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The project has been going smoother than I could have imagined and this is why we'll continue working with them in the future. It's the first time I've worked with a dev team a distance away that didn't have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication. I wish we could snatch them and make them a part of our team.

Jordan Crone
Jordan Crone

Chief Experience Officer, Melody

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