App for free: how we’ve turned crisis into opportunity

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MindK has been affected by the COVID-19 just like any other company. We have decided to turn the lemons we were handed into a lemonade (for you). And here is what we get!

Not so long ago we had a team of amazing engineers sitting idle and itching to work on a cool and funky web application. We can’t deny them the gift of creative fulfillment that is why we decided to take an amazing app idea from those who are absolutely sure it will change the world but haven’t enough courage or money to pull the trigger, and build it for FREE.

However, there were a few limitations, since this situation left us with a very specific set of resources. Based on the skillset of the team we could only build a website or a web application. The scope of the project could not exceed 1 month of work. This was supposed to be a proof of concept solution.

The result exceeded our expectations. During the week from the 13th to the 20th of April, we received a good number of amazing ideas from people all over the world.

We evaluated all ideas and chose one as the winner. It was a challenging task as most of the ideas were really stunning and we wish we could choose more. Here are only a few of them:

  • Pulse – film rating application based on your emotional response while watching the film. The emotional response is represented by pulse reading from Apple/Android watch.
  • 30 Day Surge – meditation app with curated content for sales leaders (this is our short summary).
  • Fado – 50% Project planner, 50% Corporate Messenger. Projects and tasks are your chatrooms (a lean mix between Slack and Asana).

There were some other good ideas, for which the submitting parties did not give us permission to share publicly 🙂

As a result, the winner of the contest is the idea called “Melody”, the Tinder-like app for finding the beats and melody loops for music production. The app is aimed at musicians and music producers.

Here are the main reasons we took it out:

  • It is a simple concept, that we could easily implement
  • We were able to implement it with available resources within the allocated timeline
  • There was a longevity of the product past COVID-19 and past this contest
  • The team behind this idea was serious about going for it and convinced us that there is a need for a new solution.

We really hope that everyone enjoyed sharing their ideas as much as we enjoyed exploring them.

We hope that this is not the last time we are running this initiative. Hopefully next time under better circumstances.

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