In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.

Mobile app trends of 2019

The following most engaging trends of mobile app development are going to change not only the world of applications but also man’s notion about what a mobile app is.


Before we proceed to the list of business app ideas, let’s practice a little.

Take a piece of paper, think about your business and clients. When reading about each of the trends, try to generate one-two app ideas that can benefit your business and make the lives of your clients easier.

Let’s start!

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the result of using technology to apply some information (sounds, images, text) to the real world we are used to seeing.

As indicated by Global Industry Analysts, the worldwide market for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) Apps is anticipated to achieve US$3.9 billion by 2020.

AR app ideas may be implemented in such spheres as Interior Design, Automobile Industry, Restaurant business, Health Care, Tourism etc.

Housecraft, IKEA Place, Pokemon Go, and Euclidean Lands are great examples of AR in business and game apps.

2. Health Care and Telemedicine

Telemedicine and Telehealth has become the moving spirit of the healthcare industry.

Imagine that you are sick and sneezing: you need to rearrange your schedule to visit a doctor. Thanks to the latest innovations in telemedicine you might not have to. Today a doctor has an opportunity using an application to examine your medical images, talk to you via video chat, prescribe drugs, and check symptoms. It’s reliable and fast.

There are a number of successful telemedicine apps on the market. If your business is connected with healthcare, you should definitely review them and maybe use some of their ideas for your own app.

3. Chatbots or Business Bots

Chatbots allow better customer service. For example, Starbucks makes it easy to order a drink or snack using a chatbot. Bot tells you when your drink is ready and the total cost of the order.

Mastercard’s Facebook Messenger bot can inform you how much you spent for restaurants this month.

Effective interaction by means of chatbots is projected to rise from 20% in 2017 to 93% in 2022.

They are quite easy to develop as there is no need to worry about complex UI design. So, why not to create one for your business?

Further reading: our guide on writing chatbot scripts and creating a conversational UI in part 1 and part 2 .

4. Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality doesn’t relate to just the entertainment industry. Today it is applied in many industries including Education, Healthcare, Air and Space, Marketing, Journalism, Travel, Real Estate, Trade, and Automotive.

For example, VR helps people to overcome fears of crowds, heights, public speaking, etc. They can practice in a safe virtual environment and get used to situations that may happen in real life. People can make a virtual tour to Paris or all over the world thanks to teaching tool Google Expeditions.

Now it’s your turn.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“AI Technologies Will Be in Almost Every New Software Product by 2020” | Gartner

Many apps and services we are using today are based on artificial intelligence. Here are a few existing applications that may help you to generate your own app idea:

  • Clara is built for recruiters and it automates business schedules, accepts confirmations and reserves conference rooms. It can integrate with calendars to check availability, propose time for meetings and contact the participants if the schedule changes.
  • Elsa is a professional coach helping to improve your English accent.
  • Fyle manages your business expenses. With the help of the mobile application, employees have an opportunity to scan, upload, and track company receipts.

AI is being implemented in SaaS solutions. Very often such apps are connected to machine learning interfaces from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has started with payments, but now it has found its way into a huge range of industries. 9 in 10 government firms are reported to plan to invest in blockchain.

Among the most interesting ideas for blockchain, apps are smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, digital voting etc.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is claimed to be a multi-billion pound industry: up to 100 million devices are projected to connect with private networks or the Internet by 2020.

IoT may be applied to develop smart security solutions, healthcare monitoring systems, automatic smart parking, smart roads, multiroom music players, wireless sensor systems, water-quality monitoring etc.

The possibilities of IoT university are infinite. It can benefit almost every other industry. How about yours?

8. On-demand apps

We are growing accustomed to getting various services in a clap. It is possible to find on-demand apps for services like repairs, taxis, food delivery, shopping, cleaning and more.

Are you hungry? Use an app and 5 pizzas will wait for you at the door.
Need a taxi now? Easy. Open an app and make an order.
Want to visit a hairdresser? It will take 2 minutes to book a professional.

Both iOS app ideas and Android app ideas appear when you have a “specific urgency” in some service.

Spend 5–10 minutes developing your ideas right here, right now: write them down, brainstorm about them. Do some of them have a breathtaking future? Choose the best one and try to expand it into something more.

If no ideas appeared, read further and have a look at our list of 21 mobile app ideas that haven’t been made.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running your own business or just plan to do it. There are both app ideas for existing business and cool app ideas for startups.

Simply choose any and get on with it!

21 example of mobile apps that need to be made

1. Changeholic

Changeholic allows users to exchange various goods. A user will search for offers of those who want to exchange different items like clothes, electronic devices, toys, mobile phones, etc.

Imagine you have a bike. It was a time when you sped around the neighborhood. Now it is knocking around in a storeroom – abandoned and lonely. You dream to have a skateboard. And I have a skateboard in a closet.

With a help of an app, you can get a skateboard and I can own a bike. It is the best way to get stuff without money involved!

Application field: This is a startup app idea that may help you grow а business. You can start with your local area and then expand the boundaries. This idea has a high potential to grow to an internationally used app.

2. All at Once

An app that enables connection of multiple smartphones to play an audio or video file on each of the smartphones simultaneously. It can be operated from one of the connected devices.

Just imagine you are sitting in a room with your friends and a piece of music plays on each phone in the room, the surround sound should be great!
Or you are at the lecture and the speaker asks you to review an educative video. You don’t need a projector anymore! Just take your smartphone, open the app and watch the video together with everybody else in the room.

Application field: There is a great variety of application scenarios for this idea. It can be an idea for a startup. You can develop such an app and take a subscription fee for its usage. OR you can think of this app as a hallmark for your existing business in event management or education.

3. Bills Notifier

An app that informs users when a new bill is introduced. After the user has signed in and selected the category he wants to track, he is notified when the new bill is adopted. The notification may contain the name of the bill and 1-3 sentence summary with an ability to review the full description of the bill.

Application field: This application idea may interest companies providing legal, accounting, driving services. It benefits both employees and clients.

4. Listen to the Outworld

A user has to put a smartphone in the chest pocket, camera facing forward, and earphones connected. The application will use the device camera to take pictures of the surrounding environment. Using artificial intelligence the app tells the person what is going on around him.

Application field: This mobile app idea is valuable for companies and communities working with partially sighted and blind people. And if you are looking for a meaningful startup idea, it might be the one you need.

5. Security Agent

One that takes pictures whenever someone types the wrong unlock code on your phone and sends the photo of the breaker to your email.

Application field: You can build a small business based on this idea – a lot of people have become very serious about the security of their smartphones.

6. Interactive contact lists

The idea of this simple app is to create an interactive contact list that may contain current Twitter or Facebook statuses, job titles from LinkedIn, contact information (phone number, email, etc) from the web, methods to call the person via Telegram, access Instagram account etc.

Application field: There are so many accounts and social networks we use on a daily basis. We track photos of a person in one app, communicate with him/her in another, follow the activity in the third one. It will be much more convenient to open the contact list, find the person you need and select what we need. It is a really good app idea for a startup.

7. Inside out Shop

There are plenty of e-commerce applications using the similar model: customers search for necessary items and select what they need from the sellers’ offers.

Inside-out Shop allows the customers to post pictures or photos of what they require. Sellers will pick up on this info and suggest goods (custom-made or ready-made).

Application field: This idea can be added as a separate feature to the existing e-commerce business, which works with individual orders (handmade, for example). It is also a nice app idea for a startup with a potential to become a transborder application.

8. FreeBee

A lot of companies offer trial/free product pieces for the customers to review. It allows the company to see how the users feel about the new products.

It would be great to have an app containing free product samples available for orders. Additionally, users would create their profiles and leave honest feedback.

Application field: This application is perfect for solo or group of companies producing food, cosmetics and other consumer goods. Collecting real feedback about new output, testing a few variants of one product with real customers or making some word of mouth marketing by using the app and giving free samples is a really beneficial idea.

9. Movies Recognition

The app allowing recognizing movies. Shazam for movies, if you like.

Let’s say, you see some trailer or part of the film and can’t remember its title. You can just take a snapshot of the scene, and the app will search for similar images on the Internet.

OR you may remember a quote but don’t remember what movie it is from. Just type the phrase and the app will provide you with the answer.

Application field: It can be an idea for a startup or a new feature for any movie-related application.

10. Hand Gesture Detector

This app idea implies using the smartphone camera to detect gestures and movements of a person, translate or describe them.

Application field: This app idea is for companies that teach handicraft (like sculpturing, fancy-work etc.). The app records the hand gestures and movements of the teacher and their sequences. It will be good when working with children interactively. It will also make for easier interaction with hearing impaired and mute people.

11. Travelgram

Each of us wants to remember what we did during the trip (roads, places) and create it like a story with photos. The app will track the path through GPS, add the photos and create an unforgettable travel catalog. Additionally, it may contain reviews, feedbacks, places to visit etc. It is like a combination of Instagram and Strava for travelers.

Application field: A great application idea for companies offering travel services. It is a vivid feature that will set your business apart of others. Your clients will share their trips, post them into the app and help your new clients to make choice. It will also keep clients remember about your brand, drive new sales and build loyalty. Startup can also find use of it.

12. Photo Cleaner

We use to make a lot of photos of the same scene, person or an object. It can fill up the smartphone memory. The app will scan all the snapshots, identify and group similar photos (not only duplicates) and then propose the best one to be saved and the others to be removed.

Application field: A fresh app idea for a startup.

13. Pet Life Care

We all want our four-legged friends to get the necessary amount of playing exercise, good food and care. By connecting to third-party fitness trackers and recording the activity, the app will show full information to the pet owner. The app will be able to track, analyze and make reports about the pet’s health for a set period of time. Pet-owners will get notifications and reminders (to go to the vet, buy food etc.).

Application field: If you are an owner of a veterinary clinic or a pet store, this app idea is for you. This idea can take your existing business to a new level. While the pet owner will to take a better care of his friend, you can offer pet products or advise specific services based on the pet’s activity and behavior.

14. Need a bike!

It is an interactive app that defines what type of bicycle the user needs, based on approx. 20 questions about height, weight, a landscape of the next ride, etc.

As an extra feature, after you buy/rent a bicycle, the app may provide you with useful advice and various challenges (for instance, propose a few interesting routes).

Application field: For businesses that sell bikes and provide bike rental services, this app may become strategical. It can also be implemented as a marketplace app for multiple businesses, as the app may show the nearest stores with specific bike models right after a user finishes his/her questionnaire.

15. SupportMe

An app where users with similar challenges and goals (e.g. quitting smoking, working out regularly, dieting), can support each other with kind words, their stories, results, as well as handy tips.

Application field: This app will find its fans in communities and Healthcare industry.

16. Plant mood

The app will remind you about when it is necessary to water your plant. All you need to do is take a picture of your plant. The app will determine what plant it is, show you the information about how often it should be watered, whether your plant has a disease or pest infestation problem and notify you about it. Your plant now won’t die of thirst.

Application field: This idea may be a new milestone in the development of companies offering handling of plants services or selling plants and flowers or a fresh idea for startups that are planning to grow their business in this sphere.

17. JobBank

Next good app idea is an application both for applicants and employers dedicated to work search.

Yes, I know what you may say: “We have a plenty of them!”. It is true, but how wearily it is to post and update your CV on the multiple platforms? Isn’t it better to post it just once?

The idea of the app is that the user can post/update CV one time only. The app will post/update CV on all work platforms the user has specified and signed in. Employers will have the same opportunity – post a job position once and update it everywhere.

Application field: This application idea is perfect for businesses in human resources sphere, as well as for startups which want to build an HR product.

18. Cat or Dog

An app will help people to identify the breed of cats and dogs. What you need to do is to take a photo of the animal you are interested in. The app will show the breed of the dog or cat and its description: character, history, habits, etc.

Application field: A cool app idea for associations of dog and cat owners, companies that sell goods, and provide services for domestic animals.

19. Сourse Year

The idea for an app is to build a space for people interested in self-development and everybody offering courses in various fields (no matter free or paid, online or requiring attendance). There should be an ability to select the area to see courses in the neighborhood, or search for online courses all over the world.

Application field: Believe me, this app idea will succeed. When people can change their job without going outside the house, an ability to learn and self-improve is much-in-demand. You may start with a local app offering online and offline courses in your neighbourhood and then move along. This idea may also be interesting for businesses and associations proposing educative courses.

20. CartoonMe

The app allowing to create a cartoon comic story based on the images in your phone. The app needs to have a plenty of cartoon templates, effects, filters, emoticons, comic-strip themed captions. Once the story is ready, the user can share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Application field: The aim of this app idea is entertainment. Startups wanting to develop themselves in this field are welcomed.

21. Event Notifier

How often we find out about events when they are over and sigh: “If only I had known about it before…!”. That’s enough. The app will keep you informed about all the events in the neighborhood. Additionally, you will be able to select the area you are interested in to track the events.

Our team at MindK, has already implemented similar features in a mobile app called Juvo. Based on location, the app automatically serves community member with all the events, posts or questions appearing within the radius defined by the user. So, if you are interested in building and resembling this idea, we know how to do it the best way possible.

Application field: The app idea may work for startups, event management and ticketing companies.

Mobile is the future raising from Here and Now! Chasing good app ideas to simplify and brighten lives is open-ended. Snap it up before someone else implements the idea you are dreaming of.

So, have you got an idea for the next great app? Let us know about it and we will be happy to help you to transform your thoughts into an excellent product.

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