7 key aspects of eye-catching web forms you should know about

Around 86% of people fill out at least one web form a week. Though, not each user actually completes it. One of the reasons is poor design of the web forms. This results in a lot of missed opportunities for companies, the most crucial being lost revenue and a worsening relationship with clients.


Actionable strategies for better data table design

For business, software data is the most valuable asset. Without the ability to properly visualize and manipulate the data, it has zero value as it prevents users from making informed decisions. I decided to show where data table design steps into the breach and how it helps to fix this.

Design, Digitalization

8 ways to make people love using your chatbot

Over 11,000 bots were launched on Facebook Messenger in a three-month period after the app opened itself as a platform for bots. That’s around 120 bots per day. So, how to make people love your chatbot when a large chunk of them try out a bot once and never come back?