Membership Management Software: Expectations vs. Reality

Running any association or nonprofit community is challenging due to a great amount of administrative routine. However, you are not alone with this problem as there are dozens of specialized membership systems promising to turn any management activity into an easy thing.


The surprising benefits of IT Managed Services

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to have solutions up and running as effectively as possible because any downtime can drop a company’s productivity. The good news – there’s an easy way to get control over your IT operations without building a large in-house team of experts.

Digitalization, HR & Recruitment

What human resource processes require automation in 2021

Automation is a significant step for each business. An epidemic digitalization of workflows, including human resource processes, brings both hope and fear, enthusiasm and caution. In this article, we are going to clear all the blind spots and determine what process is more or less suitable for HR automation and why.


DevOps outsourcing: everything you need to know to get started

If a company needs continuous access to classy DevOps skills, it can either keep an in-house team or outsource the project to a trustworthy partner. We will explain when and why DevOps outsourcing is better and how your business can make a good thing out of it.