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OSX 2018: Embracing digital transformation

We live in a period of profound economic and political anxiety. Following a decade of slow growth, the UK faces the uncertainty of Brexit. AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud are changing the way companies do their businesses. To confront these issues heads on, we visited Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX) 2018.

MindK has joined Emerging Europe Alliance

The best partnerships form when both parties benefit equally, a win-win situation. Emerging Europe Alliance is promoting this kind of relationships between developed countries and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). And we are joining this movement.

MindK at Sourcing in Emerging Europe Conference

80 percent of the world’s 500 largest companies are offshoring work to India, because of lower costs and accessibility of labor. European outsourcing destinations such as Ukraine, can challenge India when it comes to service quality and reliability. 

Why MindK is a web and mobile app development company you can trust

It’s natural to have doubts when initiating a partnership with a company you’ve discovered yesterday. Outsourcing is full of sad stories about betrayed trust and relationships that go nowhere. These stories are not about us. I’m going to explain why. Here’s what makes us a reliable development partner.

Interview: How a mobile app development company impacts your app success

Emilie Lindqvist is the CEO of Juvo, an Oslo-based company that targets various organizations and local groups in Norway. The Juvo team wanted to build a mobile app that would unite people with similar needs and interests. Today, Emilie shares her experiences of working with a mobile app development company.

8 ways to make people love using your chatbot

Over 11,000 bots were launched on Facebook Messenger in a three-month period after the app opened itself as a platform for bots. That’s around 120 bots per day. So, how to make people love your chatbot when a large chunk of them try out a bot once and never come back?

Summing Up The Amazing 2016 Year (Infographic)

As the year comes to a close, it’s only appropriate to take a time to recollect the goings-on from the year that was 2016. Every area of the company experienced growth, and we were fortunate to work on outstanding projects. To fully sum up 2016, check out the Infographic we’ve prepared.

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