MindK Becomes an AWS Select Services Partner

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“I founded MindK 14 years ago as a one-person development studio. Since then, we’ve grown to 80+ engineers and almost a hundred successful projects. It’s those engineers, their skills, and the relentless drive for learning that allowed us to become an AWS Select Services Partner.” – Oleg Nesterov, MindK CEO.

This partnership unlocks additional AWS resources and support for our clients. It helps us deliver better AWS consulting services and develop high-quality, scalable solutions.

Core AWS competencies

To get a recognition of proficiency with AWS technologies, MindK focused on five core areas:

  • DevOps and cybersecurity. This includes advanced monitoring and automation by integrating DataDog and Terraform with AWS and using AWS Lambda for serverless operations. Our DevOps team has achieved a 95%+ AWS Config/Security Hub score on multiple healthcare projects while automating HIPAA compliance with infrastructure as code (IaC).
  • Development and QA. Our team has shifted its focus to cloud-native serverless applications. AWS provides our clients with a platform that’s years ahead of all its competitors. Services like AWS Lambda, S3, Aurora, RDS, CloudFront, API Gateway, Cognito, SES, SNS, SQS, EventBridge, Rekognition, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and Secrets Manager allow us to build scalable and high-performance applications for our clients.
  • Cost optimization. Keeping your AWS bills under control requires careful design, selection of optimal discounts, and continuous monitoring. Our team has saved hundreds of thousands of USD with AWS Lambda autoscaling, Saving Plans, Spot Instances, Reserved Instances, instance auto-stop, IaC, and the rightsizing of AWS compute/database resources. They also use continuous attribution and expense analysis to help our clients measure ROI in the cloud.
  • Business Analysis. Understanding the advantages and drawbacks of each AWS service allows a quick design of solutions that meet the client’s needs. This prevents unexpected costs and overprovisioning of resources, while satisfying all non-functional requirements.
  • Project Management. We continue implementing AWS Well-Architected Framework practices to improve project security and customer collaboration. Our Project Managers oversee timelines, resource allocation, and team collaboration more effectively using tools like AWS CodeStar.

AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars


The partnership guarantees our client applications meet rigorous AWS standards. It proves our capability to deliver complex, cloud-native solutions with agility and precision. We look forward to continuing our journey with AWS and driving digital transformation for our clients.

So feel free to contact us if you need AWS consulting or a skilled team to realize your vision.

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