Custom Logistics Software Development to Optimize the Supply Chain

Develop logistics software that helps manufacturers, carriers, and other parties within the supply chain share data across the logistics network. Get an integrated software system that ensures real-time visibility into the freight movement and automates logistics processes

Build custom logistics software

Create a connected logistics platform to manage forward and reverse logistics operations, including orders, inventory, warehouses, and transportation.
Increase supply chain visibility

Increase supply chain visibility

Synchronize multiple logistics systems

Synchronize multiple logistics systems

Automate logistics operations

Automate logistics operations

Speed up the delivery

Speed up the delivery

Order management

Develop a single digital platform to control the order lifecycle and track order operations: receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders.

Inventory management

Build software to synchronize receiving and storing inventory across several systems to be aware of the accurate number of products for sale.

Warehouse management

Get a centralized system to control and automate warehouse operations, such as receiving and moving items, or tracking staff productivity.

Transport planning

Create logistics software to plan the movement of products, choose shipping methods, optimize truck loading, and pick optimal routes and vehicles.

Transportation management

Develop a logistics system that helps manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs efficiently move goods and get full visibility of shipment operations.

Reverse logistics

Build a return management platform that automates reverse logistics operations and allows both sellers and customers to manage and track returns.

Develop integrated software to improve logistics operations

As a logistics software development company, MindK can build a digital solution that connects multiple systems into a single network, ensuring 100% visibility for all stakeholders in supply chains.

  • Supply chain optimization
  • End-to-end transparency
  • Seamless data exchange
  • Automated workflow capabilities
  • Cloud flexibility and scalability
  • Real-time freight data and analysis

Logistic software development services we provide

MindK offers logistic software development services to create a cloud-native solution from scratch or modernize your existing software.

Custom app development

Ideation, prototyping, MVP development, testing, and maintenance ‒ our team covers all stages of product development to build a great solution for logistics.

API and integrations

We develop custom APIs and integrate your enterprise systems with third-party software from carriers, warehouses, 3PLs, and other transportation companies.

Cloud-native development

We build scalable logistics platforms using a cloud-native approach with its microservice-based architectures, rapid release cycles, DevOps, and automation in the cloud.

Test automation and DevOps

Our DevOps engineers automate CI/CD processes and streamline delivery. We also provide test automation services to reduce test cycle time and testing costs.

Location-based services

Location-enabled mapping, tracking, and navigation – we have expertise in building applications for the most common use cases in transportation and logistics.

App modernization

We analyze your existing software to define its bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Based on the findings, we modernize your system so it can meet your business goals.

Why MindK

Experienced software developers
Deep understanding of logistics operations flow
Expertise in API development and integration
Cloud-native approach and DevOps practices

Develop your software with MindK

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