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When Google Play is flooded with tons of mobile apps, it goes without saying that you’re facing some serious competition. With our experienced development team you will not only get an elegant design but also robust code for your project. The development process includes expert Business Analysis(BA) services and extensive market research to ensure that your future app will automatically stand out and meet the high expectations of your users.
Any business, be it a startup or a big enterprise, can benefit from tapping into the mobile market.
So, if you are looking for an opportunity to grow your business, it’s time to hire Android developers.

Why Choose Our Android App Development Company

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With our iterative process you get your first working version of the app within 14 days of development. It is called MVP or Minimum Viable Product. This version has basic functionality that will be improved upon based on the feedback and any evolving business needs. We also provide continuous support and regular improvements for our custom mobile solutions.

Expand your

Other companies typically have programmers focused on one area; mobile application development, for example. We, on the other hand, have the expertise to offer our clients integrated solutions. As the result of our extensive BA we can determine if your business will benefit from a single Android app or a complex solution where a mobile app supplements a web component.

Enjoy phenomenal

With our professional programmers and QA engineers you won’t have to worry about technical aspects of the project; they’ll be taken care of. With weekly reports from Project Managers you will get timely updates on the project’s status. Just rest assured that you will be informed on all the important details.

Our Tech Stack

Each day we strive to become the best in the business of custom Android app development. Our team of Android app developers for hire closely follow the trends of software development and try to outdo ourselves every single time. See below a few examples of the most relevant technologies we use.
Java for Android

Java programming language has been gaining popularity every passing year. It is safe, reliable and platform independent. There exists a large number of tools for Java so we have a lot of resources at our disposal. It is object oriented which means that developers can create modular apps and reuse code. Java was developed with a special attention to its security from the get-go. Our extensive usage of Java for Android has proven that the language is easy to recompile and debug.


Realm is the first mobile database made specifically to run directly on mobile devices. It has all the essential features such as encryption, change notifications, migrations, and threading. Realm has proved to be easier to use, safer, and significantly faster compared to its competitors.


ButterKnife is an open-source injection library for Android. It is tiny in size, quick, and easy to use. ButterKnife is a powerful and versatile tool that makes code more nimble and as the result easier to reuse, test, and maintain.


Retrofit is a networking library intended to transfer information between an Android app and a back-end server. The library has more features and is much easier to learn and use than other options such as Volley.


This library allows for quick and simple loading of images. It is designed to use the minimum amount of memory and allows image caching, resizing, centring, and cropping. All of this is often times done with just one line of code.

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