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Incredible performance. No need for multiple builds across mobile platforms. Instant access from a home screen. Take advantage of the latest the web has to offer with progressive web app (PWA) development services.

How you benefit from PWA

Web apps and mobile apps are both powerful. Yet, each has their own limitations. PWAs combine the best qualities of native and web applications to deliver the best experience to the largest user base.

One platform, all possible users

There's no need for multiple builds across mobile and web platforms to target all users. A PWA app is accessible on all modern browsers and responsive across all devices.

Lightning-fast performance

PWAs load up to 8o% faster than an average website. They require less device storage compared to native apps. This way, bounce rates fall, and conversions rise.

Offline mode

When launched from a home screen, service workers enable a progressive web application to load instantly – even offline and in bad connectivity areas.

Security and SEO

Progressive web apps use HTTPS to protect data in transit. Search engines can easily find the app and all the content you provide.

Instant home screen access

A PWA can be installed without an app store. By specifying a home screen icon and the page to be loaded, users access the web application as if it were a native mobile app.

Boosted user engagement

A PWA provides the feeling of a native app with familiar navigation and interactions. Add geolocation, home screen shortcuts, and push notifications, and you can be sure users will return to your app.

Our progressive web app development services

With our 14 years of experience and the benefits of PWA technology, we can speed up development, guarantee the stability of advanced features, and provide the adventure your users desire.

Success stories

Take a look at some of the projects our PWA development company completed for the US and European customers.

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    Helping Grammy-awarded producers get funding


    Music search engine, USA

    A team of award-winning producers got an idea of an app that would streamline music creation. MindK helped design a Tinder-like experience and made it a quick PWA. It took us less than five weeks to go from a rough concept to a working product. With a PWA in hand, our clients could prove the concept’s potential to multiple investors. This funding allowed them to refine the product and turn it into a React Native app used by 10,000 people.

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    Supporting real estate deals with an anonymous chat app

    Real-time chat app, Canada

    It could take hours for potential buyers to find out all the property details. To close deals faster, we developed a PWA app in just 3 months. Once an agent creates a profile and adds listings, the system generates chats with unique links for each property. Users can click on the link and get instant access to the agent. With anonymous chats and quick response rates, the app offers an effortless way to consult clients. The app has generated over 10,000 links in just a few months, proving the concept’s success.

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    How it works

    Explore the 4-step process we use at our PWA app development company.

    Discovery & strategy

    We begin by learning about your business, target audience, and objectives. This includes analyzing your competitors and crafting a strategic plan that outlines the PWA's features, technologies, and overall project roadmap. If needed, we provide a detailed cost estimate.

    Planning and design

    UI/UX design includes the creation of wireframes, and user flows for an intuitive and engaging experience. We collaborate with you to refine the designs to ensure the PWA is accessible and resonates with the target audience.

    Development / QA

    We craft the client and server side of your PWA using modern web technologies for seamless offline functionality and fast loading times. The team connects the necessary APIs to enhance functionality. At the same time, the QA team verifies that everything works as intended across different devices and browsers.

    Support & maintenance

    MindK launches the PWA while ensuring minimal downtime. MindK then monitors the performance and gathers feedback for enhancements. The team implements updates and provides long-term maintenance.

    Tech stack

    MindK follows the latest best practices and tech trends when lending progressive web application development services.
    • React React
    • Angular Angular
    • Node.js Node.js
    • NestJS NestJS
    • Express.js Express.js
    • Ember Ember
    • Backbone.js Backbone.js
    • RxJS RxJS
    • LoopBack LoopBack
    • Koa Koa
    • Socket.io Socket.io
    • Apollo GraphQL Apollo GraphQL
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • MySQL MySQL
    • ArangoDB ArangoDB
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • Redis Redis
    • Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
    • Docker Docker
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Jenkins Jenkins
    • GitLab GitLab
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Datadog Datadog
    • Databricks Databricks

    Complimentary services

    Why MindK

    With MindK’s staffing support, you get to work with our in-house employees who have passed our internal training programs and helped develop dozens of software projects. They are mentored and guided by our technical leads to ensure high performance and quality delivery.


    MindK has been building complex web and mobile applications since 2009. We combine the top 4% technical talent with a deep understanding of Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, FinTech, and other industries.



    Our engineering team is committed to your product's code quality and scalability. Our quality assurance services aim to guard consistent product quality at every development stage. We are sure it is the most cost-effective strategy over the long term.



    Practicing Scrum and Agile since day one allows us to stay flexible and meet your needs as they change along with your project.



    We perceive your businesses as our own and act as a part of your team. While building a progressive web app or other products, we provide insight, resources, and knowledge your team can learn from to avoid any tech bottlenecks.



    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Jordan Crone

      Jordan Crone

      Chief Experience Officer, Melody

      Jordan Crone

      communication flow

      «Our project has been going smoother than I could have imagined... It's the first time I've worked with a dev team a distance away that didn't have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication. I wish we could snatch them and make them a part of our team.»

    • Alexander Radchenko

      CEO, Radenia AG,

      Transparency and focus
      on business value

      «I've been working with multiple IT services providers for more than two decades and what sets MindK team apart is transparency, focus on business value and quality of the services provided.»

    • Jesse Raccio

      Jesse Raccio

      CTO, The Game Band

      Jesse Raccio

      The team is always there to dig in and help

      «I’m happy with MindK’s agility, which relates to their communication. If we need to pivot on something, they’re ready to go in a different direction, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to move that ship. The team is always there to dig in and help us out when we need to understand anything. Overall, they’re really supportive.»

    • Emilie Bang

      Emilie Bang

      Juvo, Norway

      Emilie Bang

      Emilie Bang

      «It is always great to work with MindK and I enjoy working with all the people here… If you are thinking about hiring a development team — hire MindK.»

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        • What are the main advantages of a PWA?

          PWAs offer the best of both worlds. They’re as accessible as web apps with the high performance and user-friendly features of native apps. They work offline, load quickly, and can send push notifications. This makes PWAs highly engaging without the need for app store submissions.

        • How is PWA development different from traditional apps?

          Developing a PWA focuses on progressive enhancement, responsive design, and a mobile-first approach. It involves technologies like service workers for offline functionality and manifest files for home screen installation. Emphasis on performance and accessibility across devices characterizes PWA development.

        • How much does progressive web app development cost?

          The costs of developing a PWA can vary significantly based on feature complexity, design requirements, and the level of customization. A straightforward PWA might start at $20,000, while more complex applications could cost $150,000+. To learn more, check out our detailed article on web application development costs.

        • Can our existing website be converted into a PWA?

          Yes. Converting an existing website to PWA involves:

          • Adding a service worker for offline capabilities.
          • Creating a web app manifest for installability.
          • Ensuring the site is responsive and secure.

          It’s a cost-effective way to enhance user experience.

        • How will a PWA improve our SEO?

          PWAs are inherently SEO-friendly due to their fast loading times, responsiveness, and offline capabilities. These factors contribute to a better user experience, which search engines like Google reward with higher rankings. Plus, PWAs can be indexed by search engines, improving your visibility.

        • What kind of maintenance do you offer post-launch?

          We provide flexible support and maintenance packages. These include regular updates to ensure your PWA stays compatible with the latest web standards, performance optimization, security patches, and technical support to address any issues. Our aim is to keep your PWA running smoothly and efficiently in the long term.

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