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The MindK QA Team Advantage

At MindK, we tweak the common automated testing process by diving into our client’s business and assessing the development process. This way, we solve many high-level problems that may have gone unnoticed at the start of the client’s journey. By taking advantage of MindK QA automation service, businesses can notably lower the costs of development and support, as well as generate higher ROI from projects.
See how MindK QA team can help you release faster without sacrificing quality by utilizing the power of software testing services.

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Test complicated business logic
Test complicated business

QA automation allows testing complicated scenarios and business logic in a robust and reliable manner, saving a lot of effort and improving end-product quality.

Speed up time to market
Speed up time to

Running automated QA tests is much faster than testing same functionality manually. Tests run in parallel, so multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can be tested simultaneously.

Save costs
Save costs

Periodic regression testing is a must for ensuring that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs. We write automated tests once, and run them as many times as needed. No need for you to pay for testing over and over.

Test Automation Tools We Use

We choose test automation tools depending on the client project specifics. It can be out-of-the-box test automation solutions selection or custom testing framework creation to get the optimal mix based on goals, technologies, and infrastructure.

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