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Cloud migration services

Want to scale your business? Adopt a SaaS model? Worried your application will have terrible performance as the user count rises? Cloud migration engineering services allow you to enjoy the best DevOps practices that cut operational costs, improve scalability and performance.

Legacy to cloud migration

Cloud migration isn’t about cheaper hosting. It’s about using the cloud’s powerful capabilities to reduce operational costs and get other tangible business benefits.

Raise application scalability

Use auto-scaling, load balancing, horizontal scaling, CDNs, and other best practices.

Cut development cost by 20-40%

Benefit from readymade services, cost-effective scaling, and easier maintenance.

Improve performance

Implement automated load balancing, elastic computing, CDNs to serve more users fast.

Increase the speed of innovation

Deploy applications faster without having to worry about the infrastructure state.

Cloud migration services we provide

Our cloud engineers have a decade of experience in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to meet the needs of modern enterprises.

Cloud migration success stories

Here’s how we helped businesses like yours improve scalability, boost performance, and decrease costs with expert cloud migration and consulting services.

  • Background for

    Migrating a monolithic application to a microservice architecture


    Custom CRM and membership management system, Norway

    The client decided to transition from several monolithic applications to a single multi-tenant SaaS system. This increased the requirements for fault tolerance and scalability. To reduce costs and save valuable time, we migrated the project to AWS using Kubernetes clusters for autoscaling. As a result, the company united over 15 organizations in one SaaS app that has 200,000+ active users.

  • Background for

    AWS migration for a first-in-the-class ad campaign management solution

    Aim Analytics

    Custom web application, USA

    Converze Media wanted to build an analytical platform like Google AdWords to manage hundreds of ad campaigns across TV and radio stations. The most cost-effective way to achieve this goal was to migrate the application to AWS. Our team drafted the cloud migration strategy, planned the execution, and built the analytics. As a result, Converze saves hundreds of thousands of USD on repetitive manual work. 

  • Background for

    Migrating a SaaS app to AWS and service-oriented architecture


    Leading CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) software, Norway

    CEMAsys is one of the leading sustainability reporting tools, chosen by Forbes Global 2000 companies. To streamline the long-term support and the development of new features, we migrated the app to a service-oriented architecture. With the AWS migration in the process, some modules already have higher scalability, performance, and availability.   

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    Solve your scaling challenges

    Feeling that outdated technology limits your growth? Here's what can help you.

    Future-proof your business with the right technology

    Our engineers bring experience from a variety of projects and technologies to fulfill your scalability, performance, uptime, and security requirements.
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
    • Docker Docker
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Helm Helm
    • SonarQube SonarQube
    • Prometheus Prometheus
    • Grafana Grafana
    • Ansible Ansible
    • ELK Stack ELK Stack

    Our cloud migration process

    At MindK, we follow a tried and true process, tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

    Application assessment
    for cloud migration

    We analyze the current state of the product, hosting, infrastructure, documentation, release process, CI/CD pipelines, and so on, to select the optimal migration strategy.


    Our engineers create a tailored migration roadmap based on the findings of our analysis. Migrating the product to microservices will often need extra reworks.

    Tech stack selection

    We select optimal tools and cloud migration solutions – simple compute instances, containers, Kubernetes clusters, native cloud services, and so on.

    Estimation and proposal

    The MindK team estimates the cloud migration costs and sends a proposal to the client.


    We start working on the project in short Sprints. The team often has to refactor the app structure and configuration to implement autoscaling and fault tolerance.


    Once your app resides in the cloud, our team can take on the support function. We'll always be there when you need to release new features, implement changes, or remove roadblocks.

    Key deliverables

    Experienced cloud engineers reduce the risks of cloud migration. Here’s what you’ll get out of our cloud migration services:

    Cloud migration roadmap


    CI/CD automation scripts

    Environments setup in the cloud

    Support and mentoring

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    Choose your service option

    You can hire a cloud transformation and migration consultant at MindK. Alternatively, work with our engineering team using a variety of service models.

    Why MindK

    MindK has completed over 170 projects – small and complex, cloud-based and dedicated servers, and various stages of the DevOps journey. This vast experience in cloud migration and automation allows us to work faster and better than competitors.

    13+ years of excellence

    Since 2009 we've helped dozens of companies move to the cloud.


    A team of top minds

    Only 4 out of 100 candidates get to join our team.


    5+ years average relationship

    We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.


    9/10 of clients ready to recommend us

    96% of our clients recommend our services to friends and partners.



    • Yokoy


      Talent Acquisition Expert, Yokoy


      The workflow was very effective

      «The cloud migration project could be accelerated and we were able to focus on other topics within DevOps and Cloud. The workflow was very effective, the communication went very well and all deadlines were met. There were no issues whatsoever at any time. Their pace, level of service, and quality aren't always easy to find amongst vendors.»

    • Per Otto Larsen

      Per Otto Larsen

      Head of CSR Services, CEMAsys.com

      Per Otto Larsen

      High level of detail
      and thoughtfulness

      «The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.»

    • Jens Christian Bang

      Jens Christian Bang

      CEO, Already On

      Jens Christian Bang

      MindK always finds a solution

      «We've been successfully cooperating with MindK since 2010. What we were impressed with about people at MindK during all years of partnership — they never give up. We're not worried, as we know that MindK always finds a solution.»

    • Fintech Firm

      Head of Talent Acquisition, Yokoy

      There were no issues whatsoever

      We're a FinTech Scale-up from Switzerland, with over 250 employees operating in Europe. We shortlisted a few vendors, however, MindKs approach was very fast, very professional and we received the exact right profiles that we were looking for. The workflow was very effective, the communication went very well and all deadlines were met.

    • Jesse Raccio

      Jesse Raccio

      CTO, The Game Band

      Jesse Raccio

      The team is always there to dig in and help

      «I’m happy with MindK’s agility, which relates to their communication. If we need to pivot on something, they’re ready to go in a different direction, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to move that ship. The team is always there to dig in and help us out when we need to understand anything. Overall, they’re really supportive.»

    • Philip Yancey

      Philip Yancey

      Partner at Converze Media,

      Philip Yancey

      A reliable partner

      «I appreciate how MindK was able to build such a platform from conference calls, emails and basically a wish list of what our company wanted and needed automated to make Converze a more efficient and effective player in our space.»

      Prepare your business for the cloud migration

      Tell us about your infrastructure challenges and we'll help you fix them.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        • How long does it take to migrate to the cloud?

          You can have a simple app with a couple of services you can migrate in half a day. In case of massive systems, the cloud migration engineering services might take up to eighteen months. You can get a more detailed cloud migration timeline by talking to our experts.

        • How much does cloud migration cost?

          Cloud migration costs hinge on the project specifics. It’s important to perform an application assessment for cloud migration to accurately estimate the project duration. You can then multiply it by the specialist’s rates with the average cloud engineer in the US earning $79 per hour, according to Glassdoor.


        • How do you handle cloud migration security?

          Our cloud engineers always follow the best security practices of cloud service providers. Depending on the client’s needs, we can use private networks, VPN IPsec tunnels, separate sub-accounts for environments, Single Sign-On (SSO), relevant security groups, and Security as Code tools like Snyk and SonarQube.

        • What are the types of migration in cloud computing?

          There are five approaches to cloud migration (also called “5Rs”): 

          • Rehosting involves lifting the app to a cloud server without any changes. 
          • Refactoring optimizes the software for the cloud before a legacy to cloud migration. 
          • Revising means tweaking the application architecture to fully benefit from the cloud. 
          • Rebuilding involves rewriting the app’s code to build upon the Revise approach. 
          • Replacing discards the company’s app to use pre-built software from a third-party vendor.
        • Which is a good company for cloud migration?

          As one of the top cloud migration service providers, MindK has over 170 success stories. Since 2009, we’ve seen all sorts of projects – tiny apps and massive enterprise systems; monoliths and microservices; cutting-edge tech stacks and PHP backends. Over time, most of our clients choose to adopt DevOps best practices and migrate to a service-oriented architecture. Helping them gave us deep expertise in AWS, Azure, and GCP on premise to cloud migration. 

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