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Cross-Platform App
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Building top-quality mobile apps since 2009. Hire a leading cross-platform developer to release an app that attracts, engages, and retains users.

Cross-platform development with
React Native

We use the most advanced frameworks on the market with in-house solutions to deliver amazing cross-platform apps.

Accelerate time-to-market

Leveraging the power of React Native development services, we create a single codebase for all platforms. On top of speeding up delivery, our team uses a refined Agile process that allows us to build apps in a more efficient way. Thus, you can predict the results in a volatile market.

Save costs

Tapping into the cross-platform approach reduces development costs by 30%-50% compared to native apps. We use customizable UI elements and ready-made components. This Product Development Framework (PDF) from MindK yields an extra 20% of cost savings.

Exceed user expectations

React Native renders components as native platform widgets, resulting in high performance and a truly native look and feel. Our testing process includes performance tuning to ensure your app is fast and responsive.

Focus on your core business

We take all the technical worries off your shoulders. We understand the business goals and work as an extension of client teams rather than a typical software development provider.

Want to know how much it costs to develop your React Native app? Tell us about your project to get an estimate.

Our cross-platform app development services

Our team handles the complete development of a React Native application from UI/UX to maintenance. So, there’s no need to coordinate separate teams for building, testing and maintaining your project.

Customer success stories

MindK has delivered more than 170 mobile and web projects. Here are some of them.

  • Music creation engine for Grammy-awarded producers


    React Native app, USA

    MindK has built a Tinder-like app that makes it super-easy to find beats and sounds for your music. React Native allowed us to create a fast and 100% native UI for iOS and Android. The Melody app was downloaded more than 10,000 times. Thousands of DJs, musicians, and video producers use it daily to sell and buy music samples for their works.

  • Hugo-nominated video game with 521,000 users


    React Native app, USA

    The Game Band created a fantasy baseball league with incredibly complex and obscure mechanics. We helped to bring the hit game to iOS and Android with React Native app development services. The mobile game acquired a cult following of 521 thousand users and helped our client gain $3M in funding.

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    Our tech stack

    Our React Native app development company uses the latest best practices and technologies to build awesome apps.
    • Redux Redux
    • React Native In-App Purchases React Native In-App Purchases
    • Firebase notifications Firebase notifications
    • Firebase Analytics Firebase Analytics
    • CodePush CodePush
    • CircleCI CircleCI
    • Victory-Native Victory-Native
    • NativeBase NativeBase
    • WebView WebView
    • Detox Detox
    • NestJS NestJS
    • Express Express
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • MySQL MySQL
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • ArangoDB ArangoDB
    • Redis Redis
    • Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure

    How it works

    Here's a brief overview of the process we use as a cross-platform mobile app development company.


    Our team engages with you to understand the vision, goals, and problems to solve. This isn't just about the app. It's about how the app fits into the larger business ecosystem. We sketch out a strategy that aligns with your objectives, focusing on user needs and market demands.


    Designers craft intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces, prioritizing seamless UX. This phase is collaborative and iterative. We refine the design based on your feedback and user testing. At the same time, we lay out the technical blueprint, select the right technologies, data structures, and APIs. This ensures your app is scalable, maintainable, and secure.

    Development and testing

    We break the project into manageable sprints. Each one ends with a tangible deliverable. Our developers, testers, and project managers work in concert to deliver polished features. QA engineers test across multiple devices and platforms, hunting for bugs and assessing usability.

    Improvement & support

    MindK guides you through the launch process, managing submissions to app stores. We stand by you, gathering user feedback, monitoring performance, and making iterative improvements. Technology evolves, and so will your app.

    Complimentary services

    Hire our cross-platform developers or explore a variety of our services for your company.

    Our team will happily dive deep into your project and help choose the best strategy to suit the specifics of your business.

    Why MindK

    Opt for building cross-platform apps with MindK if you strive for the most value in the least amount of time.

    80+ engineers

    We hire the top 4% cross-platform developers, QA testers, DevOps engineers, UI/UX designers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts.


    14 years of experience

    Since 2009, MindK specializes in high-performance apps for business, professionals, and the public.


    170+ happy customers

    We serve startups, SMEs, and enterprises from the US and Europe with an average review rating of 4.9 stars.


    5 years of partnership on average

    MindK strives to build long-lasting relationships with each of our clients.



    • Jesse Raccio

      Jesse Raccio

      CTO, The Game Band

      Jesse Raccio

      The team is always there to dig in and help

      «I’m happy with MindK’s agility, which relates to their communication. If we need to pivot on something, they’re ready to go in a different direction, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to move that ship. The team is always there to dig in and help us out when we need to understand anything. Overall, they’re really supportive.»

    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Jordan Crone

      Jordan Crone

      Chief Experience Officer, Melody

      Jordan Crone

      communication flow

      «Our project has been going smoother than I could have imagined... It's the first time I've worked with a dev team a distance away that didn't have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication. I wish we could snatch them and make them a part of our team.»

    • Alexander Radchenko

      CEO, Radenia AG,

      Transparency and focus
      on business value

      «I've been working with multiple IT services providers for more than two decades and what sets MindK team apart is transparency, focus on business value and quality of the services provided.»

    • Emilie Bang

      Emilie Bang

      Juvo, Norway

      Emilie Bang

      Emilie Bang

      «It is always great to work with MindK and I enjoy working with all the people here… If you are thinking about hiring a development team — hire MindK.»

      Build a React Native app
      with MindK

      Let us know about your technology challenges and we'll
      help you resolve them.


      • What is cross-platform app development?

        Cross-platform mobile app development services let us craft an app for both Android and iOS users from the same codebase. Imagine speaking two languages fluently, with the effort of learning just one.

      • Is cross-platform development worth it?

        This hinges on your requirements. If cost and time-to-market are critical, cross-platform app development is a great choice. If you aim for exceptional performance, native feel, and complex features – it’s usually better to go for native apps.

      • Why choose React Native for my app development?

        React Native is like a Swiss Army knife for app development — versatile and efficient. It speeds up the development process, slices down costs, and ensures your app feels right at home on any device.

      • What’s the typical cost and timeline for a cross-platform project?

        Timing varies with your app’s complexity. Generally, brace for a few months from the first sketch to launch. The cost will also vary from $50,000 to $300,000 and more.

      • How do you ensure the app performs well on both Android and iOS?

        Through a cocktail of rigorous testing on a fleet of devices and a keen eye on performance metrics, we tailor your app to perform like an Olympic athlete—stellar performance, no matter the platform.

      • What is your approach to app security?

        We follow the AWS well-architected framework to ensure app security and compliance. Encryption, secure coding practices, and regular security audits are just part of our arsenal.

      • How do you handle updates and maintenance post-launch?

        MindK is ready to tune up anything that needs attention. We ensure your app stays in peak condition with regular updates and maintenance. Our offshore cross-platform app making service also equips your app with analytics to provide a clear view of how users are engaging and help you thrive.

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