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Ensuring Your Product’s Success

Testing and quality assurance services are an integral part of our software development process. Оur quality assurance team guard your project goals at every step of development flow. They find and prevent all the possible development issues, constantly improving the functionality of the end product and ensuring a perfect customer experience.
We provide both web and mobile testing services. As experts and advisors, our quality assurance specialists will guide you so that you are proud of the product you’ve built with MindK.

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We perform an in-depth analysis of your product, requirements, and specification, and come up with a set of appropriate tools and software testing methodologies to help broaden your perspective and get a finely-honed solution.

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Test automation does the best job of checking regularly repeated tasks. Manual testing gives the best feeling of the product usability. By using both types of testing, our QA team finds the most cost-effective approach for each project.

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MindK quality assurance team has widely adopted iterative testing. It helps to avoid late detection of problems and make timely improvements, before more complex dependencies build up.

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We encourage our team of software testers to dive into professional growth and stay up to date with the latest tools and QA test methodologies. After putting their advanced knowledge into practice, you gain higher levels of product quality.

Elements of Effective Application Testing

Requirements Testing
Requirements Testing

From the very beginning of your project, we analyse requirements from technical and business perspectives, ensure they are aligned with the project goal, and check if anything needs clarification and offer improvements if necessary.

UI Testing
UI Testing

UI testing ensures that all the buttons, menu options and user interface elements look and work correctly. We evaluate design implementation and user experience and advise how to polish the user’s journey.

Functionality Testing
Functionality Testing

Functionality testing checks if the application features work as expected. We examine whether they follows the requirements and supports the logic of the main business processes.

Automation Testing
Automation Testing

This approach works best for large projects. Automated tests can save up to 20% of testing time as they cover repeating tasks.

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Regression Testing
Regression Testing

Our QA team runs regression tests to ensure that any recent changes or new features do not affect the existing product quality or break your APIs. The tests can be automated to increase test coverage and lower costs.

QA Analysis
QA Analysis

We provide QA analysis as one of our testing services. By investigating the methodologies, tools, and operations in your product QA process, we create a report and an action plan on advancing your testing approach and making it more cost-effective.

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