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Ensuring Your Application is Best in Quality

Delivering Functionality that Brings Value

Do you want to be sure that your customers will enjoy using your product? Of course you do. Finding all the potential usability and functional issues may be a tough and time-consuming task. Luckily, each and every product MindK delivers is thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance engineers. It allows our clients to get polished solutions with almost zero effort from them.
We don’t let any bug survive by writing unit tests, following continuous integration principles,
making code reviews and providing manual and automated testing. With Agile in our hearts, we are ready to face any business changes.

Get More from Our QA Services

Employ the
optimal strategy

Regarding the specification and intricacy of the application, the requirements and inputs received from clients, we suggest a different set of QA tools for a particular application to deliver a finely honed tech solution.

Refine your
product quickly

MindK QA team has widely adopted iterative testing. It helps to avoid late detection of architecture problems which results in fewer hours required for project implementation and provides timely solution of application problems.

Prevent bugs
in a proven way

Test automation does the best job of checking constantly repeating tasks. Manual testing gives the best feeling of the product and its user experience. By using both testing strategies, our outsourcing company provides all-in one solutions to creating a fully-fledged application.

Work with our
all-star team

We encourage our QA engineers to dive into professional growth and stay up to date with the latest technologies and testing approaches, so that after putting received knowledge into practice, you’ve gained higher levels of product quality.

Manual Testing

We all hate to see applications fail in the areas that are actually really easy to fix. Manual testing is a key to find usability issues. QA engineer acts as end user and verifies all features of the application work correctly and according to the requirement specification document. This method is essential to acquiring more users and becoming a competitor to be reckoned with.

Requirements Testing

From the very beginning of your project we analyse requirements and technical documents from clients perspective and recommend how to improve a solution architecture through change requests.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing helps to find out the system response time, as well as how it works under an increased or maximum load. It also may be used for determining the scalability, reliability and resource consumption of the system.

Usability Testing

We ensure that all the buttons, menu options and functional elements of the app interface work correctly. We give recommendations on how to make the software more eye-­catching and user friendly increasing the odds that your product will be compelling and enjoyable for end-users.

Compatibility Testing

We test your app on various operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions to avoid all potential errors that may cripple software on different devices.

Security Testing

In this way we identify security issues and vulnerabilities, ensure the security of important data in case of cyber attacks.

Beta Testing

As your offshore partner, we help to keep the project growing after its release. So, our development team provides User Acceptance Testing and support to get rid of bugs based on actual user experience.

Test Automation

Numerous repetitions of similar test cases are labour-consuming to fulfill manually. Automated tests may be written once and run fast and frequently after. Thus, this approach appears to be cost-effective for projects with a long maintenance life. We use each of these tools and technologies to increase coverage of software testing and ensure that your product fits nicely with your requirements and user expectations.


Selenium WebDriver is invaluable for web applications quality assurance. It enables testing web interfaces that need to be checked on a variety of popular browsers and operating systems. TestNG is useful in covering all categories of tests: unit, functional, E2E and more. Both tools make the testing process more reliable.


Apache Jmeter is the number one tool for performing load testing. It may be done to define how a system behaves under both regular and expected maximum load conditions. In this way our QA team finds out the peak operating capacity and any bottlenecks of an application.


Behat is a framework that helps to carry out test automation in accordance with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) concept. Its peculiarity lies in permitting QA engineers to write legible automated tests for applications developed by PHP programmers.


Maven provides a uniform build system, which allows us to save immense amounts of time when trying to create and launch automated tests within a project. All in all, Apache Maven gives us an opportunity to automate the testing process maximally.

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