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Peco InspX is a global manufacturer and a leading provider of inspection systems for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The company uses sophisticated tech to ensure flawless quality of consumer goods.

The challenge

For Peco Inspx clients, the high upfront costs of purchasing industrial equipment can make recouping the investment seem to be far-off. And that makes it a tough sell. So the founders of PecoInspx had an idea to develop a website that makes it easier for their clients to understand purchase options and the value behind it.

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The solution

Together with the client, we built a custom promotional website that literally shows how the equipment works, explains the benefits of their products, and serves as the entry point to a more personalized selling funnel.

Now Peco Inspx have their own platform for communicating information about equipment with a wider audience of potential customers.

browser for peco

A picture's worth

a thousand words

As soon as a user lands on the website, the animations showcase the usage of Peco InspX systems, so that users start realizing the value behind it immediately.

With a clean and intuitive design coupled with well-structured content, the technical descriptions don't overwhelm users. The website engages users with animations and discreetly leads them to contact forms.

all products page in laptop product popup

Making equipment choice easy

The website reduces the time involved in researching, finding and purchasing inspection systems, placing easy access to Peco Inspx products directly into the hands of consumers.

Through iterations and testing, the product catalog has been made clearer and, provides continuous context and cues — with all the options available at once. The catalog has been enhanced by providing a fixed in-page navigation which summarises the different high levels and allows a seamless browsing experience.

The information is broken down into easily understood levels, so it allows a smooth scan and does not overwhelm — on any device.

Key tech specs at
a glance

The technical data often looks indigestible for the majority of readers. Thus, we made Product Detail pages clean and straightforward: with key stats, tech specifications and features. overview page features page tech specs page

The website communicates Peco Inspx complex solutions to prospective customers in a concise and effective manner, providing content in a clear, understandable order to naturally guide users to what they are looking for.

All in all, we presented the following deliverables:

  • 150+ easy to understand product pages with a clear narrative
  • Multi-language functionality allowing access to website content in English, French and Spanish
  • In-builtd live chat to streamline communication with potential customers
  • Customized contact forms to differentiate sales funnels and find out what matters about a prospect
  • Migration from Joomla to Wordpress for simpler maintenance and an ability to control website content on the go.

More ways to grow
the audience

We supported this aspect of the business by creating pages and contact forms for product details requests, special downloads for new contacts and sales enablement materials. product manuals page

Today the website allows to

  • Effectively communicate Peco Inspx value proposition
  • Showcase the information on Peco Inspx complex solutions in a digestible and engaging manner
  • Move potential customers through the sales funnel with a set of new marketing tools
  • Help customers make an informed buying decision
  • Sustain the brand with a consistent look and feel strategy to the digital experience and usability

Tech stack

  • services icon Wordpress as a core CMS
  • services icon PHP for back-end development
  • services icon jQuery for the front-end part
  • services icon UIkit for fast web interface
  • services icon MySQL as a database
  • services icon Jenkins for CI/CD

Value delivered

Through an intuitive UX and sleek design, we enabled Peco Inspx to communicate effectively with their audience and concisely explain what their equipment does and how they help. More importantly, we allowed them to do it on their first visit to the website. Overall, it has boosted the company’s marketing efforts and shortened the way from a lead to a prospect.


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