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We provide full-lifecycle product development services: from shaping the idea to delivering the product and training your team to use it.

Product Discovery

Before talking technology, we first map out user needs and business goals. Product discovery helps businesses to shape the solution, get all the project stakeholders on the same page, and prepare the product roadmap for development.

UI/UX Design

We create interactive prototypes for getting early feedback, design visually appealing user interfaces and implement a number of UX techniques to solve user problems better. It all makes up a delightful brand experience for your customers.

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Web Development

We’ve already delivered more than a hundred of web projects, which makes us an expert team able to solve potential issues before they even appear. We provide full-stack web development, covering backend, frontend and integrations with various software tools and APIs.

Mobile App Development

We create flawless native and cross-platform apps to bring product idea to client fingertips. We also take care of back-end panel development and integrations.


DevOps is an essential part of every project built at MindK. The DevOps team takes care of the entire software development cycle by choosing a proper infrastructure, then automating and monitoring the development process.

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Quality Assurance

Our QA team run various tests depending on the project specifics and ensures that the developed functionality meets business requirements, the code is bug-free and the app will be enjoyed by its users.


If you need help with advertising, building or redesigning your website, we may be able to help.

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We have all the expertise required to build a software product from scratch, but you can also acquire standalone services based on your current project needs.