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Launch 10x Faster with
AI Driven Software

Build MVP faster and cheaper with AI-powered software development. We combine our proprietary AI framework with careful design and rigorous code review by experienced Solution Architects.



Our AI framework isn't a silver bullet. However, it provides up to 90% cost savings in specific use cases:

Startup founders

who need to validate product-market fit with MVP


Product companies

who need to build isolated proofs of concept


Legacy solutions

in need of refactoring


Product teams

that need to create automated tests


Building Uber for X

The old way $500K

A Scrum team consisting of a Project Manager, 2 Full-Stack Engineers, QA Engineer, DevOps expert, UI/UX Designer, Business Analyst/Product Manager

The new way $50K

A Solution Architect in tandem with AI code generation framework. One-man team with no overhead and fast feature turnaround time

Case Studies

Explore our top success stories with AI-assisted software development.

  • Background for

    Saving a client $178,000 and three months of development time

    Service Call app (USA)

    Electricians and plumbers could do a quarter of the work using video calls if they had a way to charge for these calls. We created an app for that. It’s the only solution on the market that combines the Daily.co SDK for WebRTC video with Stripe payments, and Twilio SMS authentication. The app was developed by one Solution Architect, as opposed to a standard team of 5 people.


    • Solved the challenges of unique authentication and payment mechanisms, database structure & connections, as well as complex iterative user flows.
    • $178,000 saved using AI-driven development.
    • Over 90% of the work done by our LLM framework.
    • 75% increase in development velocity without sacrificing the quality.
  • Background for

    Providing 10x more booking options than competitors

    Salon Tonight (USA)

    American spas and beauty salons are scattered over dozens of booking platforms. MindK used our AI-assisted coding to create a booking app with 10x more options than competitors. It uses a variety of methods to collect up-to-date availability information from more than a dozen sources. The system uses parallel request processing with Asynch IO library and Redis event broker to improve performance.


    • 81% savings using our AI-driven development framework.
    • Scrapers that function as separate processes to provide up-to-date info.
    • 29,000+ spas and beauty salons in a single platform.
    • 1000x performance improvement with Redis and Asynch IO library.
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    Over the past 6 months, MindK developed an approach that unlocks the full potential of AI in building complex products.


    Iterative development with rapid feedback loop.


    Product owner, software engineer, and project manager is one person. They own communication with a client and the full development cycle.


    We combine AI output with code review and close oversight from an expert engineer. Tech leads have the final word.


    Solution architect defines schemas, front-end and backend architecture, as well as cloud infrastructure.

    Code generation

    The engineer uses the proprietary AI framework to generate code for isolated functional modules.


    Solution architect puts the generated modules together into the intended architecture, just like Lego blocks.

    Code review

    MindK engineer reviews code and tests the solution to ensure code quality, security, and consistent performance.


    We deploy the solution using one of the cloud frameworks built by MindK in-house. Fast and secure.

    Support & maintenance

    MindK supports your solution for as long as necessary. We collect feedback, develop new features, and fix any issues promptly. You can also transfer the project to another company, avoiding the vendor lock-in.


    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Alexander Radchenko

      CEO, Radenia AG,

      Transparency and focus
      on business value

      «I've been working with multiple IT services providers for more than two decades and what sets MindK team apart is transparency, focus on business value and quality of the services provided.»

    • Jesse Raccio

      Jesse Raccio

      CTO, The Game Band

      Jesse Raccio

      The team is always there to dig in and help

      «I’m happy with MindK’s agility, which relates to their communication. If we need to pivot on something, they’re ready to go in a different direction, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to move that ship. The team is always there to dig in and help us out when we need to understand anything. Overall, they’re really supportive.»

    • Philip Yancey

      Philip Yancey

      Partner at Converze Media,

      Philip Yancey

      A reliable partner

      «I appreciate how MindK was able to build such a platform from conference calls, emails and basically a wish list of what our company wanted and needed automated to make Converze a more efficient and effective player in our space.»

    • Al Hariri

      Al Hariri

      Co-Founder, Vitagene

      Al Hariri

      Results-oriented and

      «I can tell you confidently that they are different from your regular agency that just wants to charge as much money for their work as they can get away with. MindK is completely results-oriented and outcome-driven.»

      Why MindK AI development framework

      Saves up to 90%

      AI-driven product development leads to considerable cost savings and faster time-to-market.



      Our AI framework can generate code using any programming language or approach.



      All projects go through rigorous code review and supervision of experienced Solution Architects.



      Our in-house infrastructure solutions and secure code practices maintain compliance and protect data.


      Our industry expertise

      With 14+ years of experience, our Solution Architects understand industry-specific requirements and regulations like HIPAA & NIST, PCI-DSS, GLBA, CCPA, and GDPR.


      Let's work together

      Speed up your time to market with AI-driven software development at MindK.


      • Who owns the code developed using AI-driven development at MindK?

        You are the sole owner of the code and all artifacts produced during the project. Your IP rights are protected with a written contract and NDA.

      • What factors affect the total cost savings?

        The cost structure is simple:

        Project cost = Solution Architect’s rate * time spent on the project.

        As such, technical complexity, the number of features, and custom design are among factors that can affect the costs of AI-assisted coding. Complex business logic, database connections, and integrations reduce potential cost savings. Another vital factor is the approach to maintainability you choose:

        1) “Disposable” proof of concept can save up to 90% of your budget. Such a bare-bones app is meant to validate your business or technical ideas. The app won’t see future upgrades, allowing the AI to handle more tasks without human intervention.

        2) Fully-featured MVP provides 2-3x lesser savings than the previous approach. However, you get a high-quality product designed for future upgrades and maintenance.   


      • Are there any hidden fees or additional costs related to AI-assisted coding?

        It can have unexpected costs in the form of API fees, data preparation, UI customization, compliance, maintenance, and updates.

      • How do you ensure data privacy and security for sensitive information?

        We follow cybersecurity best practices with AI-powered development. Additional measures are possible to comply with industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA

        Encryption for data in transit and at rest to protect sensitive information.

        Access control measures to limit who can access sensitive data.

        Anonymization or pseudonymization of data to prevent the identification of individuals.

        Compliance with relevant data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

        Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks.

        Secure development practices and frameworks to minimize vulnerabilities.

      • How well does AI handle the transition from MVP to a full-scale product?

        There are two approaches to AI-driven development that determine the project’s future.

        Disposable Proof of Concept (PoC) isn’t meant to become a fully functional product. The goal is to validate your ideas with minimal investments. Therefore, we use as much AI-generated code as possible. Solution Architect puts time to market above code quality. If your PoC succeeds, the team incorporates its lessons into a new, much better product. If it fails, you lose almost nothing.

        Fully functional MVP is the opposite of this approach. From the very start, the team pays great attention to scalability and upgradability. AI might need more iterations to generate production-ready features. Moreover, the Solution Architect is very demanding of code quality. That’s why this approach is more expensive. However, it results in a high-quality product that’s easier to upgrade with new features.

      • What are the current limitations of AI-driven development? How do you address them?

        AI-assisted coding excels at quick proofs of concepts, MVPs, and isolated modules in existing products. It’s an excellent choice for automated testing and refactoring. 

        However, current-gen AI capabilities aren’t enough to replace developers in ongoing projects of great complexity. MindK team identified the following limitations that can only be compensated by experienced software engineers that oversee the project:

        1) Complex, iterative user flows. AI can lose an understanding that it’s developing one long user flow instead of many isolated steps. For example, we had a mobile feature that allowed technicians to create service calls easily. Customers can join those calls by sharing credit card details. This authorization creates a deposit of funds. However, customers should only be charged when their problem is fully resolved. This might take multiple calls with different technicians. The AI had trouble understanding that each call is an iteration in the flow that includes variations and differences from previous iterations. 

        2) Ambiguous requirements. Solution Architects need to provide extremely detailed prompts to achieve the desired results. Imagine AI as the fastest runner in the world that’s totally blind. It’s your job to guide it through a winding path in a swampy land. This is outright impossible if you’ve never walked the path yourself as a software engineer.

        3) Database structure and connections. AI has trouble handling one-to-many and many-to-many connections and uniqueness. The chat interface makes it challenging to work with schema (text presentation of database relations).

        4) Unique integrations. APIs frequently change endpoints, parameters, and response formats, which can confuse AI models trained on static datasets. Even cutting-edge agents will have trouble with poorly documented APIs. Successful integration requires human oversight for detailing the business logic, multistep authentication, effective error handling, dependency management, and security. 

        You can address these challenges by increasing the role of human engineers and/or starting your project with a discovery phase.

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