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DevOps Managed Services

Implement the best DevOps practices at scale. Let our experts manage your infrastructure, processes, and pipelines while you focus on the product features.

14 years of DevOps expertise

Since 2009, MindK has been working with CI/CD pipelines, K8s, monitoring, logging, and custom Terraform & Terragrunt frameworks.

Lower development costs

Save 15-30% of your indirect project costs. Our DevOps automation makes it easy to spin up new environments, test, and deploy updates.

Instant access to DevOps expertise

Get an expert DevOps consultation within 24 hours. Scale your team up or down in less than two weeks.

Fast delivery without sacrificing quality

Enjoy Infrastructure as Code and automated CI/CD. We'll shift your testing left, introduce the best code review and monitoring practices to reduce defects.

Automated compliance and security

Embed security, compliance checks, and auditing into your SDLC. We simplify HIPAA/GDPR/PCI-DSS compliance.

Managed DevOps services we provide

IT infrastructure managed services

Reduce the effort spent on infrastructure provisioning and configuration. We use Terraform and Terragrunt to create logical and predictable infrastructure with any cloud provider.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Configuration management
Backup and recovery
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Kubernetes services

Enjoy unlimited auto-scaling and easy container orchestration. With a bespoke Terraform framework, we can easily adapt infrastructure code to specific requirements of a client.

Deployment & support of massive K8s clusters
Serverless auto-scaling with AWS Lambda
Standardized Terraform project structure
Best-in-class service mesh solutions
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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Ensure high reliability for your rapid software updates. Our SRE engineers apply automation, predictive monitoring, and alerting. We make your backups cost-effective and industry-compliant.

Backups that match regulatory and business requirements
24/7 system health monitoring and alerting
Observability of metrics, logs, and traces
Emergency incident response
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Cloud migration and cost optimization

Enjoy all benefits of the cloud – high scalability, low development costs, and faster innovation. We’ll help you migrate to the cloud and cut your OPEX. Our DevOps engineers will optimize your resources and implement advanced techniques like Spot Instances and K8s autoscaling.

Legacy application migration
Cloud-to-cloud migration
Vendor lock removal
AWS, Azure, and GCP expertise
Cloud costs audit
Re-architecting & refactoring
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Software build automation

Deploy with a press of a button without sacrificing the quality. Our engineers create reliable and fully automated CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy code as often as you need.

Blue/green deployments
Canary deployments
GitOps implementation
Automated Unit, Regression, Security, & API testing
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GitLab migration

Take care of your compliance and auditing needs. Our engineers deploy on-premises GitLab instances with dynamic runners on Spot Instances using an in-house Terraform framework.

Easier compliance and audit trails
Decreased business risk
Self-hosted runners for better cost-effectiveness
Leading DevSecOps solutions
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Success stories

Since 2009, MindK has successfully completed over 170 projects for European and American clients.

  • Background for

    Creating a modular Terraform framework for 450+ AWS resources

    AI-powered healthcare SaaS app (USA)

    We refactored an AI solution for 200+ occupational health services, turning it into a SaaS platform. During the project, DevOps team created a Terraform framework with a modular structure andmulti-state Terragrunt deployments. This made it easy to reuse infrastructure modules across healthcare projects.


    • Improving AWS Security Hub score by 50%. Implementing the best practices in hardware MFA, security groups, and S3 storage.
    • Unlimited serverless autoscaling. Running load testing to eliminate scaling & performance bottlenecks.
    • Bitbucket CVS and CI/CD pipelines. Integrating Datadog monitoring and alerting for critical metrics.
    • Minimal time to add typical infrastructure elements and standardized DevOps processes due to the modular Terraform framework.
  • Background for

    Enhancing a multi-tenant SaaS with K8s & AWS autoscaling

    SaaS eLearning platform (Norway)

    AlreadyOn builds custom education solutions for Norwegian organizations. To cut onboarding costs and improve scalability, we migrated the app to K8s clusters with dynamically connected Spot Instances. The client got reliable Bitbucket Pipelines, Terragrunt IaC, and custom Helm Charts.


    • 10x lower costs to onboard new customers with a microservice architecture.
    • $2,000 saved a month with Spot Instances and Saving Plans.
    • Auto-scaling regardless of tech limitations & number of customers.
  • Background for

    Saving $14,000+ a month on cloud costs

    Reputation management SaaS platform (USA)

    The client had a legacy application with 50+ on-demand instances. Our initial audit revealed huge cloud waste, inefficient infrastructure, and delivery. To fix these issues, we migrated to microservices, implemented GitHub Actions CI/CD, and Kubernetes HPA with AWS autoscaling groups.


    • $14,000 saved a month on operating costs.
    • Higher predictability, security, and speed of releases.
    • Better uptime, availability, and scalability with microservices.
    • Higher quality with a more predictable and accessible release process.
  • Background for

    Cutting infrastructure setup from 4 days to 5 minutes


    AI-powered IoT analytics

    AISEMO supplies IoT sensors and AI analytics for the injection molding industry. Setting up an infrastructure for a single customer took AISEMO 4 days of manual, error-prone work. MindK automated the creation, maintenance, and updating of cloud infrastructure. 


    • 5 minutes to set up all infrastructure processes with a Command Line Interface.
    • Lower costs with a centralized ECS cluster that manages Lambda functions.
    • Serverless framework introduced with Terragrunt as Terraform wrapper.
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    Choose your service option

    Our Managed DevOps process

    Here's what you can expect from working with MindK – from the intro call to long-term maintenance and project handover to your in-house team.

    Intro consultation

    Sign an NDA and discuss your challenges with our DevOps expert in 2 days after your request. This is a perfect opportunity to understand whether MindK has the right expertise to address your specific needs.

    Discovery and assessment

    Our specialists will analyze your current DevOps practices, workflows, and infrastructure. In less than 14 days, you'll get a custom roadmap for fixing your DevOps challenges.

    Project kickoff

    Review our tailor-made service proposal. Starting with a kickoff meeting, our specialists dive deep into your team culture, set up the necessary processes, pipelines, and automation tools.

    Implementation and deployment

    We implement the agreed-upon DevOps practices, automation frameworks, CI/CD pipelines, automation tools, backups, and monitoring.

    Maintenance and continuous improvement

    Use our DevOps infrastructure management services for as long as you need. Our engineers will keep introducing best practices, documenting, and mentoring your in-house specialists for a smooth project handover.

    Our tech stack

    Need AWS, Azure, or GCP expertise? Each DevOps expert at MindK has worked on dozens of projects with with serverless, K8s, and on-premises deployment.
    • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Helm Helm
    • Ansible Ansible
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Istio Istio
    • Terragrunt Terragrunt
    • ArgoCD ArgoCD
    • Docker Docker
    • Vagrant Vagrant
    • SonarQube SonarQube
    • Prometheus Prometheus
    • Grafana Grafana
    • Loki Loki
    • Zabbix Zabbix
    • Datadog Datadog
    • ELK Stack
    • GitLab GitLab
    • GitHub GitHub
    • Bitbucket Bitbucket
    • Jenkins Jenkins
    • CircleCI CircleCI


    DevOps as a managed service allows you to select the most relevant deliverables for your company.

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    CI/CD automation scripts

    Cloud environments setup


    Metrics and reporting

    On-premise GitLab deployments

    Tech documentation

    DevOps team mentoring

    Support & maintenance

    Our industry expertise

    Hire DevOps engineers that are well-familiar with industry-specific compliance, auditing, and security requirements.

    Why MindK

    Engineering excellence

    MindK selects 4 out of 100 Middle+ engineers based on soft & hard skills. We keep honing these skills on dozens of projects.


    Proven solutions

    We've developed a range of custom solutions and frameworks for standardized infrastructure and software deployment.


    9/10 clients recommend us

    Most clients view MindK as a reliable long-term partner. They continue to work with us for 5 years on average.


    Enterprise expertise

    Our engineers have practical experience with massive K8s clusters, IaC, and GitOps implementation on large projects.



    • Riccardo Pessina

      Riccardo Pessina

      Head of Operations, Bitrock Srl

      Riccardo Pessina

      MindK is one of the best in terms of quality

      «We collaborate with various partners but MindK is one of the best in terms of quality of profile proposed and time to market. MindK has provided top-notch and highly-skilled resources.»

    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

    • Yokoy


      Talent Acquisition Expert, Yokoy


      The workflow was very effective

      «The cloud migration project could be accelerated and we were able to focus on other topics within DevOps and Cloud. The workflow was very effective, the communication went very well and all deadlines were met. There were no issues whatsoever at any time. Their pace, level of service, and quality aren't always easy to find amongst vendors.»

    • Alexander Radchenko

      CEO, Radenia AG,

      Transparency and focus
      on business value

      «I've been working with multiple IT services providers for more than two decades and what sets MindK team apart is transparency, focus on business value and quality of the services provided.»

      Get started with our DevOps managed services

      Tell us about your infrastructure and delivery challenges.
      Get an NDA and a free consultation within 24 hours.

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        • What is a DevOps managed service?

          DevOps managed service from MindK is a comprehensive approach to supporting and optimizing your software delivery. It covers DevOps best practices like:

          • Infrastructure automation;
          • Cloud cost optimization;
          • Container orchestration;
          • Continuous Integration and Deployment; 
          • Test Automation; and 
          • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).
        • What benefits can I expect from your managed DevOps services

          Managed DevOps enhances collaboration and accelerates software delivery. You can expect tangible results in product quality, security, and scalability, which results in better business outcomes. MindK clients save on average 15-30% of project costs with faster team velocity.

        • How do you ensure the security of our systems?

          Security is a top priority at MindK. We incorporate the best DevSecOps practices in every step of software delivery:

          • Secure DevOps planning. Our team assesses potential risks, identifies vulnerabilities, and adds security controls from the outset.
          • Automated compliance checks integrated with your CI/CD pipelines. 
          • A proactive approach to security with regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.
          • Robust access controls limit access to critical systems and data.
          • Security and code analysis tools like SonarQube and Snyk 
          • 24/7 monitoring of system activity, anomaly detection, and real-time response to potential security incidents.
        • What are your long-term support options?

          We offer ongoing support as a part of our DevOps infrastructure management services. Our team remains available for assistance and troubleshooting to ensure the continued success of your DevOps practices.

        • How do you protect my confidentiality and IP rights?

          You can request a strict NDA before sharing a word about your project. Our reputation as a DevOps managed service provider depends on maintaining good relationships with the clients.

        • Do I need to change my existing tools and processes?

          Whenever possible, MindK works to improve your existing tools and processes. However, a more detailed audit might reveal some inefficiencies in your infrastructure or applications. In such a case, our team will propose an action plan for fixing the issues in a cost-effective way.

        • Can you train our teams on new processes and tools?

          MindK provides DevOps mentoring and team training sessions. We’ll upskill your engineers on the latest tools, processes, and best practices.

        • Will your services disrupt our current operations?

          Our managed DevOps services are designed to minimize disruptions. We collaborate closely with your teams to ensure a smooth transition.

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          DevOps expertise

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