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Bridge is a US-based company that provides a full cycle of services for opening remote R&D offices.

The challenge

There is a shortage of qualified engineers in major tech hubs across the US. At the same time, many companies would rather have their own engineering team instead of outsourcing to third-party contractors. Hiring in the United States has been increasingly hard in light of competition from larger tech firms and rising costs. Doing this abroad was complicated, because of obvious operational and logistical complexities. The Bridge founders came up with an idea of a digital product that would make the hiring process 100% transparent and allow companies control their spending and manage the office remotely.

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The solution

Confident that the abundance and quality of tech experts in other regions would sell themselves, Bridge knew that the success of their service hinged on the tech and design quality of the digital platform. In just 12 weeks, MindK succeeded at developing an integrated product that offers companies a fully digital office opening experience while automating back-end functionality on the recruitment side.

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From requisition to the final offer

After Bridge clients log into the system, they get access to a suite of tools to initiate the recruiting process and manage their talent pipeline.

Using an intuitive web interface, businesses can post job requisitions, choose the number of interview rounds and assign interviewers from their team. Bridge managers are immediately notified about new job requisitions and can start searching for suitable candidates.

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Taking care of seamless scheduling

Once a promising candidate is found, recruiters can schedule interviews with everyone involved in minutes, not days. The system detects free time slots across calendars and time zones.

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All progress is tracked within the app as interviewers rate candidates according to their tech expertise, soft skills, and culture fit. Based on the interview, the client can hire an applicant from inside the app or incite them with extra perks.

Better collaboration with in-app chat

Each requisition comes with a real-time chat room where clients can discuss applicants and job interviews with Bridge recruiters.

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We eliminated the need to search for specific messages or documents across an infinite number of communication tools. With a dedicated chat room, clients and recruiters can get timely updates, make interview decisions and discuss important issues in no time.

All the documents related to a particular position or candidate are safely stored in the same application and available to both clients and recruiters. Resumes, contracts, and other records are finally easy to find.

100% financial transparency

The app lists all upcoming invoices with up-to-date statuses and a full breakdown of all associated costs, leaving no place for misunderstanding.

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All in all, the system provides a full cycle of services needed to open and manage a remote office with no headache:

  • An online calculator that determines the average salary for a position in the target region and compares it to the Bay Area
  • A job requisition module allows clients to add the position requirements, set a desired level of salary and expertise
  • In-built mailing and email templates
  • Real-time notifications in the app UI to stay on top of the progress
  • Built in analytics to track the team growth and retention
  • Office management module with a chosen office information, interior pictures, map location, and detailed cost breakdown.
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Office and equipment management

The system allows the client to request a dream office search, and equipment purchase orders. Bridge will ensure every team member has what he needs.

Now users can

  • Start and control the entire hiring process from a single dashboard
  • Receive a full range of non-recruitment services for opening a remote R&D office, from legal support to payroll management
  • Take care of taxes, recruitment fees, and office payments in a couple of clicks
  • Manage team salaries, bonuses, organizational structure and team retention
  • Get real-time support from account managers and recruiters
  • Find and manage their dream office remotely.

Services provided

Tech stack

  • services icon React for front-end development
  • services icon Node.js for API development
    and integrations
  • services icon PostgreSQL as a database
  • services icon Docker for better DevOps infrastructure
  • services icon CodeceptJS as an automated testing framework
  • services icon Bitbucket Pipelines for continuous delivery

Value delivered

Opening a remote R&D office was an extremely risky process. Until now. The platform provides all services needed to hire a talented remote team and manage global operations. The Bridge team is confident that the solution can be scaled beyond the US market. Using the current solution as a springboard, they have partnered with several staffing agencies and raised funding for development of new features.


can be saved by US companies
in staffing costs

3 months

to build the system from the
ground up

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