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Business need

Reseat is a US startup that helps corporations build sustainable offices. It had an idea to develop the first circular marketplace for commercial furniture.


MindK built a powerful inventory management system for sustainable enterprises. The solution received multiple awards and contracts from Uber, Oracle, and Yelp.

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Reseat is an award-winning startup that reduces carbon footprint. It finds a new home for office furniture on a truly massive scale.

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The challenge

8,500,000 tons of office furniture end up in landfills each year. Most of this furniture could be refurbished or straight-up reused for many, many years. Reducing this waste and helping companies save money was a huge opportunity.

The solution

Our team designed and implemented three connected systems to breathe new life into office furniture. They include a public marketplace, an inventory management app, and a flexible project management tool.

Marketplace for pre-owned products

We built a public platform that connects sellers, dealers, and buyers looking for all sorts of office supplies. It features convenient search filters, a quick checkout, and flexible delivery options.

Users can order additional services for designing a new office space for an extra fee. They include refurbishment planning and project management.

Reseat ID for managing a circular office economy

Inventory management has always been a pain for large enterprises. To solve this problem, each item bought via the marketplace gets a unique ID. This makes it easy to resell the item later on.

Reseat ID for managing a circular office economy

Inventory management has always been a pain for large enterprises. To solve this problem, each item bought via the marketplace gets a unique ID. This makes it easy to resell the item later on.

The tool allows companies to plan the entire furniture lifecycle. They can upload orders, track specification logistics, and manage record-keeping across multiple offices. Customers know when their commercial lease ends, so they can save money and reduce waste.

Enterprise inventory management SaaS

Large companies get access to an inventory management dashboard for a monthly fee. Our tool automatically pulls all the info from the Reseat ID, allowing clients to sell or donate the furniture.

Enterprises can add their suppliers, consultants, and furniture dealers. The application lets all parties know when a company plans to move on from its old furniture. This makes it possible to plan operations that minimize waste and expenses.

Three-way marketplace for buyers, sellers, and dealers
Powerful file parser that adds all information about an item
Detailed furniture profiles and 3D visualizations generated automatically
In-app chat for discussing requisitions and furniture transfers
Subscription-based inventory management for enterprises
Flexible management for the company's suppliers and departments

Automated file parsing and data management

Dealers use SIF files to place orders with manufacturers. Data in such files have a lot of formats, making it difficult to parse the information. MindK built an automated system that parses files, transforms the data, and prepares it for future operations.

Users now can

Shop for pre-owned office furniture to save costs
Search by location, type, timeframe, quantity, color, material, and manufacturer
Order additional services to design and manage renovation projects
Upload requisitions with automated file parsing
Onboard suppliers, vendors, and consultants to manage requisitions
Plan the entire furniture lifecycle from one dashboard
Communicate with potential buyers, get status updates, and schedule deliveries
Earn money by reselling furniture when it's no longer needed

Services provided

Custom web development

UI/UX design

QA and Test Automation


Project Management

Business Analysis

Tech stack

  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • Nest.js Nest.js
  • React React
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • SheetJS SheetJS
  • model-viewer model-viewer

Business value

Our solution reduces waste and solves inventory management concerns. This unique idea won 6 awards from NeoCon and Metropolis. It also became one of Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies. Reseat has already got contracts from enterprises like Uber, Oracle, Square, and Yelp. Over time, the app will reduce our carbon footprint and pave the way for a more sustainable future.
Tons of office furniture saved from landfills
Awards In innovation and sustainability categories
Enterprises became customers within the first year


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