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CEMAsys.com AS is a leading CSR (corporate social responsibility) consulting company, which provides energy and carbon management services for the Nordic region.


CEMAsys.com approached us with the challenge of building a SaaS web platform, that helps companies manage and report all the sustainability and environmental information.

We had to create a neat, organized experience that was simple to use and compelling to an incredibly diverse user-base.

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The platform is used by top Norwegian and Global companies

The Solution

To present the wide variety of functions that this umbrella holds in one place, we designed CEMAsys platform modular.


The modular approach enables companies to start with one function and then incrementally add new ones when their needs develop.


New function sets added to the system can be integrated with existing modules and work smoothly together.

Up and running

Today the system contains Carbon Footprint, CSR & Environment, HSE & Deviation and Supply Chain modules.
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Radically simplified data entry
#1 Radically simplified data entry

There are so many conversion and emission factors differentiated by activity, type, or fuels, that it’s easy to confuse and overwhelm users. To simplify the data entry process we introduced a DIY kit that allows the user to pick all the necessary indicators, save the form, then use it for future reports.

Comprehensive company management
#2 Comprehensive company management

Every company has a different hierarchy and thus needs relevant roles and possibilities for users. To cater for this customizability we created 7 diverse levels of user access. Thanks to a single sign-on, each user gets a smooth experience even if his access level differs for each module.

A clear view on KPIs and Analytics
#3 A clear view on KPIs and Analytics

We developed an interactive dashboard to help users set up, personalise, and keep track of their energy reduction initiatives. They can securely import historical data and visualize the impact of different scenarios on long-term performance.

Advanced reporting capabilities
#4 Advanced reporting capabilities

Companies are able to manage, audit and report all their sustainability data within one solution. With a large selection of customizable graphics, tables/Excel export and PDF downloads available, organisations can report corporate data in accordance with their own preferences.

Integration with external business systems
#5 Integration with external business systems

Any organisation can use all the data from CEMAsys in its own business systems. By simply exporting files in the relevant format and adding them to the business management suite of choice, all the important data can be synchronized seamlessly.

Secure document management library
#6 Secure document management library

Cloud storage makes it easy to manage, access and share data on the go. All the documents attached in surveys are automatically saved to the library. The import function allows the transfer of large amounts of data from other systems to CEMAsys platform in a heartbeat.

Services Provided

MindK Team

team people

1 Project

team people

1 Product Manager

team people team people team people team people team people

5 Back-end Developers

team people team people

2 Front-end Developers

team people team people

2 QA/TA Engineers

Technology Stack


Language - JavaScript
JS framework - Ember.js
JS framework
CSS frameworks - UiKit, Bootstrap
CSS frameworks
UiKit, Bootstrap
Interactive charts and diagrams - Highchart
Interactive charts and diagrams
Drag’n’drop file upload - Dropzone
Drag’n’drop file upload


Language - PHP7
Frameworks for separated microservices - Symfony
Frameworks for separated microservices
Optimized DB for each microservice - MySQL, MongoDB
Optimized DB for each microservice
MySQL, MongoDB
Server with balanced loading - nginx
Server with balanced loading
Cloud Storage - Amazon S3
Cloud Storage
Amazon S3
Email system - MailChimp
Email system
Servers real time monitoring - Zabbix
Servers real time monitoring

Client Feedback

Per Otto Larsen
Per Otto Larsen
CEMAsys.com AS, Head of CSR Services

“CEMAsys.com has been partnered with MindK for more than five years. And this relationship is an important part of our ability to maintain fast growth.

Not only do we have a great set of technical experts as a part of our team every day. But, the level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.”

midsize and large companies handle data reporting within the system
of environment and sustainability data records
different customized and DIY reports and graphs
As CEMAsys platform has met with success on the Nordic market, we keep the ball rolling by scaling the application and improving its digital experience.

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