CSR solution for Forbes Global 2000 companies

SaaS platform

Business need

Our client is a leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) consultancy. To grow faster, it needed to turn its unique expertise into a powerful SaaS platform.



MindK developed a scalable SaaS platform with a microservice architecture. It simplified data collection, reporting, and analytics for 800+ mid-size and large enterprises.

Working together since

CEMAsys.com AS is a leading CSR consulting company. It provides energy and carbon management services to the top Norwegian and global companies.

CEMAsys.com AS

Head of CSR Services

CEMAsys.com has been partnered with MindK for more than five years

Not only do we have a great set of technical experts as a part of our team every day. But, the level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn into reality. MindK’s support allows us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.

The challenge

CEMAsys reached the limit as traditional sustainability consultants. To attract new customers and obtain recurring revenue, they needed to transition to a self-service SaaS model.

The solution

MindK designed a cloud-based system that addresses a variety of sustainability needs. It follows a modular service-oriented architecture for easy development and support. This allows customers to start with limited features and gradually add new capabilities as the need arises.

Radically simplified data entry

CSR reporting can be overwhelming for users, especially, with manual data entry. There were just too many conversion and emission factors differing by activity, type, or fuels.

To solve this issue, we introduced a convenient DIY reporting kit. Users can pick all the necessary indicators, save the form, then use it for future reports.

Comprehensive company and user management

Every company has a different hierarchy and organizational structure. For this reason, CEMAsys provides multi-level hierarchies of departments, subsidiaries, and suppliers.

With 7 different user roles, employees can have different access levels for each module. A single sign-on makes it easy to manage credentials for the whole enterprise.

A clear view of KPIs and analytics

An interactive dashboard helps users set up, track, and improve energy reduction initiatives.

Users can securely import historical CSR data. 20+ graphs help modeling the impact of different scenarios on future sustainability.

Supply chain management

Companies want to ensure all their suppliers follow the same social responsibility standards. To meet these needs, we created a flexible survey and analytics module.

A simple wizard allows users to add questions with custom weights, and send them to suppliers and their subsidiaries. The results are displayed on a graphical dashboard for easier analysis.

Secure document management library

Cloud storage makes it easy to manage, access, and share data on the go. All the documents attached to surveys are automatically saved to the library. The import function allows the exchange of large amounts of data with other systems.

CEMAsys covers the entire range of sustainability needs for European and global enterprises.

Compliance with the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities
Workplace incident reporting modules
User-friendly wizard for custom supplier surveys
Smooth email communication with Mandrill integration
Flexible notification system with a newsfeed and in-app messages
Automated data export and import from third-party systems.

Integration with external business systems

Companies can use all CEMAsys data in their internal systems. Just export the files in a relevant format and add them to your business management suite of choice.

Now users can

Comply with the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities
Automate complex CSR data entry and import
Report and analyze CSR efforts with a visual dashboard.
Model the impact of various measures on carbon footprint
Monitor CSR compliance across the entire supply chain
Create custom surveys with a user-friendly wizard
Report workplace incidents
Export data & reports – manually or automatically

Services provided

Business Analysis

Project Management

UI/UX design

SaaS development

API development

Quality assurance


Software reengineering

Tech stack

  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
  • Angular Angular
  • NestJS NestJS
  • AdonisJS AdonisJS
  • Ember.js Ember.js
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
  • Nginx Nginx
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Highchart Highchart
  • UiKit UiKit
  • material-ui material-ui
  • Symfony Symfony
  • Mandrill Mandrill

Value delivered

CEMAsys covers the whole range of CSR needs for midsize and large companies. Launching the SaaS application allowed our client to acquire over 800 corporate customers that provide recurring revenue for the company. We continue developing new features to satisfy clients and enter new markets.
Environment data records
Midsize and large companies using CEMAsys
Countries served by sustainability reporting


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