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Health System

Custom web application

Business need

Our client works with aspiring parents and surrogate mothers. This involved lots of manual checks and busy work. So the company struggled to serve more customers and improve operations.


We designed and built a modern application for ISC and its customers. Automation allows the company to process more applicants in less time. The system reduces operating costs while increasing ISC revenue.

Working together since

ISC is an American company that guides couples through the surrogacy journey. It finds candidates for surrogacy, checks backgrounds, and monitors their health up to the birth.

Jason Lutton

CEO, International Surrogacy Center, USA

We were impressed with their team's ability to understand our industry

MindK reduced the time a surrogate takes to complete an online application, increased the number of completed applications we receive, and streamlined our intake process, resulting in fewer staff man hours needed to complete the backend processes for finalizing an applicant.

The challenge

Surrogacy is a long journey. Candidates must submit a ton of personal data, pass background and health checks, and match with suitable parents. Using Excel sheets made the vetting process slow, labor-intensive, and prone to human error.

The solution

We streamlined the entire journey with a user-friendly web app. Candidates can register in a few clicks, fill out interactive surveys, and get approval within hours instead of weeks. Behind the scenes, the app simplifies background checks, standardizes data, and adds it to CRM.

Attracting more clients with a sleek portal

We designed a beautiful portal for parents and surrogate mothers. It includes all the necessary information along with submission forms.

Women can quickly fill in personal information and provide consent to begin validation.

Collecting personal data with interactive surveys

The system includes more than 10 interactive surveys. Candidates can fill in all the necessary info in one go or save the progress for later.

Collecting personal data with interactive surveys

The system includes more than 10 interactive surveys. Candidates can fill in all the necessary info in one go or save the progress for later.

ISC team can reliably track all candidates in the pipeline. They are instantly notified about new users to start validation as soon as possible. All information is stored in a standard form, eliminating human error.

Automating candidate approval

Submission forms include automated checks and filtering for medical conditions, allergies, accidents, professional backgrounds, substance abuse, and so on.

Admins can filter users by name, email, and registration date to quickly find specific user and groups. Automated validation speeds up the matching of potential surrogates with biological parents much faster. The team can even download all the info in a beautiful PDF presentation.

Integrating with the client's CRM

Creating an account automatically adds a new lead to the company's CRM. All actions like disqualifying a candidate or moving to the next stage update CRM info. Notifications keep users informed about key events, such as passing the validation.

ISC is a one-in-all system for matching future parents with verified surrogate mothers.

Promotional web portal with quick registration
Secure data storage and user management
Interactive surveys for collecting personal information
Automated candidate validation
Two-way CRM integration
Built-in PDF templates and email notifications

Complying with HIPAA

To handle sensitive medical data, the system complies with all privacy and security requirements. This includes data encryption, HTTPS connection, as well as secure data storage and cloud services.

Users now can

Register as potential surrogates or parents
Fill in all the required information with multi-step surveys
Get approved for parenthood in a few hours
Instantly see new applicants as leads in the CRM
View suitable parents and surrogate mothers
Manually reject the candidates based on the available info
Get all relevant SMS and email notifications
Download user profiles as beautiful PDFs for the final presentation

Services provided

UI/UX design

Business Analysis

Project Management

Custom Software Development

Quality Assurance


Tech stack

  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • NestJS NestJS
  • React React
  • Material UI Material UI
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Prisma Prisma
  • Serverless Serverless
  • AWS Cognito AWS Cognito

Business value

The new system offers a superb experience for potential parents and surrogate mothers. Quick registration and digital surveys, ISC now handles more leads in a shorter time frame. Automated checks decrease the load on the operational team. They work faster, make fewer mistakes, and track each step in the surrogacy journey. With a greatly improved customer experience, our client is growing revenue and market share.
Increase in team productivity
Months from idea to a fully-functional product
More applicants processed within the first month


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