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Already On provides custom digital solutions covering the needs of communities and associations of Norway.

The challenge

Already On works with many Norwegian associations. They all have different requirements, organizational structures and require automation of member management processes. No out-of-the-box CRM can cover their needs perfectly. Our client decided to build a flexible and feature-rich solution aligned with local nuances and customizable to the needs of each individual association.

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The solution

Already On envisioned a digitalization tool that simplified the complexity of community management — from the first point of contact with the organisation to invoicing, and post-event communication.

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Each community (be they a professional association, a hobby club, or a disability support group) got its own web portal with a responsive and customizable design, GDPR-compliance features and two-factor authentication, so they could easily share up-to-date info with all existing and future members.

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Direct dialogue with members

As a member registers/logs in the system, he/she can update their information, sign up for events, communicate with the organization via text messages, check product orders and invoices, etc.

In the case of a new registration, an organisation admin is immediately notified to approve the registration. All the data flows straight to the back-end system, where member management is done quickly and efficiently.

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Easy-to-manage member records

Members can be quickly searched and filtered. Multiple cards can be edited simultaneously. An admin saves hours a day, gets all the relevant information in one place, and effectively performs all tasks related to a member not leaving the system.

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The system offered organisation owners an easy way to use their hierarchical structures in the digital workspace. Members can be grouped by professional interest, local team, division, company or department, with nested user roles and rights.

A platform for online and offline events

Choo provides an easy way to engage community members into organisations’ events and activities. Members and customers always have an overview of available events and can sign up in a minute or less.

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For each event, price options and registration forms can be customized. Targeted members are selected, invitations are designed and sent within the system. Registrations can be managed manually, or set for automatic confirmations. Before, during and after the event, the course administrator can update members with relevant information. All in all, the technology empowered organisations with fast and enjoyable customer service they couldn’t provide before.

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All the events managed in one place

Choo simplifies the work of arranging courses, conferences, meetings and activities for organisation owners. Each activity can be set with parameters to automate the processes for sign-ups, reminders and payments.

Automated workflows made it easy to start conversations and keep them going, whether an organisation has a handful of fans or thousands of them.

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More connection with less effort

With always-on automated emails and customised templates, admins can send the right message to the right people at the right moment—without doing the work every time.

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Automations allow communities to decrease the member onboarding costs and see more sales, more conversions, more engagement, without more effort.

Streamlined finances

We made it possible to monitor all payments and transactions. The system updates payment statuses, sends reminders and credit memos, as well as collects the data into digestible reports.

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The invoicing module helps them to issue and distribute invoices via different channels. We integrated it with payment systems like PayPal, Vipps, and Stripe, Norwegian bank systems and Social Security Number database to ensure effortless and secure payments. It has a number of distribution channels for invoices that ensure the most convenient path to purchase: Vipps Faktura, eFaktura, e-mail with PDF attachments, paper with print and postage service.

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Smart analytics

With advanced filtering options, admins can generate custom reports to track sales and find patterns in members’ activity that help them build stronger relationships and get better results with each endeavour.


  • Customized web portals, where users have full visibility into their purchase options and the easiest path to signing up for an organisation
  • Automated member onboarding and invoicing
  • Bunch of actionable data in reports (number of members in the organization, course attendees, invoice and subscription statuses, etc.)
  • An event management platform that handles both offline and online events
  • Significant reduction in member-onboarding and operation expenses
  • Precise analytics and more targeted communication due to advanced filters: competencies, interests, location, roles and more.

Services provided

Tech stack

  • services icon Sails.js – a back-end framework
  • services icon Ember.js as a client-side
  • services icon PostgreSQL as a database
  • services icon Elasticsearch as the engine for
    data search
  • services icon Kubernetes for efficient
    infrastructure management
  • services icon RabbitMQ supports messaging
  • services icon Amazon Web Service serves as
    a cloud storage
  • services icon CodeceptJS for automated
  • services icon WebdriverIO for automated

Value delivered

Choo is used by 15+ organizations with thousands of users. Automating repetitive tasks like invoice generation allowed community managers to free time for meaningful engagement, grow relationships and communities itself. After we shifted the solution to the cloud, Already On was equipped to decrease the client onboarding time, provide product improvements faster and attract more users.


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We've been successfully cooperating with MindK since 2010. What we were impressed with about people at MindK during all years of partnership — they never give up. Software development is all about risks, problems and finding solutions for us and our clients. We're not worried, as we know that MindK always finds a solution.

Jens Christian Bang
Jens Christian Bang

CEO of Already On


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