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Innmeldt is a consulting agency that advises top Norwegian companies and employees on pensions and insurance.

The challenge

Norway has a complicated pension system. To understand pension payments, people must register in several systems and make calculations based on an advanced formula, confusing for most citizens. The company required a system that makes online calculations easy, able to attract business customers and streamline the consulting process.

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The solution

MindK and Innmeldt decided to build a solution consisting of customized web portals and a powerful management system working together. This way, the information portals help HR managers provide employees with transparent data on insurance and pension, while a management system allows Innmeldt to make the consulting process fully digital, driving more revenue.

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innmeldt hr home

Сustomized web portals for Innmeldt’s clients

As an Innmeldt client, every company gets a convenient HR portal for its employees. HR managers just fill out the form with employee data and pension benefits are available on the portal, magically calculated behind the scenes.

A web portal we created presents a template with tools to customize it for each particular company Innmeldt works with. Such portals aim to boost transparency inside organizations, helping employees to learn about their company's pension and insurance program and benefits they get from their workplace.

Easy-to-navigate and enjoyable UI

“My page” with personalized employee calculations is available right after user login. No overwhelming tables and lists of data, only a clear view on what matters.

innmeldt user profile innmeldt user profile

By integrating these web portals with a custom management system, the solution empowered Innmeldt with:

  • An ability to provide top Norwegian companies’ employees with easy-to-understand retirement benefit schemes and pension calculations.
  • Integration with Aksio and Norsk Pensjon insurance systems that always guarantee up-to-date data for calculations.
  • Streamlined operations with an inbuilt ticketing module, which makes it easier to receive and respond to all consultation requests, whether they come via the portal, email, or phone.
  • Automated invoicing, mass mailing via SMS and emails to eliminate human error and fast-track the consulting process.

Values presented clearly

The company’s pension and personal insurance schemes are shown in a way that everyone understands! It helps every employee to make really good choices.

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innmeldt calculation innmeldt calculation

Today the solution allows:

  • Our client to fatten the profits by serving more than one customer at a time through SaaS solution;
  • Individuals and companies employees to find out the exact amount of retirement or insurance payment and get advice on improving it via online consultations;
  • HR managers to stay up-to-date with governmental changes to insurance and pension liabilities;
  • Our client to gain renewed value in consulting both individual and enterprise clients.

Services provided

Tech stack

  • services icon Ember.js for front-end
  • services icon Symfony for web portal
  • services icon Node.js for API development
    and integrations
  • services icon PostgreSQL as a database
  • services icon Elasticsearch for search engine
  • services icon RabbitMQ as an intermediary
    for messaging
  • services icon Docker for better DevOps

Value delivered

By partnering with MindK, Innmeldt gained the tools and mindset to cultivate customer care through digital innovations. The customized employer web portals became a unique advantage in the market. The internal system helped our client to expand the client base and work with larger companies. We keep improving the system and creating the next steps for even more business value.

3 top

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ABB, Veidekke, NITO, are
already working with Innmeldt


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