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Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” is a publisher of international academic journals and our long-term customer. Since 2003, it has published 20+ different journals in business, management, economics, social, and environmental science.

The challenge

Before an article gets published, it goes through multiple stages of reviews. The flow is often cluttered with dozens of emails between reviewers, authors, and editors, which made the publishing process exhausting to Business Perspectives and all the participants. Our client came up with the idea to create an online solution with a smooth publishing experience, able to attract reviewers from all over the world.

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The solution

The ticket to success was a tailored web application. A feature-rich administrative system completely changed the way Business Perspectives used to work — the whole publishing and review experience is now 100% digital, presenting a faster and more interactive workflow.

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All in one place

No more losing time navigating in files and conversations. The list of submissions, up-to-date statuses and all the related info are gathered in the app.

An author can easily register in the system with ORCID, a unique id for scientific contributors. With a few clicks they can submit their work and be rest assured they’ll be automatically notified every time their manuscript passes the next review stage. The editors, in turn, are automatically notified about new or overdue submissions.

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The threat of losing info is minimized

The tool provides a visual submission timeline to keep an eye on deadlines and progress. It allows managers to see all related conversations, administer submissions and send emails from within the app, eliminating the need for hours of manual labor.

Eventually, the newly developed platform gives the e-publishing company:

  • Fully automated 8-step-journey to submit, publish and promote a manuscript.
  • Easily managed database of manuscripts, journals, and participants with distributed access rights and smart filtering options.
  • An ability to find a proper reviewer by sorting reviewers by journals, areas of interest, and current workload.
  • Customizable reminders for editors and reviewers, the ability for users to get status updates via notifications.
  • An option to anonymize feedback for double-blind reviews.
  • A more efficient communication flow with editable templates and threads inside the system.

Shifting focus from process to results

Finding the right author, reviewer or a manuscript submission and accomplishing the next project task is now the work of a moment.

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Now the Business Perspectives team can

  • Gain efficiency in processing manuscripts in a fast and interactive way
  • Forget about time-consuming manual tasks and orderless email communication
  • Keep the authors up-to-date about the whole review process
  • Provide an outstanding publishing service to everyone involved in the process

Services provided

Tech stack

  • services icon React for front-end development
  • services icon AdonisJS for back-end
  • services icon Amazon S3 for cloud storage

Value delivered

Now Business Perspectives are equipped to scale internationally. The solution allowed more efficient work, freeing the company to focus resources on more strategic growth efforts. As a result, more than 2,000 manuscripts were submitted by contributors from 80 countries since its launch.


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“Don’t consider MindK as a vendor — you should be a partner with them. We were constantly in touch throughout the whole project, so I’ve never had to question their availability or transparency. They were flexible with our suggestions and all tasks were heard and implemented very quickly — it’s really comfortable to work with the MindK team.”

Liudmyla Ostapenko
Liudmyla Ostapenko

Director, Business Perspectives

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