Hi! My name is WannaBe.Guru.
And I’m your A.I. tutor!

WannaBe.Guru presentation

Most people think that studying is hard. When we decided to educate
newbies to web development, we knew we had to start with
making studying more interactive and fun.

The Idea Behind

Oleg Nesterov
Oleg Nesterov
MindK, CEO

“Many young people, who wanted to become web-developers, asked us what is essential to know to get a first job in a software development company. We combined our experience, best external resources (articles, books, video-tutorials) and the power of artificial intelligence to help people jump-start their career”

The Solution

Getting started with an examination
#1 Getting started with

Any web-development novice can be examined by WannaBe.Guru. It offers quizzes for several categories of knowledge (e.g. Git or Unix). Students can choose the category they are interested in and answer both theoretical and practical questions.


Keeping track of the progress
#2 Keeping track of the

After a quiz has been finished, the chatbot shows a student’s current rating. The very first results are helpful for figuring out the starting point. Every next result shows whether a user is getting closer to being called a “Guru”.


Best educational resources at the fingertips
#3 Best educational resources at the fingertips

By specifying the email address in settings, a user can get links to useful books, articles and video-tutorials. The resources grouped by theme will be delivered right into the inbox. Thus anyone can get relevant information to fill the knowledge gaps.


Empowered by machine learning
#4 Empowered by machine learning

WannaBe.Guru can answer user text messages which express greeting, valediction or gratitude. It responds to FAQs and reacts to different requests like “please start a quiz", "show settings”, etc.

Administration via Single Page Application
#5 An admin page to control and improve the bot

An admin can always control the bot. Through a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, Admin web page allows admin to manage lists of students, categories, questions, as well as add NLP intents.

October 24, 2016
Telegram Release
March 30, 2017
Facebook Release

MindK Team

1 Project Manager

2 Developers

1 QA Engineer

Technology Stack

Telegram Bot

  • Language - PHP 7
    Interaction with Telegram
    Telegram Bot API
  • Python library - pyTelegramBotAPI
    Python library

Facebook Bot

  • Interaction with Facebook - Facebook API
    Interaction with Facebook
    Facebook API

Bot core

  • Language - Python
  • Human language data processing - NLTK
    Human language data processing
  • Array processing - NumPy
    Array processing
  • N-dimensional array manipulation - SciPy
    N-dimensional array manipulation
  • Database - MongoDB


  • Language - PHP 7
    PHP 7
  • Framework - Laravel
  • Database - PostgreSQL

Admin Panel

  • Language - Node.js
  • JS library - React
    JS library
  • CSS framework - Bootstrap
    CSS framework

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