According to the MarketsandMarkets research, the global application modernization services market size is expected to reach $24.8 billion by 2025. It was $11.4 billion in 2020.

At MindK, have experts and a tech stack required to build and implement the most cost-effective software modernization strategy for your business. We can help you re-engineer or refactor the code as well as rehost or re-architecture your application from scratch to make it cloud-native.    

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What is app modernization?

Application modernization is a process of modernizing a platform infrastructure, its internal architecture, or features of the software to improve agility, scalability, and reduce costs. In other words, it’s when you optimize an old software system so that it aligns with your current business needs to ensure business continuity. 

Legacy app modernization can be implemented via several approaches. You can refactor your application and break it into independently deployable units ‒ microservices, which leads to better scalability and maintainability of the software. You can also transfer it to the cloud without significant application code rewrites.

Why should you modernize your software?

How do you know your software needs modernization? If your application constantly crashes due to traffic spikes or you get constant complaints from users that your software doesn’t work properly, it’s a clear sign that your system is outdated and needs changes. Application optimization is a perfect way to bring new life to your old system. Here are some benefits you get by modernizing your solution: 

  • Increased scalability and faster deployment

Legacy app modernization helps you improve your business operations, achieve your business goals and align with fast-changing technology trends. You can develop, deploy, and update your software more quickly. You will need less time and resources to add new features, and your system will be able to easily scale to handle the increasing workload.

  • Better user experience

Poor responsiveness, frequent errors, and failures are typical issues users face with legacy software. Thanks to app modernization, you can enhance your system’s overall performance and get rid of bottlenecks that your employees and customers have to deal with.   

  • Reduced costs

As legacy applications run on outdated technologies, they are quite expensive to support and maintain. By implementing modernization strategies, you increase the maintainability of your code and significantly cut costs on software support.    

How to get started

Before you start upgrading your app, you should build a modernization strategy. Here is a roadmap to get started with software optimization.

1. Develop a business case

Understand why you need to optimize your current software system, and what specific benefits it will bring. Assess the value of the modernization process and calculate what resources it would require.

2. Consider possible risks

Conduct a risk assessment of each modernization option and choose approaches that minimize these risks. You need to determine whether and to what extent your organization is ready for software modernization.

3. Find the right technical expertise

Choose experienced software specialists that you can rely on. From software audit to cloud migration and DevOps services, MindK can support you through the process of app modernization by implementing code refactoring, re-architecting, and custom software development.

4. Establish KPIs

Define metrics that will indicate that an implemented application modernization strategy is successful. For example, identify by what percentage the expenses on software support could be cut or indicate the period by which the time to market could be reduced.

Legacy app modernization with MindK

MindK provides application modernization services to help you speed up digital transformation within your business. We assess the current state of your software and choose an optimal approach to its modernization, such as reengineering, code refactoring, or cloud migration.

Software audit

MindK offers application modernization consulting to assess the effectiveness and define weaknesses of your system. We analyze your software at different levels, from architecture to code quality, and propose strategies to enhance performance, comply with modern business requirements, and lower your TCO.

Application reengineering

Based on the results of our software audit, we can develop a completely new solution that provides already existing, but improved functionality. MindK will rewrite the software code from scratch following your product specifications. You will get a future-proof product with improved performance, scalability, and reduced maintainability costs.

Code refactoring

If there is no need to rewrite the whole software system, we can restructure some parts of the code without changing its functionality. Application refactoring helps improve code performance and maintainability, simplify and speed up the debugging process, and prevent critical bugs in the future.

Cloud migration

MindK can move your software to the cloud with minimal disruption to your normal operations and at the lowest cost possible. We will develop and implement an optimal migration strategy that meets your business needs:

  • Rehosting

In case your system is up-to-date and doesn’t need improvements such as refactoring or reengineering, we will move it to the cloud as it is. The core infrastructure will not change, and you will get the benefits of the cloud in the shortest time possible.

  • Replatforming

If you want to upgrade your system without influencing the core functionality, we can update specific software components before moving your application to the cloud. Our team will make all the required changes to adapt your software to a new cloud environment and make data more resilient.

  • Rearchitecting

MindK can help you redesign your software and change the codebase. By breaking a monolithic architecture into individually deployable units – microservices – each unit can be independently developed, updated, and scaled without the necessity to rebuild the whole system.

DevOps services

Our services include DevOps assessment, implementation, and management. We analyze your software development process and advise tools and approaches to automate your deployment cycles. We also implement CI/CD to reduce the number of production cycles and speed up releases and provide ongoing maintenance and support for your infrastructure. Learn more about our DevOps services.

Our expertise in app modernization

We’ve provided application modernization consulting to help modernize the business operations of several organizations. Here is one of our recent case studies:

Building an e-commerce platform in the publishing industry

A publishing house turned to MindK to transform its website with a catalog of scientific journals and articles into an e-commerce platform for the scientific community. We supported the company’s existing website and in parallel worked on a new solution.

MindK started with the website analysis and defined all the drawbacks of the system. We restructured the content for a better user experience and optimized the portal for search engines. Our experts transitioned the platform to a content management system to improve content publishing and minimize maintenance costs. The result was a feature-rich e-commerce platform that allowed Business Perspectives to grow its online presence and reach a global audience.

a case study that describes shopping app development for a scientific publishing house

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Reengineering a mobile video game together with a backend refactoring

Another client of ours is an indie game studio from Los Angeles. One of their most popular products is a browser video game that simulates a fantasy baseball league. Players can select their favorite team and make bets to predict the outcome of matches. Behind a simple UI lies a whole host of complex mechanics that affect the game scores (each pitcher has, for example, at least 31 stats).

At some point, the developers noticed that 80% of players enjoyed the game from mobile browsers. To improve the experience, they’ve asked MindK to build a mobile version of their game, sharing the same backend with the web app. We started the project with a comprehensive software audit. Our engineers dived into the code, finding opportunities for optimization. One of the first conclusions we reached together with the client was that their backend required serious refactoring to work well with the mobile app. And so one MindK developer started working with the backend team while the rest got to re-engineer the app using React Native. The project is now in active development.

Team up with MindK to transform your software

If you still doubt what you need for successful application modernization, our team can help you choose an optimal way. We provide application modernization services to help you innovate faster while saving time and improving ROI.

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