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MindK Has Joined Emerging Europe Alliance

The best partnerships form when both parties benefit equally, a win-win situation. Emerging Europe Alliance is promoting this kind of relationships between developed countries and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). And we are joining this movement.

API Testing: The Definitive Guide

Continuing our series of articles on backend testing, we’re diving deep into API testing to discover how it can increase the quality of an app without significantly raising QA costs.

How To Cure the Biggest Pain Points of UK Startups With 1 Pill

A company trying to make its mark in the UK market must be ready to face a number of challenges.  While corporations in big business hubs like London have drained the local talent and boosted competition, small companies gain opportunities developing remote working competence. 

How to Save 75% on Fixing Bugs (and 6 More Benefits of Automated Testing)

While Quality Assurance engineers have long advocated for automated testing, few business owners realize its true value. Today, I’m going to show how automated tests can benefit your business and share the insights gained in 8+ years of testing software.

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing Web Development Projects

The key to your online success is quite easy – it is hiring a talented software development team. But how to find it and set up the workflow effectively?

Backend Testing: The Definitive Guide

With complex databases and large amounts of data, Backend Testing becomes a vital step towards high-quality software. While companies spend a lot of effort making sure everything works smoothly from the user point of view, they often forget that backend testing is just as important.

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This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Read more here.