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React vs Vue: What is the best choice for 2019?

Front-end development can be confusing with new JavaScript libraries sprouting like mushrooms after a summer rain. Each time you start a new project, you face a tough choice: stick with your battle-tested stack or experiment with cutting-edge tech?

OSX 2018: Embracing digital transformation

We live in a period of profound economic and political anxiety. Following a decade of slow growth, the UK faces the uncertainty of Brexit. AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud are changing the way companies do their businesses. To confront these issues heads on, we visited Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX) 2018.

What is MVP in Agile and why does it matter?

Any starting business is unprofitable at the initial stage. To earn money, it needs to gain a certain scale and acquire customers. When developing a software product, the main thing from the very beginning is not to lose focus, recognize and admit mistakes in time, and not be afraid to make difficult decisions. 

How to win customer loyalty with location-based apps

Starbucks knows when I go to work. Their app can access my location and purchase history. So when I pass by the nearest coffee shop, it sends me an offer I can’t resist – a cup of Java Chip Frappuccino (600 calories) at 25% off. And while I’m sipping this unholy goodness, here’s how similar strategy can help your business.

SaaS vs Cloud Services: explained and compared

While most modern companies think of utilizing cloud computing for their business, it remains an umbrella term for several cloud services, which covers a lot of online territories. As you start taking advantage of the cloud for your business, it is vital to really figure out the difference between SaaS and other cloud services.

Test automation strategy: how we put product quality on autopilot

Previously, we’ve discussed the benefits of automated testing. Now it’s time to bring them to life with a solid test automation strategy. Today you’ll learn how to start, which tests to automate, how to choose the perfect tools and avoid the common pitfalls while running and maintaining your automation scripts.

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