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Software Architecture Consulting Services to Meet Your Business Needs

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Be it a dating app or a smart energy management system, the software development life cycle includes several complex stages, and architecture design is one of them.

The goal of architecture design is to define system components and how they interact with each other based on the operational and technical requirements. During this stage, a software engineering team also determines the environment in which these components operate and the technology tools that power the software system. The result of the architecture design phase – software architecture – impacts the performance, maintainability, and scalability of the software system in the long run.

Whether you need a custom solution from the ground up or want to improve your current software system, we can advise you on the optimal software architecture strategy to meet your business goals. MindK can help you build a scalable product and/or move your existing software to the cloud to improve performance and reduce the cost of ownership.

What is software architecture consulting?

With our architecture consulting services, we can help you build a scalable digital product, improve an outdated solution or make it cloud-native. Our software engineers will monitor your system, assess its current condition, and offer the best-matching architectural approach for your business.

Technology is changing fast and you might get confused when choosing frameworks and platforms for your project. The same goes for the optimization of your current software ‒ it’s indeed difficult to pick the right approach for software transformation or cloud migration. Partnering with a software architecture consultant like MindK, you will get professional support when modernizing and redesigning your system.

Why do you need architecture consulting?

If your software fails or can’t cope with its tasks anymore, it’s time to think of how you can improve it. Our experts will help you define the core tech problem and find the right solution to improve your software system. Here are some of the most common reasons for architecture redesign:

Outdated technology

Legacy software is more prone to functionality issues such as crashes, decreased productivity, and security risks. At the same time, it becomes harder and more costly to support it. Also, not many programmers are happy to work with legacy systems so hiring might be a challenge. To cut a long story short, you have to implement changes to your existing software. And the earlier you do it, the better.

Two scenarios are possible in this case ‒ you can either build a transitional platform to be able to add new functionality to your outdated software or completely rewrite the application from scratch. To make the right decision, you need software architecture consulting.    

Poor scalability

If your server-hosted software faces constant errors and slow performance or lacks storage space for required operations, this might be a sign that it needs technology transformation. The most optimal solution today is cloud migration. Apart from performance enhancements, it will help you improve the maintainability and scalability of your system while making it more secure and cost-efficient.

You need an enterprise architecture consulting firm to help you move to the cloud. MindK can consult you on the aspects of this procedure, helping you plan, and implement the most cost-effective cloud-migration strategy.

Technical debt

Working on a project, developers strive to release code that meets client requirements. However, to deliver a successful solution, they should also think of how the product will be scaled and maintained in the future. Otherwise, product owners will have to deal with technical debt ‒ a situation when the current software architecture is not able to support new functionalities.

Using our enterprise architecture consulting services, you can design architecture in a way as to reduce technical debt and implement a future-proof software solution.  

Limited customization

When it comes to implementing software for your business operations, you can develop your own product or buy a ready-made system. Due to the cost-efficiency and availability of solutions to suit various business needs, the latter option seems like a reasonable choice. However, off-the-shelf software might have hidden customization and integration issues that might be difficult and expensive to address.

MindK can help you decide on the best way to implement new functionality in your current system. If there is a possibility to use ready-made platforms and third-party services, we will help choose the most fitting options and integrate them with your software. Otherwise, we will implement custom code.

Technology architecture consulting with MindK

MindK offers IT architecture consulting tailored to your project. We will develop a strategy to enhance budget efficiency and eliminate all bottlenecks in your existing system. From a detailed architecture audit to the choice of the third-party tools required for your purposes, our team will build an optimization plan to minimize your costs and reduce time to market.

  • Software architecture audit

We conduct a software architecture audit and review your system quality. Based on the results, MindK provides recommendations on what changes to make such as rewriting code from scratch, redesigning the architecture, or upgrading your system.

  • Choosing a technology stack

Depending on your business requirements and the chosen transformation strategy, we will recommend the technologies required for achieving your goals. Our experts propose frameworks, programming languages, and third-party tools for scalable and efficient software development and optimization.

  • Planning and implementing changes

Be it refactoring, reengineering, or software optimization, MindK will start a software development process to address the weaknesses of your existing system. We will help you modernize your software without disrupting business operations.   

  • Developing a cloud strategy

Our architecture consulting team assesses the current capabilities of your system and defines what should be achieved for a successful cloud shift. We evaluate the operational readiness and architecture of your software and define system gaps. Based on the results, we seamlessly move your system to the cloud.       

A cloud-native approach to software architecture optimization

With a cloud-native approach, you can speed up the way you migrate or build apps in the cloud. Architecture consulting experts from MindK will help you pick the right tools and technologies required for developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud software. We create cost-efficient and easy-to-maintain systems optimized for unique cloud capabilities.

MindK experts follow the Agile methodology and implement automated DevOps practices to execute a cloud shift. We provide better efficiency, making your system more resilient and simple to update. With microservices and containerization, you will be able to add new features to your solutions without impacting the whole system. As a result, you will improve customer experience and meet the ever-changing needs of the digital market. 

Building a cloud solution for smart energy management

CEMAsys, a Norway-based sustainability consultancy, turned to MindK to build a web platform for managing and reporting sustainability and environmental information. The system gathers, manages, and analyses ESG data for improving overall sustainability performance and complying with the Global Reporting Initiative.

MindK created a cloud-based platform powered by a microservices-based architecture and tailored to users’ needs. Our engineers implemented cloud storage for easy access, management, and data sharing. The system we developed allows our client to incrementally add new features to the platform and optimize the existing functionality.


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Redesign your system with professional architecture consultants

Build a scalable and flexible product or redesign your existing software to efficiently achieve your business goals. MindK provides software architecture consulting services to advise you on the fastest and most cost-effective transformation strategy. With us, you will improve your product performance, optimize resource use, and ensure better system scalability. So don’t hesitate to contact us today for a professional software architecture consultation. 

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